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I have two questions.

Here is the background. I have three podcasts. Daytime Confidential, Movie Junkie and Primetime Pulse. Daytime Confidential (DC) was my first podcast in itunes, Movie Junkie (MJ) was my second and Primetime Pulse (PP) was my third.

Q1. Does anyone know how iTunes' "Listeners Also Subscribed To" works?

DC was my first podcast and is my most downloaded podcast but since I've added PP & MJ and even though they have fewer listeners they both now show up in the "Listeners Also Subcribed To" sections of other podcasts where DC once showed up. What I also find a bit ironic is that if Tags had anything to do with it, PP & MJ wouldn't appear because neither or them have anything to do with Daytime Content. DC used to show up on a good 10-20 different podcast's "Listeners Also Subscribed To" and now I can only find it on one of those while MJ & PP both appear.

Q2. Can anyone tell me what is going on with the iTunes program New & Notable boxes? DC is featured in the TV & Film section main pages and PP appeared in the New & Notable section box above the TV & Film featureed pages. I think it was on the second or third screen when you hit the arrow to view the other New and Notable podcasts. However, since the new itunes update I have tried to see the other three screens of the New and Notable box but all I see is a white box. Friends of mine have looked and they are getting the same thing. Does anyone know what happened?

IMac G5, Mac OS X (10.4.8)