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When I connect my iPod using USB 2.0, I now get a "USB device not recognized" error on Windows XP. iTunes also does not recognize that iPod is connected.

I believe this problem may have been caused when my iPod was connected to a friend's speakers. When it first connected, the following error message appeared:
"FireWire connections are not supported. To Transfer Songs, connect the USB cable provided".
After pushing the Selct button to gt rid of the error, iPod worked fine in the speakers and continues to work fine with my FM tuner and other devices.

I've tried the following to fix this problem:
1. 4 of the 5 Rs. (Can't find a way to restore as I can't get iTunes to recognize my iPod).
2. Reinstalled iTunes.
3. Simple restart on computer.
4. System restore on computer.
5. Tried to update USB drivers.
6. Tried to load iPod in disk mode.
7. Went through all of the Apple Support articles for this problem and tried all of the reccomended steps.

As mentioned, my iPod works fine otherwise and I'd hate to have to send it away to be repaired if there is a simple fix. Also, my wife's Nano is working without problem on the same PC, so I have a feeling that this problem is iPod related rather than PC related (though, I could be wrong!)

Does anybody have any suggestions?

Is there a way to restore iPod manually (i.e. without iTunes)?

5G 30gB, Windows XP
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    mine tooo! help somebody! my warranty date is almost ending!
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    Ditto. I've got a Dell. It just started doing this in the last week. Hope someone can figure out what's wrong.
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    It is the USB 2.0 I think!

    It is not iPod compatible!
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    How come these articles are never answered? Everyone is still always left wondering what to do. So is there an answer to this or what?
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    Hiya! I have had the same problems and have tried all the suggested ways to fix. None of them have worked. I have also rung the apple tech support helpline and they have told me i need to go to my nearest apple store and get my i-pod tested for errors and as my i-pod is out of its warranty period i will have to pay to have it fixed and pay for the courier for it to be sent to be fixed.
    i have found if i plug my i-pod in via USB and the malfunction message appears if i hold down the menu and play buttons so it switches off just before the apple logo appears switch the hold button on sometimes i-tunes will recognise it. It kicks it off again 3-4 minutes later but i manage to get a few songs on in that time.
    Its a pain in the backside but this is the only way i can get it to work.
    Hope this helps someone