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I just opened Safari and for what ever reason the back and forward arrows next to the refresh button are not there and I cannot find a setting or something to switch them back on. I didn't turn them off (if thats possible), so how did it happen? How can I fix it and keep it from happening again?

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    In Safari, your Toolbar can be customized to your desire. It sounds like you by mistake removed the Back/Forward button or it is possible that the preference file is somehow corrupted. Anyway, by holding down the control key, you can individually remove an item from the toolbar. So, I assume that is how it was removed. To add the Back/Forward button, open "Customize Address Bar" via the View drop-down menu. Simply drag the arrows onto your toolbar in the location of your choice and press "Done". When you quit Safari and relaunch, the Back/Forward button should still be present. If it does not stay on the bar, do let me know. I hope this helps!