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I have had some CDs made from old music tapes, circa 1940s. Sometimes a series of different music items run together, thus those that copied these didn't use separate track #s. This really messes up my organizational system. Is there any way that I can separate one long track into 2 or more tracks? (I can't have them redone.) Thanx. Sigrid

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    First off, change the import preference of iTunes to import in either AIFF or WAV because we want to start with uncompressed versions. In the end we can convert them to smaller files if you wish. Now import the CD as WAV/AIFF files.

    Once imported, pick one of the long tracks you want to break up. Do a Get Info on the track. Under Options in the G.I. window you can select start and stop times. So simply select the time period that represents the time of one of the tracks you want to extract out. For example, say a track is 7 minutes long and one song is from 0:00 to 4:30 and then the next song is from 4:30 to the 7 minute mark. So leave the Start time at zero and set the Stop time to 4:30. OK out of the G.I. window.

    Now here is the trick. Right click on the track and pick the "Convert to xxx" where xxx will be whatever import format you have set in preferences. Right now it will be either WAV or AIF. Pick that. A new track will be generated (the original is untouched) and will just be the 4.5 first minutes you specified in the Start/Stop times. There is your first half extracted to its own file.

    Repeat the above on the original 7 minute track but now set start time to 4:30 and let the stop time be the end of the track. OK out and convert. Now you have your second track.

    So you now have three tracks. The original one with both songs combined and then the two new separate songs in their own tracks. Repeat for other tracks.

    If you now want smaller files sizes, you can go back to iTunes preferences, go to import and change back to your preferred file type like AAC, MP3, etc. Go back to the new tracks, right click on them and now you will see Convert to MP3 (if you picked MP3 for importing in this case). Pick that and your AIF/WAV tracks will now be converted to MP3s to a new track (originals still left untouched).

    Now you can delete anything you don't want or need anymore. So you might want to delete all the original AIF or WAV files to free up space. However before getting rid of them, Place all the newly broken out tracks (the uncompressed WAV/AIF versions, not the MP3 ones) into a playlist and burn those back out to a new Audio CD as backup. So next time you can import the individual songs you worked so hard to separate.

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