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I use Pages to make a monthly newsletter. When they are done, I convert the document to a pdf and then email newsletters using the pdf printer in Pages. Today, after putting in (7) small pictures with text descriptions into the Newsletter document that I created, I emailed them out. Problems abounded and they came back as undeliverable due to size limitations.
Can someone help with explaining how I can compress the size of pictures so they can stay in the newsletters; so that others besides me can see them? Thanks for taking time to help!!!

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    From a post I made one this subject on May 13:

    There are a couple of ways to get a smaller PDF.
    First, from within Pages, choose Good or Better from the Image Quality drop-down menu when exporting to PDF.

    You can also try the "Reduce File Size" filter in ColorSync in the Print dialog. Click "Copies & Pages" > ColorSync & then Reduce File Size under Filters, Then click the PDF button in the lower left of the Print dialog. I don't find that the Compress PDF choice in the PDF menu saves much, if any.

    I often save it using both methods & pick the smaller file to mail or upload on a web site.

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    If you open the image in Preview or just drag the icon from the Finder or the tiny, little icon from the top of the Display Window (next to the name of the file) onto the app in the Dock, then choose Save As (ShiftCommandS) and select JPeg at 2/3rd or 3/4 you'll get a smaller file at same resolution.
    I can't think of a better way to explain that, sorry if it's not clear.
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    i ahve mac mail and just pick small on bottom right
    when copy pic to email.
    thinkit reduced the file size rthough there isnt a way to check that i can find...

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    I'm not sure what you mean by "just pick small on bottom right when copy pic to email" since the topic of the thread is about a PDF created from a Pages document. If you're talking about choosing small in iPhoto, I do that sometimes, composing an e-mail with the photo, save the photo & then use it in my Pages document. It makes an easy way to get a smaller picture to use.

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