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My hard drive crashed and I lost all my music and video. However, I did back up most of the music I had the iPod's feature to copy purchased music back to the computer help me save the rest of my collection. However, it did not copy the games I purchased back to my computer.

I restored my purchased music and tv shows but not my games. I don't want to sync my ipod with my restored itunes library because I will loose the games that I bought. What should I do??

  Windows XP Pro  
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    To retrieve games from an iPod you could try iPodCopy, you can find it at this link: iPodCopy

    You can use a keyboard command to prevent your iPod auto-syncing with iTunes. While connecting the iPod to the computer on Windows with iTunes 7 installed hold down the Control and Alt keys (or Shift + Ctrl keys in older versions). This will stop the iPod from auto-syncing with iTunes and the iPod will appear in the source list. Wait until you are sure the iPod has mounted, and that it will not auto sync and then you can let the keys go. This may take between 20 to 30 seconds depending on your computer: iTunes 7 Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows
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    Yeah, but at some point I would like to sync my ipod with other games that I purchased. I just don't want to lose the games that I got.
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    Once you have retrieved your games from the iPod and everything is back on your computer you can sync the iPod, that's the purpose of the exercise.
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    Tried the software but it did not work. At the middle of copying the game to my computer it said that it had encounter an error. I've tried a couple of times now but its still not working.
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    You should probably contact iTunes or see if you have them saved somewhere in your computer.
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    iPod games are copied onto the ipod, they are installed, that .ipg file is not on them.
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    Scratch That-
    This Is kinda complicated so be careful.
    In windows follow the steps here. once you have done that open the Ipod drive. look for the folder "iPod_Control". Open it and then open Games_RO. Locate the games listed in this List:
    11002 - iQuiz 1.0
    12345 - Vortex 1.0
    12346 - Vortex Demo 1.0
    14004 - Ms. Pac-Man 1.0
    14005 - Ms. Pac-Man 1.0 Demo
    1B200 - Lost 1.0
    33333 - Texas Hold 'Em
    44444 - Zuma 1.0
    50513 - Sudoku 1.0
    50514 - Royal Solitaire
    55555 - Bejeweled
    66666 - Tetris 1.0
    77777 - Mahjong
    88888 - Mini Golf
    99999 - Cubis 2 1.0
    AAAAA - Pac-Man 1.0
    Once You have Done That, Copy the contents into a new folder and call it the Name Of the Game Listed above. Use stuffit or other tool to create a Zip Archive. Change The Extension to .ipg and you're done!!!!!!!

    iMac G5   Mac OS X (10.4.8)   iPod 5th Gen. 30GB Model, Safari 3 beta

    Source for the Table/List-www.ipodlinux.org/ipodgames