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    How do I know?
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    I also have this problem, when are we likely to see the next iPod touch update? Its surely a software bug so should i wait it out?
  • eastvillager Level 1 Level 1
    This might not solve all the problems mentioned here but I read a post on another site that suggested a solution for unresponsive keys or rotation problems and its worked for me when I've had problems. Having a greasy or finger laden screen seems to cause a lot of problems. After cleaning the screen with an LCD cleaner and nice soft cloth it solved all the problems I had. So clean it often, keep a nice soft optical cloth handy and see if it clears up things like it did for me. I have a week 38 and its fine as long as its clean.
  • Benno Bradler Level 1 Level 1
    Apple...act now.
    Take a statement of non working touch-screens.
  • Rod Lavington Level 1 Level 1
    I'm in the same boat. A 38 week 16Gig Touch that has random unresponsiveness on the touchscreen, but the unlock slide works fine. Will be going back to the shop tomorrow
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    I have done a little more testing ( work is doing my head in today ) and I have some more results. This morning I was listening to music working away and I open the browser to check the forums here and then found the keyboard was not working correctly. I wasn't able to type O's and scrolling around websites was cronic. I went in to photos and had the same problem there. tapping on some of the thumnails did absolutly nothing.
    I restarted the Ipod ( slide to power off) and restarted it and what do you know ..... the screen was spot on working again. I really think in most cases this is "firmware bug" and more apparent in 1.1.1

    And I have had the ipod on my desk all the time so I don't think it is a over heating problem as the back of the unit is cold to touch.

  • Rod Lavington Level 1 Level 1
    The store I bought mine from replaced it on the spot (I have a week 39 now). We could not even get it to unlock without turn it off completely and starting up from cold boot.

    When I get home I will test it out, as I still have to sync it in with iTunes first.
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    This problem seems to be spurting up all over the place, seems like only with week 38 Ipods. I have a week 38, and a couple days ago it would stop working for a while and start working to touch again. Now it is completely useless. I am stuck at the unlock screen, unable to unlock or power off without holding the home and sleep button down. I have restored it twice. Taking it to local apple store this weekend, hopefully I can get it replaced.
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    I have the same problem too. My touch screen is totally unresponsive: I was able to update the device with the new firmware, download music on it, but am not able to use the iPod at all!!!! So I never used it and it's really anoying!
    I bought it in Singapour, so no chance to bring it back there... I'm completely desperated, really don't know what to do..
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    I was having the same problem all of you were having. Sent a repair request on Monday Oct 28th, got a box on Tuesday, sent it back that day, they are sending me a replacement as of yesterday November 1st, and should be here today (2nd). So my suggestion is just to send it to apple. It only took them less than a day to diagnose the problem and then sending a replacement. They are doing a great job of getting things straightened out quickly. I know its a pain, but I hope this helps.
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    I agree.

    I called support and they ran through a reset and a few other settings on the phone, which did seem to make it better but not working correctly.

    So they sent me a box I returned the unit, and a replacement is due to be delivered today. Hopefully this one will be better.
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    Got my replacement on Friday. Its a week 40, and is working great!!
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    Well, here's another not responding iTouch. Same issues: slide to unlock or power down always works, but other than that the touch-function seems to disappear at random. I don't believe the "lcd cleaning" suggestion as this would also affect the 'Slide to Unlock'.

    So: how do I know which week my iTouch was made ?

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    I responded to your Digg article. I have same problem. I have a week 38 iPod and the screen becomes unresponsive at times. It becomes especially difficult to operate the slider or the volume control. The other buttons work usually (sometimes after 2 taps). I had my touch for over 30 days before this problem started.

    I bought mine at Best Buy. Can you take one from Best Buy back to an Apple store under the warranty or do you have to mail it in???

    I hope Apple realizes this is a serious problem because it is REALLY annoying if you can't adjust the volume when listening to music!!!!!
  • S1ngular1ty Level 1 Level 1
    That isn't what is happening.