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Hi, I have an album of songs which is 700+ songs on the single CD (all called "Toms Album") each song has its own artwork, but iTunes has condensed this into 10 images on coverflow, even in the mini browser in the corner it still has the artwork it should do. Is there any way of forcing coverflow to show every song with its artwork rather than selecting the 10 images it wants to use?


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    Nope. Coverflow simulates flipping through your album collection, so there should only be one piece of artwork per unique album in Coverflow. If you're seeing ten pieces of artwork, iTunes thinks "Tom's Album" is actually ten albums for some reason — perhaps the tags don't quite match?

    If you move those 700 songs into a playlist, and restore their original album names, iTunes will see them as different albums, and you'll be able to see all the cover art in Cover Flow.