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  • Brian Barclay Level 1 (0 points)
    Supposedly it is acoustical noise resonating from the power supply. Also, supposedly there is nothing you can do about it.
  • QuigleyBC Level 1 (90 points)
    I think I'll record the chirpy chirp, loop it, and turn it into a dance song in Logic.

    Then, I can dance to the chirp.

    Will post soon...a problem this absurd deserves a ridiculous dance song.
  • Ishan Bhattacharya1 Level 1 (75 points)
    My wife's Dual 2.0 had the soft, steady "beep" sound as well. When cleaning up the mess of wires, kids' debris and such behind her desk, I noticed–quite by accident–that I moved our wireless 900 Mhz landline phone base station away from our third party speaker system's subwoofer box, the beeps went away-completely. If I then put the base station close to the subwoofer, the beeps returned. The same occurred if I unplugged the phone's base station. Problem solved. You might want to try it.
  • QuigleyBC Level 1 (90 points)

    and still chirping away like a cricket on Roids..


    Guess this is just something I'll have to live with...

  • Lucie Merzbacher Level 1 (25 points)
    Even with 10.4.2 Apple did not resolve the "Beep-Problem".

    Come on Apple, resolve it!
  • bilbo_baggins Level 4 (2,230 points)
    Nearly 300 posts here, and still Apple doesn't recognise it to be a problem!
  • Martin Pace Level 5 (5,110 points)
    These forums are for users to help other users, Apple doesn't necessarily read them. To send Apple feedback go to:
  • bilbo_baggins Level 4 (2,230 points)
    I constantly send Apple feedback - but even issues like this never seem to get sorted or even acknowledged...
  • Nikoman Level 4 (1,075 points)
    Sounds like the whining on this thread is louder than the beeping. I too am experiencing this "beeping" from my brand new dual 2.7
    I have to say that I'm amazed as to how perfect we all want our G5's to be. We should be so lucky that they're nearly silent...
    But, we are a different type of crowd unlike the world of Windows and their obnoxious hardware so any little thing we'll find not so perfect. I myself have given up solving this beeping issue, as a matter of fact I forgot about it until I read this forum again this morning. I'm so thrilled with my G5 that I'm willing to live with the nearly silent beeps that come with it, it's still MUCH MUCH quieter than my G4 Digital Audio. And for the record my G5 is in a very quiet environment. I'm just trying to say that the processor beeps don't bother me in the least...
    That's all they are, processor beeps that we wouldn't even hear if the machines were as loud as a G4.
    I mean no offense about the whining either, I also started a thread on the beeping on this forum...
  • Billy Huff1 Level 1 (50 points)
    I had this sound for a short time after upgrade to Tiger but it has now stopped. I was not paying much attention but believe it was associated with the HP AIO printer application/drivers. It has definitely ceased on my computer since the HP software upgrade and I am fairly certain it was the HP software that was causing the chirp. I could see in Activity Monitor that it correlated with the HP Director process. I cannot say this is the problem in every case, but it appeared to be causing the chirp on my computer and it has now ceased.

  • 00afro Level 1 (0 points)
    in answer to the post that these forums are not neccessarily read by Apple -

    read the rules for posting on this forum

    break one by mistake

    you'll very quickly find out that these forums are monitored by apple.

    *disclaimer: this post is a factual report of my experience and is not intended as a dig of any sort at anyone or company*

    in terms of beeping -if what you are talking about is an every second beep, I have had and fixed this problem.

    in my case it WAS present in my monitors (speakers), even when I was feeding them via a firewire audio interface and using balanced cables.

    i fixed it by buying a hum eliminator. See my story here
  • 00afro Level 1 (0 points)
    It's not a matter of wanting things to be perfect - that is an enormous generalisation.

    The reason I spent so much time and money getting rid of the noises is because (like a lot of people here) I am a musician that uses my g5 to produce music to make money to feed myself and my family.

    For power and the number of plugins etc etc, i love my g5.

    what i didn't love was not being able to use it in my studio because of the noise pollution (chirps, beeps, zipper noise) that were being induced IN MY MONITORS (speakers) from the mac. And this was over a firewire interface, using the built in line out ( i never tried the digi outs, but it's been reported that these are affected too.)

    that's right, I could not listen to monitors that cost me over £1500 because of the noise.

    so I ended up paying another £70 for a Hum Eliminator. Now the noises are gone.

    I will say though that sometimes there is a really soft whine coming from the casing itself, which is quiet enough to be negligible - maybe that's what you've got. But please don't assume that's what everyone else is talking about - this has been an issue since the first g5's and though some of the old threads have been deleted, there really is enough information still here to make one realise this isn't just whining about an imperfect world.

    no offense taken (or given i hope)
  • Rafael Burgos Level 1 (45 points)
    I finally gave up on Tiger's beeping and decided to downgrade it to 10.3. It was a disaster at first but after doing some reading in this and other forums...decided to put the G5 in target disk mode and use a TiBook 400 to install 10.3 on it. I booted the TiBook 400 from the G5's disk and used Apple's combo updater to update to 10.3.9. The G5 will not boot from 10.3.0 but it does boot with 10.3.9. After the initial 1st boot, I re-applied the update (to make sure drivers were updated "correctly".

    The beep is a non-issue in 10.3.9. There may be some issues that I have not discovered but basic functionality seems ok for my needs.
  • eric d Level 1 (5 points)
    I first noticed this problem in 10.3.8. DId not notice it before that. I'm on 10.4.2 now and it's driving me crazy! I edit sound. Timing is key I can't get that regular beep out of my head. I was thinking it was a squeaky fan, though... Here's why:
    If I change the processor performance to REDUCED, the fans are quieter and so is the beep.

    If I cang the processor performance to HIGHEST, the fans are a little faster/noisier and the chirp is louder, too.

    The other day, I opened the side of my computer while it was running. When I removed the plastic shield, the fans sped up and the speed of the chirp sped up with the fans. When the fans slowed down, so did the chirp. I think this rules out the hard drive, too.

    I can turn my speakers off and I still hear the chirp, so I don't think it's related to that.

    If this is the case, I would need to identify which fan and replace that. Anyone have any suggestions or questions/thoughts about my fan theory?

  • SvenC Level 2 (230 points)
    The problem is the power supply - you have to turn off nap mode using CHUD tool on the tiger dvd