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I just bought a new iMac 24". I want to buy a protection plan for this. Should I buy AppleCare or the BestBuy Service plan (I purchased this at BestBuy)? The price difference is $120.00. The BestBuy one is $239.00 and AppleCare is $119.00 (with educational discount). Which would be better? Any differences? Any bad experiences? Thanks!

iMac 2.4 GHz 24" 1 GB Ram Wireless Keyboard and Mighty Mouse, Mac OS X (10.5), iPod 80GB, etc.
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    I can only speak from my own experience, but every time I've purchased AppleCare--for my previous Macs and iPods--Apple has stood behind its products. When I needed a CD-ROM drive replaced in one iMac, they sent a technician to my house. When an iPod went bad, my wife brought it to the Apple store in NYC and they simply handed her another one. There is no question as far as I'm concerned—go with the people who made the product and who know it: Apple. With Best Buy, you won't be getting that level of expertise, nor that commitment to the product—because they didn't make it. And ultimately, if it needs to be serviced, do you really want a place that also services refrigerators doing it for you?
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    Hi, we had a similar system at CompUSA - if you buy the store "Care" they will buy ""Applecare and pocket the difference. Unless theirs offers Accidental Screen Breakages, water damage on keyboard (spilled coffeeetc) and various other Specials that Applecare does not. Read the small"" print very carefully on ALL "Care"
    You can also get AppleCare cheaper online, then contact your House/Home policy company & arrange accidental damage & stolen cover....L
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    The difference (I don't know too much about AppleCare but...) is that the Best Buy service plan is covered at Best Buy... as in any repairs or problems you'll have are all dealt with at any Best Buy! If you need repairs, they do it at Best Buy, if you have any computer problem it's handled at Best Buy. It also covers performance, which is convenient but is kind of a gimmic! As far as I've heard Apple's warranty and services are awesome! They handle everything with care! Personally I would rather do the AppleCare plan which requires you to either take your iMac to an Apple Authorized Repair centre or get it shipped for repairs! So the main differences is one is dealt with at your local Best Buy, and the other is directly with Apple! The only down side of these plans, is if you don't have a single problem (highly unlikely) it's a huge waste of money! That's the only extent of my knowledge! I haven't heard of any bad experiences from getting one of the plans, I've heard thousands of bad experiences from people who didn't get the plan and have had major problems however! It's good to have a service plan for safety, but it's up to you!
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    Any other experiences? Thanks
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    No offense, but if you're looking for an inviolate guarantee on one particular support plan, you're not going to find it. Just buy the AppleCare. You're not going to find a better support plan (3 years) for $120. From an aggravation standpoint alone--avoiding aggravation, that is--AppleCare is worth it. It's $40/year! Read the details on the webpage (, then do yourself a favor and just buy the thing.
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    I have had several geek squad guys (no they weren't disgruntal) tell me that the best buy protection plan is total garbage and not worth getting for most products.

    I was told this when I took my wife's pda in for servicing and 2 of them said "sorry it doesn't cover that", "well what about this?", "nope", "this?", "nope", "then what IS covered?", "let's put it this way, you wasted your money, if it totally fried then maybe we can help you, word of advice, do not buy... bla bla bla" and I walked out thanking them and havn't bought a single piece of electronics from that store chain since.

    Now, comparing Applecare and other provider based services like even Dell care, I had an issue with one of my Dell laptops they sent a guy the next day to replace the LCD, every time I had an issue if it was servicable at home, he was usually there within 2 days if not the next day after the call. They're certified service people not some dork in a white shirt and black tie (sorry geek squad guys, that's just insulting)
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    I've purchased AppleCare for all the Macs I've owned, and always been quite pleased with the service received by Apple on the few occasions in which it was necessary. Best Buy cannot possibly offer anything better, in terms of service or coverage than offered by AppleCare, and so I cannot see how it can justify charging more than the cost of AppleCare. Moreover, whom would you rather have work on your Mac, an Apple technician, or someone from Best Buy? Save your money and guarantee the best possible service by purchasing AppleCare.
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    *Hi MBP, Welcome* to Apple's Users Help Users Forums.

    I may have missed it but note that Apple Care then gives you 3 years of phone support.
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    Does AppleCare cover lightning? I was just at BestBuy returning my service plan, and a "trained apple specialist" there said that AppleCare only covers dust removing and they don't cover any parts internally. We knew that wasn't right but what is apple's plan on lightning and parts internally on the computer? And the Monitor? Thanks!
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    Macbook Pro or iMac???? wrote:
    Does AppleCare cover lightning?

    I think you do that w your home owners insurance. Read the fine print at Apple Care.
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    Does AppleCare protect against Power Surge or wear and tear. What about accidental damage? Thanks
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    I doubt it, see my previous post.
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    Hi, Surge is NOT covered, accidental damage -> refer to your homeowners policy, AppleCare extends the initial warranty (faulty workmanship plus gives you get 3 years phone help...L
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    An AppleCare Protection Plan is definitely not any kind of insurance policy. It is simply warranty extention + additional support.
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