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Barbara Hunt Level 1 Level 1 (35 points)
I just installed the latest iTunes update, just because it was offered. Nothing was wrong before this. Now, I have just downloaded an item with iTunes and then burned it on a CD. It was given the name of the last item I had downloaded. I did this twice, thinking it was burning the wrong thing. Then I played it, and it is in fact the item I wanted, but the name is wrong when I put the CD in the computer--both the name of the CD and the name of the item I downloaded. Is this because of the new update? Can someone tell me how to remedy this? Thank you.

IBook G4, Mac OS X (10.4.9)
  • junkurchin Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    I just started having the same problem. No matter what playlist I burn, the burned CD has the wrong name and the titles of the burned songs are randomly selected from my library. The music, however, is correct.

    I've been scouring the discussions and I haven't found any solutions yet. Let's hope this is an issue that others are having as well.
  • Gary Wright4 Level 1 Level 1 (95 points)
    I am having a similar problem which I thought might be due to using Toast software to burn the problem CDs (as you know, it is NOT a Toast-specific problem) and the Roxio (Toast) solution was to delete some database files, which may have become corrupted. Unfortunately, their 'fix' deletes ALL Artist, Album, and Track information from all the music in your iTunes library, so you have to re-insert all your CDs to get that info back.

    Because I am having only a few CDs with this problem, it's not worth the trouble to me to fix it by the Roxio method, but if you want to try it, they suggest you delete the following from Users>(your user name)>Library>Preferences:

    CD Info.cidb
    CDDB preferences
    CD Remote Programs
    CD Remote Program Plus

    I have not tried this, so use at your own risk.

    My problem CDs are limited to those few which have only one track on them. I would be curious to know if Barbara's problem CDs also had only one track?
  • Donald Cozzens Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)
    I'm having exactly the same problem(s). Help!
  • Gary Wright4 Level 1 Level 1 (95 points)

    By "exact same problem" do you mean it started with an update (like Barbara), or do you mean the problem occurs only when the playlist contains a single track (like mine)?

    Barbara did not indicate which upgrade, but for the record, I am having the mysterious "wrong CD name" problem with iTunes v.7.1.1. In my case, only CDs which have a single track burned to them have the problem, and the "wrong name" of both the CD and the title on the CD are from a previously burned CD which also had only one track on it.

    The post from junkurchin sounds like the problem occurs when the burned CD has multiple tracks, and if so, my previous post about deleting the (corrupted) CD database might be indicated, as long as you don't mind feeding all your CDs back into the computer to rebuild the database.

    I'm still investigating, and what I would really like to know is how many people have the problem when the burned CD has a single track on it. Also, please post iTunes version numbers.

  • Donald Cozzens Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)
    This problem began with my update to iTunes 7.3.1 from the previous version of iTunes...and the problem is exactly as Barbara describes...burning one song results in naming both the CD and the icon the wrong same name, a name that had been previously burned....but the song/document is the one I wanted to burn...just has the wrong name!
  • Tundra Lights Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    I'm having the same troubles on my MacBook (Intel) and my PPC G5. Each time I try burning a CD (and I'm burning spoken word audio that I recorded so there are no DRM issues) with one track, the CD name and the track name become something completely different. This was happening before the latest iTunes update (on both machines). When I burn two tracks to the CD, no problem... but it's a pain; with a lecture that is 55 minutes long, there's no room for another track on the CD and as a result the misnamed disc is useless.

