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My wife and I each have separate playlists. Most of our songs are different, but we do have several songs that are in both of our playlists. However, if I "check" a song in my playlist, it also becomes checked in her playlist. And if she "unchecks" a song in her playlist, the same song becomes unchecked in my playlist.

Why is this happening? Shouldn't the checks and unchecks in one playlist have no affect on another playlist? How can I fix this?

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    Instead of checking/unchecking songs, simply add/remove songs from your playlists.

    Shouldn't the checks and unchecks in one playlist have no affect on another playlist?
    No, because songs are only in iTynes one time. You are checking/unchecking the song.
    A playlist is simply a list of songs, which are in the library.
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    The reason we have it set up this way is so that we can have one library of our music, and then sort her songs and my songs into the playlists. And because each of those two playlists have more songs than can fit on an iPod, we check and uncheck the songs depending on what we feel like listening to.

    If my iPod is set to sync with only my playlist, and my wife's iPod is set to sync only with her playlist, why should my playlist's checks/unchecks have an effect on the songs in her playlist?

    To give an example of what I want to do:

    We have, say, 1,000 songs. Let's say 450 songs are songs only she likes, and another 450 songs are songs only I like, but the remaining 100 songs we both like. How can we separate our music so she can have access to only her 550 songs, and I can have an access to only my 550 songs? If I add one of our common songs to my iPod or remove it, I don't want it to do the same thing to her iPod.

    Hope this makes sense, and thanks for the feedback.
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    Yes, I know exactly what you want.
    Let's make your life a bit easier, shall we?

    I manage one library, larger than the iPods and two iPods with completely different music.

    First off, create two "master" playlists, one you and one for her.
    His Music
    Her Music.
    In these lists, put only the music from the library you like/want.

    Create a a Smart playlist to show music NOT in these playlists. This makes it easier to see what music we do not have.
    Create a Smart Playlist and Match Rule;
    Playlist is not His Music.
    Create another Smart playlist and match Rule;
    Playlist is not Her Music.

    This simply helps to view/organize the music into your own "master" playlists.

    Do the follwing for both...
    Now create another Smart playlist called His iPod music (or whatever).
    Match Rule;
    Playlist is His music
    Limit it to the size of the iPod (3700MB for a 4GB iPod) by Random.

    Select the iPod in iTunes.
    Click the Music tab and tick Sync music.
    Also, tick Selected playlists and pick His iPod Music.

    To change the music on the iPod, simply select this smart playlist, select the music and press Delete. It will empty & fill up again.
    Connect the iPod to sync it.

    You can create other playlists (smart and rgular) as you want and simply select them in the Music tab to sync them.
    Simply add/delete fromn these playlists to change the music on the iPod.

    Kinda long, but is it clear? It's not as confusing as it may seem.

    I only uncheck songs I don't want ever/rarely on the iPod such as Christmas music and old podcasts.