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There were interesting comments in the help section of iTunes, but saying that a regular CD can hold 'about 20 songs' is not very helpful. Every other burn software I have even encountered tells you exactly how many minutes you are trying to burn and how many you are able to burn and advises you if you have too many (or, at the same time, alerting you if you can fit one more song onto the CD you are about to burn).

Since I just loaded iTunes yesterday, I am a new user. Perhaps the information will come out in some other form, but I was looking for something that didn't require me to write down 4:02, 3:23, 2:18, 2:39, 3:34, ... and do the math to figure out how many songs will fit on my CD. A computer can do this math MUCH MUCH MUCH easier!!!!!!!!!

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    I finally found the summary on the bottom of the iTunes screen, reporting how many minutes the current playlist contains. In another help topic I found that this should be there, but it took awhile to see it. It also pointed out that the total playlist time does not include the 2 second pause between songs. It seems like that should be an option for old ***** who are still burning CDs and not using ipods.
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    Normally, blank CDs can hold 80 minutes of music or 700 MB of space if you want to make a file CD with your music files (this doesn't play on all CD players, but for the ones that do play it, it hold a looooot more songs than 80 minutes).

    Did you try putting in the blank CD, let iTunes read it, and tell you if you can fit more or not? If has to notify you one way or another. Even if you put too many songs on the list you want to burn and then started burning, what's burned can't be erased again and it'll just notify you and cut off the rest that don't fit. But what's already on there will still be there. If you can spare a CD, try to purposely put more than 80 minutes in a play list and burn it. It should work fine, but you can check to make sure yourself if you'd like.