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Two years ago my Imac died, I brought it to a special (supposed Apple dealer but in reality a fake one) and two days later they asked me to pay $400 to change the motherboard they called dead. I refused and so they charged me $40 to get my comp back (this is a shame but what should I do?!) I left the comp in a corner.
This year I've thought about buying a second hand motherboard on ebay to get it fixed and use it only for the net so my G4 won't get troubles and I'll be able to work whilst checking the net.. I so bought a motherboard recently after months of searching...
I change the motherboard and guess what the problem is exactly the same so I figured out the Apple Dealer cheated and never looked at my computer (they were better for PC than MAC)
So I'm asking you Apple genious Techs what should I do?! buying a new screen would be stupid, changing the board etc.. waste of time and money but besides I'd love to use it again for the net, I wonder if it wouldn't be better to threw it away as I did with the HD that came with it and died first!

Let me know if there is a "cheap" way to get it working again ...


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    Does it still make the startup chime? If it does, pry off the mesh-like cover on the bottom of your iMac and hook it up to a VGA monitor to see if the CRT is the problem. The computer inside may still be OK. If it works, then hit the thrift stores often and every now and then, an iMac will surely pop up. After all, ive had around 4 iMacs at one point, all from the secondhand market. When you find one, just switch the HD and your good; granted that the iMac you find works.
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    no there is no chime, the comp starts and no noise happen, the power button lights up but nothing happens. I noticed twice it tried to start the DVD but apart from that something is stopping it to actually make the rest working and the screen...
    Since everything is linked it's hard to know which part is failling to start up. I 'd love to be able to have a screen but I thought trying to start from a CD first would do but nothing happens...
    Thanks anyway.

    PS I won't by a second hand Imac cos it's so heavy..
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    I read different posts, I come to the point of my first thought that the screen part is the real trouble.
    What people call PAV but it is extremly hard to find unless paying the price, this is driving mad.

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    Sorry you were led down the garden path. Read this post:
    The iMac 350s are cheap since they have no FireWire but find one that's working and swap the 400 board into it. I did it works great. If you need info eMail me.
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    I did look at the post u linked but many have added things then so I read it again...

    Well although yr idea might soound great I'm just wondering if I should not get a higher PAV since the guy did it with the 400 n 600!!!

    thank u anyway.
    I'll have to check that out to see what I'm gonna do cos haven't much time but I want to use the net on this old Imac to get my G4 free of troubles

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    Oh by the way I saw a PAV for a 450mhz would it be possible to get it on the 400DV?!
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    I would think so. That guy Larry switched the 600 into a 400 but the heat sink was moved on that machine (600) to a different place. It's just screwed into the divider panel so he just moved it.
    I don't think there's any difference in the 400 to 450.
    Also the speed of the CPU won't have any bearing on the PAV. It's like a power supply. In fact some of them (can't tell you which) were badly soldered (visual inspection). A clean older 400 with light use would be better than a 600 that was abused.
    BTW you have checked the battery in this thing haven't you? It should read 3.3 - 3.7 V.. Slots won't start is the battery is dead.
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    Hey Rich,thanks again for your reply!

    U're talking about the date lithium battery right?! cos this is the first thing I did and nothing has changed.

    Well I have to get that PAV to try out...

    I need time to dessassemble it again...

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    I just give up, I'll never receive that PAV Ibought and so I lost too much money on this.

    thanks to u all