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Dear All,

I have posted similar problem about my iMac (early 2006) few weeks ago, about slow startup on my iMac due to some fonts problem and the problem was gone after ~Bee advice me.

However, the joy does not last. Last week, I have installed CS3 (only Illustrator and Photoshop with Bridge) into my iMac. Things are doing great last night except this morning, when I switched on my iMac, the loading blue bar was crawling and stopped in between before it reaches the end. After everyting was loaded, I used Disk Utility (boot from Apple CD) to verify the permission and towards the last 20%, the application seem to stopped. I waited for 20 minutes and the status still the same (remain the last 20%). This is very unusual coz normally, this process was only take about 1-2 minutes? So, I have cancelled the Disk Utility and shut down the iMac coz I need to go to work..

Before I shut it down, I also used Onyx to scanned my iMac and at verification process, the software gave me Error -1. What does this means?

Can anyone please help? Any suggestion?

Thanks so much!


iMac 17" (early 2006), 1.5Gb RAM, Mac OS X (10.4.9)
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    An explanation of the Onyx error here:


    Basically it's saying that Onyx can't run until you repair your disk with DiskUtility.

    If DiskUtility (when booted from your OSX install CD while holding down the C key -- then run DiskUtility from the Utility menu at the top of the install screen) can't repair, then DiskWarrior might be able to.

    If that fails, hopefully you have backups, or you may have to use a recovery program like DataRescueII in conjuction with an external drive to recover important files.

    It sounds like your hard drive is not very happy at the moment. What isn't clear is whether this is a hardware problem or a filesystem corruption problem.

    Did you by any chance notice the SMART status of your disk when you ran DiskUtility? If it did not say "Verified" for the SMART status, then your drive is dying, which might explain the slowness of the repair attempt.
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    Hi Boece,

    Thank you for your advice. So many read my post but only you replied my post. Thanks a lot

    I have not tried Repair Disk. I shall run it tonight. Hopefully it will recover my HD. It's kinda strange that my HD behaves like this. Every now and then, it shows this kind of behaviour (slow startup). I am really keeping my fingers cross that my HD is fine.

    I already read the article you gave me about Onyx. I will run it again after Repair Disk.

    Again, thanks so much! Really appreciate it

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    Hi, One correct answer is all you need, not everyone feels or is competent to answer all & every post/issue.
    Would you follow the advice of a Post -> My guess is! & now maybe try this! of course not...L