    MacBook Pro & G5   Mac OS X (10.4.10)  
  • Whambot Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    This is a HUGE problem:
    1. I made a new playlist 2. Draged the song{s} I wanted to burn into the playlist 3. Clicked Burn 4. The title in the progress window seemed to be read correctly --> the disk is done --> eject --> reinsert. Now the madness begins: The CD has the last burnt disk's name (in my case IToors, a podcast) and iTunes asks to import the CD, I say no, while --> iTunes accesses the on-line database and pulls a "random" title of off ODBC/Gracenote, like "Mozart's Zauberflöte" (my song is a voice recording) --> I tried everything to eliminate the problem:
    1. Repair the HD (DW 4.0) 2. Repaired Disk Permissions 3. Deleted all iTunes plist's 4. Removed 3rd party plug-ins ----> STILL THE SAME PROBLEM.
    If I drag the file out of the iTunes library into a Burn folder, it works fine. The wild thing is that it feels like a virus. The random data that is pulled off of the on-line database sends and receives erronious data, wrong disk name.... hmmm. Turning off access to the internet makes no difference for the CD described, but If I insert a different iTunes burnt CD when I'm off-line, iTunes tells me "Audio CD" and Track 1, 2, 3 ... no song data, burning it shows the same problem again...ARGH!
  • Gary Wright4 Level 1 Level 1 (95 points)

    First, put you mind at ease about a virus. I'm pretty sure that your problem is NOT a virus.

    I have been following same/similar problem discussed on this thread:

    I am particularly interested in your post:
    "2. Draged the song{s} I wanted to burn into the playlist" - Please clarify - was it a "song" (single track) or "song(s)" (multiple tracks)?

    The reason I ask is this: For those who are having problems with multiple track CDs, my feeling is, the file "CD Info.cidb" has probably become corrupted. You can eliminate this file (found in: /Users/username/Library/Preferences), but doing so will probably eliminate all artist/song/album, etc, info from ALL imported music in your iTunes, requiring every CD you have ripped to iTunes to be reinserted to rebuild the database. (The music would not have to be imported (ripped) again - just insert the CDs long enough for iTunes to check the identity. The CDs you ripped from commercial sources will be downloaded from an online database, but your home-made CDs will probably require keyboard entry for artist/song, etc, but I'm not sure how that would work.)

    However, for people who are having name problems with only CDs which have only one track burned to them, I suspect there is a bug in Apple's software which is preventing the single-track CD from being correctly identified - that is, something may be wrong with the process by which your Mac enters info into - or retrieves info from - the "CD Info.cidb" database stored on your computer.

    For more information about how your Mac recognizes previously burned CDs, read this link:
    . . . which makes it clear that the problem is NOT with how iTunes BURNS (audio) CDs, but rather with how the Mac RECOGNIZES CDs.

    The reason the "Burn Folder" method works, is because that process results in a DATA CD, which allows track title information to be burned to the CD, but which may not play back properly on audio CD players which are not connected to a computer. The data CD format is good for backing up music files, or for sharing music between computers, but is not good if you plan to listen to the music on an older CD player in your car, home stereo system, or Walkman-type portable.

    The AUDIO CD format - which is the format of all commercially made music CDs, and audio CDs burned with iTunes, is what you want for playback on non-computer decks, but that format does NOT allow any CD name or track title info to be burned to the disk. When you insert an audio CD into a Mac, it goes through the process of trying to identify the CD, as described in the Apple link, above.

    Taking your computer offline limits the identification process to the first step: Checking the database stored on your computer (the "CD Info.cidb" file). For CDs which you have burned on that computer, using the same login, it is finding, but mis-identifying, the CD from the "CD Info.cidb" file. For some reason, some people have reported having problems with the CD title and the track title being mis-identified only when the CD contains only one track. By "mis-identified" - I mean a real title (not generic, like "track 1"), but incorrect for that CD. In my experience, the "wrong" title has always been a single track CD which I have previously burned on the same Mac.

    The generic "Audio CD" - "track 1" (etc) names show up when the CD is not found in the "CD Info.cidb" database AND cannot be found in the online database (like Gracenote) - that would be normal behavior under some circumstances - such as a custom audio CD which was not burned on that Mac, and which is not an exact copy of a commercial audio CD.

    Editing the CD Title and Track names in iTunes ("Get Info") works for me - but only until I insert another single-track CD - which is then mis-identified as the one I edited. That is, no matter what single-track CD I insert, it will be identified as either the last single-track CD I burned, or the last single-track CD I edited in iTunes.

