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weyerfam Level 1 (0 points)
I recently purchased an iMAC and want to start making movies with my Sony Handycam (USB device, no firewire). The apple support team directed me to the Sony support site to get a driver. Sony wanted me to pay for the driver and did not indicate if the driver was for Mac OS or not. I'm stuck. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions, I would appreciate it.

iMAC, Mac OS X (10.4.9)
  • Allan Eckert Level 9 (50,709 points)
    Hi weyerfam;

    My suggestion is to take it back.

    It has generally been my experience that Sony has a distinct bias against doing anything that is Mac compatible. Since you have a Mac, my advice is avoid Sony like the plague.

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    I purchased a Sony Handycam Camcorder (DCR-SR82) and have a MacBook. I had recorded several videos and was anxious to transfer them on to my computer and then burn DVDs. I opened the camera box to find that the software provided with the Sony Handycam is for PCs only---there is no Mac installation disk. So, I began doing research and with some major help from a Mac genius, was able to get it all ironed out. My mission is to spread the word so that no one feels the need to return their Sony Handycam just because they are Mac owners! The first step is to make sure that the processor on your Mac is Intel, as I believe that is one of the requirements for all of this to work. Second is to buy iLife '08, which is around $80. Next, you can import your videos into iMovie without any difficulty and enjoy all of the editing features that iMovie provides. Once you have imported your movies, you can open iDVD and burn DVDs without difficulty. If you have an external DVD burner, which I do, you need to download one program which is free and is called Patchburn. This program will enable iDVD to recognize an external DVD burner. Then, you are all set to enjoy your Sony Handycam + all of the joy of editing movies with your Mac. Have fun!
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    Hi, macmistress07 -

    Thanks for sharing that.

    However, this is an OS 9 forum, and since OS 9 can not run on an Intel-processor machine nor iLife be used in OS 9, the solution you describe would not be applicable in this instance.
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    I spent 45 minutes playing "voice prompt" tag with Sony. I also found out after the incompetent sales rep at the store advised otherwise that my Sony Handycam and Macintosh were incompatible. I also was urgent to return it into the face of the sales person, however had already recorded once in a lifetime footage. Also, it is a remarkable cam. You need to contact Pixela at 1-866-749-3521 and order for $59.95 the "Capty MPEG Edit EX" program. You can also order it through download at their website to your computer if you prefer. This will convert the files as they are streamed through USB so they can be used with your iMOVIE and iDVD.
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    One small problem jarhead, USB does not "stream" that's firewire. USB sends packets of information very often resulting in dropped video frames and interrupted audio.

    Jump over to the Final Cut Express/Final Cut Pro forums and do a search of how to download video from consumer cameras. You will see Mpeg Streamclip mentioned often. See if you can find a copy that will run on your machine. That will probably make your job easier.
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    Stream was used improperly. Sorry, def. not a computer guru like I am sure some of you probaly are and juggling 7 things in life at this time. Another possiblility, havn't tested it yet, but a tech head at a Mac store told me last week that iLife 08' will support the Sony Handycam without any problems. He went as far as to put in writing he would refund it if I had any problems with it. Don't know if anyone else has had the chance to test this yet??? Feedback would be great if someone already has as I am fixing to purchase another Mac in the next month.
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    I have a DCR-DVD505 and a new iMac. I can see my movies through iMovie when connected directly via USB, looks like they are being imported and then i get an error message saying the format is not compatible. Can you tell me exactly how to import in order to edit?? I am a newbie to a certain degree, my iMac is intel-based with the latest version of iMovie. Any help would be greatly appreciated.