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I currently have two iTunes accounts. I no longer use the old account but have music purchased with that account. I find it a pain to have to authorize two accounts every time I make changes to my computer or transfer my files around. Is there a way to transfer purchases from an old account to my new one?

DELL Dimension C521, Windows Vista
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    Hi there.

    I just recognized this question, and even though there have been no previous replies, I hope you'll see this one.

    As of now,m there is no way to "merge accounts." I have tried, myself. I did something really stupid a couple years ago when they were giving away 5 free songs for registering for Itunes through paypal. I created 3 extra accounts since my paypal used multiple email addresses, and got 15 free songs, but I didn't realize what a pain in the a$$ it was going to be having gto remember 4 userids and passwords and having to authorize/deauthorize 4 accounts every time I made a computer addition/subtraction. If I had known, I'd have just bought the stupid songs.

    You DO, however, have options:

    1) Check and see which account has more songs. You shouldn't have to, but if one account has only 5-20 songs, it might be worth your while just to repurchase them.

    2) See if the songs in your old library are available for iTunes plus. ITunes plus will cost you 30 or 40 cents more per song, but you will get 256mhz per song and you won't have to authorize iTunes to play them anymore because they will be encoded DRM (Digital Rights Management) free. So you can redistribute them among 6 billion PCs if you want.

    Hope this helps.