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I had an issue start popping up a month or two ago and it's finally become annoying enough to try to solve it. Whenever I plug in my 60 GB Video iPod to my Mac, I get the following message:

The iPod "<name>" cannot be synced. You do not have enough access privileges for this operation.

The only button on the window is "OK" and if I click it, the sync seems to continue normally. I have not found anything that will not play on the iPod, so I am not sure if I just have a corrupt file or what.

I have tried doing a restore of the iPod and updating to the latest version of the software, but the issue still remains. What suggestions would there be to try next?

Dual 2.0 GHz G5, Mac OS X (10.4.9)
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    exact same problem here.
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    Ok... I have fixed mine. I was having the exact same issue for the past few months, and like you I was just ignoring it. I had tried reformatting the iPod through disk utility etc... Nothing worked.

    I finally got a clue when I realized it was syncing music, podcasts, videos, BUT it was not syncing photos. When I unchecked the option to sync photos, I stopped getting this message. I then realized that my inability to get photos to stream from this same mac to my Apple TV could be related. I tried rebuilding the iPhoto database and thumbnail files.... to no avail. I then searched the iPhoto forum here at Apple. I found this post

    After deleting every iPhoto cache folder I could find, I restarted iTunes and rechecked the option to sync photos.... it worked fine... and no stupid message that I didn't have access privileges. It did pop up a message that the iPod was already synced with a different photo library.... do I want to switch and replace with the new one? After saying yes, it has been working fine. Incidentally, the Apple TV is now able to stream photos from this mac as well.

    Hope this helps.