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  • Tory Garcia Level 1 (85 points)
    Well it seems i have caught the beeps too...

    Had the computer for a month with no noise but a whisper from the fans...

    no all off a sudden i hear the little beeps you have been talking about......

    o well, it doenst bug me yet**
  • Nick Nishizaka Level 1 (95 points)
    Holy smokes, you are right.

    I spent some time messing around with switching the 2nd proc off, nap off, etc...don't remember the order, but currently I have it setup like this:

    2 procs
    NAP On
    Performance = Automatic

    My Mac is beeps no chirps.

    Also since it's been a little cooler in NYC (under 80 degrees) the fans are pretty silent as well.

    This is the way it should be!

    I mean, is it some kind of software addressable problem then?
  • JustinR Level 5 (4,475 points)
    Hi Nick,

    I just tried that too. The combination that works for me is:

    Nap then CPU off

    Nap then CPU on

    That clears the beeps but the fans spin up more, as though Nap was not turned back on. This is verified by turning Nap back off then on. The fans go back to a steady idle but the beeps come back.

    If Apple could decrease the level of processor idling to such an extent the noises disappear, that would be preferable to disabling Nap altogether - if it's feasible.
  • JHK Level 1 (5 points)
    Same problem. Only began after reinstalling Tiger with Archive and Install option.

    Reinstallation was recommended by a "Genius" at a Mac store because Widgets didn't work. They still don't, and now I have the "beep", synched with the second hand on the clock. Soft, but impossible in a music studio environment.
    Have read through the thread, but am not a developer.

    Best workaround to go back to Panther?

    J. Kenyon
  • Brent Meyer Level 4 (1,355 points)
    Hey Jeffrey,

    It'll be easier to install the XCode Tools from your Tiger DVD than it will to go back to Panther. I would just install the CHUD package that is in those XCode Tools and disable NAP. Especially on the G5, the added speed boost from Tiger is well worth it. I'd also recommend upgrading your RAM to at least 2GB, especially if your doing audio.
  • Nick Nishizaka Level 1 (95 points)

    Yeah, it took me a while to get the right combination to get it to become quiet...I'll write it down next time.

    I neede to go into the performance setting and set it to Highest first, then bring it back to Automatic.

    That plus the combination of second Proc and Nap on/off does the trick.

    It does work. You can have second proc on, Nap On, and have a G5 after hitting the right combination.

    So dunno...maybe a software fix may be possible?

    All I know is that now my G5 is quiet, with NAP on!

    Now the fans....that's another issue entirely. I'm just waiting for that day when it goes above 80 degrees...then I'll have the vaccuum cleaner G5 fans going off again!fx_record
  • Scotious Level 2 (420 points)
    All right, folks. This is the post that will take me to level 5 and elevate me to hero status immediately. If you all don't laugh me off the forum first, that is.

    I also found that, along with all that is Tiger, also came the infamous beeps. Truthfully, even though I record audio in the room, the threshold of the beeps was so low it was never a problem.

    And if music is on-- no problem. And I could adjust the output of the computer relative to the output of the speakers so that this really was a non-issue for me. Or I could use headphones when recording.

    And yes-- going into atomatic mode stopped them cold, usually... but I need Highest performance, don't I?

    Then, yesterday I noticed for some reason the beeps were a lot louder, as well as the very noticable low level hum that has been recorded so diligently.

    The noise was so loud annoying that I reached back midst the tangle back there and something I touched or moved diminished the noise by 90%. Seriously, and it was reproduceable.

    Now, I'm sure this probably has to do with my particular tangle of wires, but perhaps, just perhaps, some fiddling back there might diminish someone elses beeps.

    Yes, I know this is a little "geekie" for y'all, but I live to serve.


  • Jack Markham1 Level 1 (15 points)
    When I set Processor Performance to Highest in the Energy Saver System Perferences, I hear the beep. The beep goes away when I set Processor Performance to Automatic.
  • JHK Level 1 (5 points)
    Thanks, Brent. Definitely agree on the increased RAM; coming soon. Changing energy settings to "Automatic" has stopped sound so far.

    What is NAP?
  • Brent Meyer Level 4 (1,355 points)
    Hey Jeffrey-

    NAP has been discussed all over these boards in many different places. If you did a search for NAP in here you'd bring up thousands of results and wading through all of them would take forever. Essentially, NAP is part of the processor preferences that become available to you when you install the XCode Tools. NAP controls whether or not your processors are allowed to idle, which seems to be the issue causing the beeping sounds everyone is experiencing. To learn more about installing the XCode tools and NAP, a search of the Apple site for "CHUD" or "disable NAP" should bring up some instructions for you!
  • PockyRevolution Level 1 (120 points)
    G5 Beep hunter here. I've gone digging with a microphone through my G5 to find that little sound. Now you can hear the problem crystal clear. I had the microphone pushed right up to the mother board.
  • QuigleyBC Level 1 (90 points)
    I think that this is the REAL question

    What is it about Tiger that set this off?

    I for one don't want to cripple my G5 by shutting off nap
  • Eliot Palmer Level 1 (5 points)
    Would like to add myself to the long list of people who have had the pronounced increase in beeping since the tiger upgrade. I had received my DP2.0 recently, and only did the tiger upgrade today. I have been listening critically throughout the whole process so I can certainly vouch for the increase in noise - especially the appearance of the digital clock...

    For the external noise issue (plugged into other powered audio equipment) the use of a standard DI did the trick. My last job was basically a lot of solving earthing problems so I wasn't surprised that an isolation transformer dropped the noisefloor dramatically.

    You'd think that with an expensive professional machine it wouldn't have this pathetic behavior. Really I feel totally let down in this situation... sitting 5 meters away and clearly hearing the noises from the machine.

    Would be interested though - owning an early release 2.0 DP (8 ram slots etc) - Is there anyway of knowing (from other experience with this particular model) if the new psu revision will be quieter or would I be wasting my time asking for a replacement?

  • Tim3308 Level 3 (550 points)
    Hi and no, Eliot, it will not change.

    Had the power switch go down on mine a few months. After the 3rd party Apple tech house call changed virtually all old parts for new (including the PSU, which he decided to leave in, despite it being the 10 cent switch) --I have the beeps when upgraded to Tiger. They are not PSU related --some folks here are really confused about that --and this is not a "chirping" thread. This was started all about the rhythmic beeps that began w/ Tiger.
  • Brent Meyer Level 4 (1,355 points)
    Some people also seem to be confused that this problem is related to specifically to Tiger. There are many of us who have had the beeping issue since day one with our machines. Mine is a revision A dual 1.8 and I have had the beeps for the life of the machine. Not saying that the beeping for some didn't start until Tiger but there are many who have had it forever.