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I have a Macbook Pro with Parallels installed. I am using Cisco VPN client, latest one, and I am able to connect to the VPN and ping the Window servers, but I am unable to connect to them. When I am in the office I have no problem connecting with the MAC or XP.

I am also using XP in Parallels and again when in the office I can connect, but when at home or away I can not see anything. Using the VPN in the MAC OS, XP still can not see the office. Do I also need to have the VPN client for XP to be able to work. I have two programs that we use that run only in Windows and I have to run them remotely.

So, back to the main 2 questions.
1. Do I need VPN client for both Mac and XP?
2. How do I connect to my servers from the MAC when connected via the VPN Client. Again I can ping them but can not access them. i.e \\\share does not work.


Mac OS X (10.4.5)
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    Hi David,

    Although you've given a fair bit of information you'll need to provide a bit more detail for anyone to be able to help you.

    Firstly you say that it works when you're in the office. Do you mean you try and establish a VPN connection when in the office and it works, or that the Mac/Parallels works without VPN when you're in the office? If the later, then it really means little as you're just part of the local network and have no other policies in place.

    Secondly, RE: XP in parallels using the VPN client. It depends! Not much use i know, but depending on how you've configured the NIC for parallels different things could be occurring.

    What sort of VPN hardware/software is in use? What are you trying to connect to (i'm assuming windows shares)? I would recommend you ignore parallels and windows for now and focus on the Mac VPN - you should be able to have it all working if you get the Mac working. I run a Cisco VPN client without issue and can map shares across it.
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    Thanks for the reply,

    Here is what is happening, when the system is in the office it connects to the network with out using the VPN. The VPN is only used when traveling or from home. Parallels and MAC connect to the network resources with only asking for username and password. That is acceptable.

    Now, to the real problem. We are using Cisco Hardware, Cisco VPN Client 4.9 on the MAC OS. We are able to connect to the VPN and able to ping the servers that we need to connect to. The problem is that we can not connect to the servers via //server1/share1 or //IP address/share1 it does not see the network. The servers are Windows 2003 Std Servers.

    Once that is working I will tackle the Parallels issues, you mentioned that the Network setup has different setups, I did not set this one up. is there a way to attach to the MAC net and use the VPN client as a gateway when not in the office? If not then I will probably have to install the VPN client in Parallels and use it. I did notice that when I am connected to the network, the MAC and Parallels have two DHCP assigned IPs, one for the MAC and one for Parallels. Is that normal?