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Gary Nash Level 2 (195 points)
I loaded iTunes 7.2 and it immediately asked me to upgrade all my purchased music (that it could) with the non-DRM versions. I thought, OK, fine. So I pushed the button.

It's not going too well. One, it started downloading 30 songs at once. The process looked like it was going to take hours. Fine. I started doing something else. But then I started getting error messages with certain songs. There were a few different numbers, but the most prevalent one was: stopped (err = 9006).

Two, I have my music on two different computers. When I downloaded it to one, the other one will no longer see it as a purchased song that needs to be downloaded. I loaded it on my iPod, but I have no way of taking it off my iPod to my other computer - Transfer purchases does not work for it.

Anyone else having these problems?

G4 Dual 1GB   Mac OS X (10.4.4)   20" Cinema Display
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