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I am trying to connect to my wireless network at school. It is a closed network and requires a WPA password. Normally when I connect I get the little screen that asks you to accept the certificate by clicking continue. Today I thought I'd get spiffy and click the show certificate button, then the always accept certificate button so that I wouldn't have to click continue anymore.

Well ever since I've done that I can no longer connect. I want to delete the settings and start over from scratch. I have tried going to System Preferences -> Network -> Airport configure and deleting the profile there. But this does not work, it is still saving my password and settings for this wireless network.

My question is, how can I delete these settings so I can start fresh and once again connect. I know the network is working fine, and that this isn't an issue with them, but rather with my machine. Any help you could give would be greatly appreciated.


MacBook Pro Intel, Mac OS X (10.4.9)
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    Hello, and welcome to the forums!

    Go to Utilities > Keychain Access. In the Category box (bottom right) select Certificates, then select the appropriate certificate in the main window and delete it. You may also need to delete the appropriate password (select All Items or Passwords as the Category; the name will be the school's network and the Kind will be Airport Network Password). If the keychain is locked you will be prompted to enter your system password to delete it.

    Next time you log onto the network you should be prompted to enter your password and accept the certificate.

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