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I am importing songs from CDs and I must change the song names by removing all spaces or my MP3 player (not iPod) will not play them correctly. For example: original name is "the pilgrim chapter 33" and I change it to "PilgrimChapter33" After that, when I add them to the library of iTunes, all the names in the library list change back to the original. How can I get iTunes to display the names as they are spelled on the actual song files rather than using some hidden, default name? Never mind if iTunes has a reason for this. They are from my own CDs so I want to identify them the same way in iTunes as they are identified on my MP3 player. Yes, I know it is not an iPod but it was a gift and it works so long as I follow its rules.
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    It sounds like you might be trying to change the names in the Finder and THEN importing the CD into iTunes?

    What you need to do is import the CD into iTunes first, and then use iTunes' "Get Info" (File Menu, Info tab) to edit the titles.

    After that, iTunes (and the Finder) should display the names as you edited them whenever that same CD is put into that same Mac.
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    You're editing the file names rather than the Name tags of the files. If you have the preference enabled to keep your iTunes Music folder organized, this will be somewhat of a losing battle for you

    I don't imagine that you would actually want to see the track names displayed with all the underscores, etc. in the iTunes player window, so I would simply tag the files the way you want them to be displayed for playback purposes in iTunes, disable the option to keep your iTunes Music folder organized, and use some other file naming program such as Renamer4Mac to manage the naming of your files on your computer.

    If you need any further tips on how to do this, please post a reply.
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    iTunes doesn't base the displayed names on the file names. It uses the mp3 tags. iTunes will not use the file name. There are probably some third party tagging utilities that will make the tags match the file names.

    Check out the link below for lots of applescripts. One of them may do what you want:

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    Ignore my previous advice - which would help only if the problem was getting the track titles to display properly in iTunes - but which will NOT result in the titles showing the way you want on your MP3 player.

    Sorry for the confusion.