    So far, I have found no real solution, but IF your problem is limited to single-track CDs, then you could record a second track consisting of one second of silence (thanks to Brian Maillard).

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  • dandeliondigital Level 1 Level 1 (30 points)
    Hi Whambot,
    You seem very knowledgeable, and I hope you can comment on this. Or anyone who reads this and has any idea of what I should do. Here's what happened.

    I recently tried to copy a purchased CD into iTune, and when the Gracenote "pick one" dialog came up it had two album names that where exactly the same, so I picked the first one. Well...that was the wrong one because all tracks came in with unitelligable Asian font names. Now iTunes thinks this CD is in Asian and I am stuck! I tried deleting all the songs and reimporting, but that didn't work. I guess I have to type in all the names. Or can I change the font somehow? This is bad, and I wish it hadn't happened.

    Would appreciate your comments.

    Thanks in advance, and so long for now, TOM
  • Gary Wright4 Level 1 Level 1 (95 points)
    Editing the info in iTunes should work.

    First, be sure the column headings for Album and Track Number are visible (from iTune's View menu>View Options). Sort your iTunes music by Album so all the tracks on your CD are together (click on the top box of the Album column- you want it to say "Album" - nothing else - click again, if necessary).

    Look at the Track # column of the albums above and below the one you can't read to see if their tracks are numbered from 1 to higher. If they are numbered from higher to lower, click on the little black triangle in the Album column to resort them the other way. Hopefully, the tracks on your mystery album will now be sorted in the same order as they are on the CD. Play a track or two to be sure the order is correct.

    Select the first track of your mystery album and Get Info (File menu) then go to the Info tab. For now, edit only the Track Title and the Track Number fields. Use the Next button to go to the next track and finish editing the Track Titles and Track Numbers for the other tracks (if you were unable to get iTunes to sort them in the correct order, you may have to play each track to see which one it is.)

    Next, select the whole album (Shift click to select multiple tracks), then, from iTunes File menu select Get Info again. Now you can edit the Artist, Album, Year, and Genre fields for the whole album as a batch. Off course, I'm assuming the whole album was done by the same artist - if the CD is a compilation of different artists, then the Artist field would have to edited track-by-track and not batched (and check the box "Part of a Compilation").


    (By-the-way I'm not Whambot)
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    I create a new playlist in iTunes, name it "ABCDE". It contains a single track which I name "ABCDE". On the desktop, I name the CD "ABCDE". I click the burn icon at the lower left corner of the iTunes window. Now the fun begins.... When I eject the CD and re-insert it, it is now named "DJ Panos", although opening this CD reveals it contains "ABCDE". I now have several CD's all named "DJ Panos". This also happens with Toast 7. It happens even when I am not connected to the internet. It does seem like a software bug. It is a crappylittle problem that I wish Apple would acknowledge and fix.
  • Gary Wright4 Level 1 Level 1 (95 points)

    You have described another classic example of this problem. No solution, that I know of, but, as a work around, some have suggested adding a second track to all of your one-track burns (could be a one second recording of silence). I just tried this and it works fine for me.

    Here is where you can leave feed back about iTunes:
    . . . although, technically, the problem is not specific to iTunes, but is actually due to the way the Mac recognizes CDs rather than the way iTunes (or Toast) burns the CDs. Having said that, we need to leave feedback somewhere, and I don't know where else it should be.
  • mwolfy Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    Thanks Gary. The silent file thing worked for me. But, yoiuknow, this whole thing started after i installed the latest version of iTunes along with a scurity update. It still seems to me a software problem. I deleted iTunes and re-istalled the same version [latest]. One burn went fine and the second one went wonky like I described in my last post.
  • Gary Wright4 Level 1 Level 1 (95 points)
    mwolfy wrote:

    this whole thing . . . still seems to me a software problem.


    I agree - which is why I would urge everyone who is having this problem to leave feedback at the link I provided in my previous post.
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