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hi ive been using garageband to record bands and ive been having MAJOR problems with garageband loosing individual recording tracks, at first i thought it was because i accidentially unplugged my external hard drive, which i save my garageband files to, from my computer so it lost tracks, so that wasnt a big deal but after that i never once accidentially unplugged anything, ive always ejected the hard drive like i should and then shut down my computer, but it keeps doing it, not to all of my files just a couple here and there but still it shouldnt be doing this, can anyone please help me?

powerbook g4   Mac OS X (10.4.8)  
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    Your external drive should be hot-plug-&-play, so you shouldn't lose any tracks by unplugging it unless you haven't saved your project yet.

    You might try using Disk Utility to repair your system permissions, and you might try trashing your GarageBand Preference files (don't worry, it will replace them; you can reset any prefs to what they were in the app)
    Search for the two files:
    com.apple.garageband.cs -and-
    and discard them.
    (Normally, they are in /Library/Preferences/ or in user/Library/Preferences/
    but do a search to make sure you get all the copies.)

    Good luck,

    WH [:c)~
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    i just deleted the two files and ill repair the permissions, thanks a bunch i hope this works
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    well that didnt work, its doing it again to a different song, any other ideas
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    step by step. from the moment you create a new project until the point you eject your hd, what do you do to record a show?
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    what i do is create a new project create as many tracks as i need to record which is usually 7, 6 tracks for drums, 1 for scratch guitar, save, record the song, save, record guitar, save, then record bass, save, then i save the song as a different song so i have all the tracks where they need to be, delete the recorded tracks from the new song, then start over. after im done i drag my hard drive down to the trash/eject, then close my laptop. after this point its not really consistent, it hasnt happened in a while, until today, what happens is that when i reopen my computer, plug in my hard drive, and try to start one of the garageband files i just recorded i get an error saying, #__ of invalid regions have been changed. then it opens and some of my tracks are completely messed up leaving me nowhere. its very frustrating, haha
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    i can't follow what you're deleting, or the saving so "all the tracks where they need to be", but:

    save the song as a different song

    use save as and archive

    read this answer completely:

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    im sorry if im not explaining correctly, but what i do is i record all the parts to a song into garageband on separate tracks, so each track contains a different audio file that i recorded, after i finish a song i save it as is, then i save it as another song, and after its done saving i delete all the audio files out of the tracks so i have an empty song again, and i can just start over again, so after i get everything done, and eject the hard drive, and i go back to edit or mix or whatever i open a file and it gives me the error message "(some number) of invalid regions changed" or something along those lines, and when it opens all the individual tracks are there but some of the audio files within the tracks are messed up as in some dont appear and some are replaced with completely different things than should be, for example i had a bass drum track that was just replaced with a guitar track from a completely different part of the song. i hope that helped
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    i used to record songs then after renaming them and deleting the old files id record a new song in there, saved me putting in the channel information all the time. but i found id get a really slow performance from garageband. what i realised is, deleting the tracks in garageband didnt remove the old audio files and my garageband files were huge because they were full of content i didnt need. saving took an age.

    i really dont know if it makes any sort of difference, but if you ctrl+click one of your saved files and go to show package contents and open the media folder you may find you have audio knocking around in a file you thought you'd deleted everything from. whether or not that is causing your problem i dont know, but after going through the slow performance issue i just found it easier to always start from scratch whenever i recorded in future.
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    when you delete regions, you have to save the gb file or the recordings remain in the package.