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I am getting an error once I connect my iPod to dock. I pull up iTunes then connect my iPod to sync. It starts to sync songs to my iPod then after about a minute it stops and disconnects my iPod and comes up with the following error:

iTunes: The iPod "user name Ipod" cannot be synced. The required folder cannot be found.

It doesn't say what folder it can't find. I have re-installed iTunes+Apple SW and iPod SW.

Can anyone give any other suggestions? I have my songs saved over to another folder so I don't loose them.

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    See which folders you have checked for photos and make sure they are correct. Also delete the iPhoto cache.
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    Hi Tazman007,

    There are several things that can cause a "Required folder cannot be found" message, when syncing an iPod.

    So, let's go ahead and work through some steps to try, one-by-one, and see if anything seems to work for you.

    The basic procedure with the following instructions would be to disconnect your iPod from your computer prior to actually performing the task.

    Then, when you are complete with that step, open iTunes, and connect your iPod to your computer again, to check if you are still getting the error message. Repeat this kind of sequence as you go onto each next possibility to try:

    Corrupt Photo Cache folder:

    Sometimes the "iPod Photo Cache" folder(s) on your computer can be corrupted in some way, which causes this error message.

    Try deleting this folder off your computer:

    1 - Go to "START > Search".

    2 - Select "All files and folders", and make sure that you are searching over your entire main hard drive.

    3 - Then, type "ipod photo cache" in the blank, and click "Search" to begin searching.

    4 - When the search is complete, delete any "iPod Photo Cache" folders that you may find on your computer, by pressing the Delete key, or dragging the files to the Recycle Bin.

    iTunes needs to be reinstalled:

    It's possible that iTunes needs to be reinstalled, perhaps because some required installation files were not loaded properly, or have been deleted.

    Disconnect your iPod from your computer.

    Go to "Add or Remove programs" in Control Panel. Find "iTunes" and "QuickTime" on this list, and remove them both.

    Then, download the Windows Installer CleanUp Utility, to clear out the remaining iTunes and QuickTime installation files off your computer (see this MS document for information on it):

    Description of the Windows Installer CleanUp Utility

    Also, use this article to manually remove the left over files from installation:

    Removing iTunes and QuickTime for Windows

    After you've done that, restart your computer.

    Then, go to this page to install the iTunes + QuickTime installation pack onto your computer again:

    Download iTunes -

    Now, restart your computer once more.

    Corrupt iTunes Library files:

    -- It's possible that there is some sort of corrupt file in the iTunes library, which is causing this error.

    When you are getting this error message, does it seem to occur when it hits a particular song(s) in the sync?

    Try using the technique described in this article, for help in doing this.

    If so, then try tracking down where which song that is, and then attempt to play that song in iTunes.

    If you think you've found the culprit, delete it from your iTunes library (with your iPod disconnected), and reimport it into your iTunes again.

    -- Make sure that your external hard drive is connected. If you store your iTunes library songs on an ex. hard drive, then make sure that it is connected to your computer, or else you will have files that cannot be found in your iTunes library.

    USB issues:

    This error could also be caused by something with your computer's USB connections with your iPod.

    -- First, try connecting your iPod to a rear port, not the front one.

    -- With your iPod disconnected, try unplugging all other USB and FireWire devices (except your keyboard and mouse).

    -- Update or reinstall your USB drivers. For instructions, see the steps in this article.

    -- Also, you could try using a different USB cord. Disconnect your current one from your computer and your iPod, and restart your computer. Now connect the new USB cord (if you have another one) to your computer, and connect your iPod.

    Firewall issues:

    It's possible that your firewall or antivirus software is blocking an iTunes process (like iTunesHelper.exe, for example), from running properly when your iPod is connected.

    First, let's determine what Internet security software you have.

    If you're not sure, you can go to "START > All Programs", and browse along the list for your security program.

    (Make sure to do the following with iTunes closed and your iPod disconnected.)

    Here are a couple of firewall/security programs that come to mind, that we have kbase articles (or I have the security program myself) about how to allow iTunes onto it:

    If you're using your Windows firewall, then you can use this article to enable iTunes on it:

    How to enable iTunes on Windows XP firewall

    If you're using McAfee Personal Firewall Plus, then use the instructions in this article to enable iTunes there.

    (That article above only mentions "iTunesHelper", but allow anything Apple/iPod/iTunes related on that list... not sure if that is the only one listed there, but look around anyway).

    If you're using Norton Internet Security

    If you are using something else, then usually, you launch the program, and go to some sort of section like "Settings", then go to something that says "Firewall settings", "Internet Permissions", or something similar.

    Try to find a list of applications that it "Allows/Blocks".

    Then, like normal, enable "iTunesHelper.exe", or "iTunes.exe", and "iPodService.exe" or anything else iTunes/iPod related (again, not sure if there are many things on that kind of list).

    Now, after you've enabled iTunes processes on your firewall, restart your computer. Then, check your firewall again, just to make sure that your settings haven't changed back to default, and are still allowing iTunes.

    Then, connect your iPod, and see if it syncs with iTunes or not.

    Let's test something...

    If that does not fix your issue, then I would also like to do a little test with how something acts on your computer for you:

    With iTunes opened and your iPod disconnected, go to Task Manager (CtrlAltDelete), and click on the "Processes" tab. Here, there ought to be these three processes listed:

    iTunes.exe, iTunesHelper.exe, and iPodService.exe.

    Carefully watch those three processes (if they are all there), and leave your Task Manager up and runnning so you can see what happens.

    Now, connect your iPod to your computer.

    Do those three processes stay in your Processes area when the iPod is connected? Or does some other strange thing occur?

    For example, do either of those applications only stay for a few seconds when your iPod is connected, then promptly disappear?

    Now that were done with the test (please describe the results of what happened in a reply), you can move onto some other possibilities:

    Other causes:
    There could also be other things that could cause this error.

    For example, if your computer is out-of-date with its Windows Updates, that might be a contributing factor.

    You could try enabling disk use in iTunes, then resync your iPod with iTunes, and see if the error still occurs. (for instructions on disk use, check disk use

    This could be a digital signing issue on your computer, too. See this MS document on that for details:

    Detecting digital signing issues in Windows XP

    In addition, I would suggest that you could try reinstalling your iPod's software update files.

    See this for instructions:

    What to do if iPod can't be updated because the firmware file was corrupt or not found

    For some more ideas on "other causes", you could take a look at what is mentioned in this article. (i.e., running Chkdsk on your hard drive, or keeping your computer up-to-date with its downloads).

    I hope one of those things solves your issue,

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    I have a 5th Gen 15gb iPod so I don't have iPhoto. Thanks.

    Thanks I will try those and see if it works. Right now I am re-charging. My dock doesn't recharge while I am updating.
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    I think the problem was the Ipod charger and maybe the cable to it. I am not just using a Y cable (power, sync) that is now letting it charge and syncing at the same time. Where the charge would only sync and not charge at the same time.

    Thanks Kalene. I'll keep your response in case I need it and hopefully someone else using it.

    IBM Compat   Windows XP  
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    I think the problem was the Ipod charger and maybe the cable to it. I am not just using a Y cable (power, sync) that is now letting it charge and syncing at the same time. Where the charge would only sync and not charge at the same time.

    Thanks Kalene. I'll keep your response in case I need it and hopefully someone else using it.
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    Thank you guys! I deleted the iPod Photo Cache and it worked!

    ps Does anybody know why this was an error?
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    What is a 5th Generation 15 Gb iPod?