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  • applechad Level 1 Level 1
    new mac user.... so far everytime i have had a prob with my mac... i always find a quick solution here... Thanks
  • RisingDown Level 1 Level 1
    This happened to me after a failed XP SP2 install.

    The suggestions here fixed my problem but I have a question. After the failed XP install, I went into Boot Camp and deleted the entire Windows XP partition. All OSX sees in Systems Preferences > Startup Disk is Mac OSX, 10.5.2 and Network Startup.

    The fact that this error occurs appears to signify that there are still some remaining parts of the failed XP install - why is this?

  • Flamer500 Level 1 Level 1
    I seem to be getting the error over and over again! That weird "No Bootable Device" error. Somebody who solved this problem please post how you did it! I wasted lots of money on Windows and now freakin' Boot Camp ain't working! I managed to get back on my mac, but I depend on Windows to open some files! HOW DO YOU SOLVE THIS!!!?!??!?!?!?
  • Julio B Level 1 Level 1
    I just got that and holding the "Option" key while restarting seems to fix the problem (I also had the Leopard DVD on the drive, not sure if that changes anything.) Then, the first thing I did was open the System Preferences and change the Startup Disk (just click on the Macintosh HD.)
  • Flamer500 Level 1 Level 1
    I keep getting the error: "No Bootable Device - Insert boot disk and press any key"!!!!!! Why does this happen? I already formatted the partition, deleted the partition and made a new one, got a new Windows disc, booting and starting up the Windows disk in "System Preferences" and everything suggested here and the freakin' thing is still appearing.
    Waste of money buying Windows, but I need it for some cool games and that's it? I think Apple doesn't give a rat's *** about having Windows on a Mac.
  • Sith1ord Level 1 Level 1
    a few things that ive seen and discovered trying to fix my mac:

    1. this screen requires you hold option longer than you normally do when just booting from cd/dvd

    2. XP install issues are often caused by Windows' desire to be in the "Front" of the disk (ie. lower sector numbers). this can require some odd disk management actions should you have forgotten or not known this ahead of time.
    its also much easier to just format your computer to place the Win and OSX partitions the way you want, but if you decide to "save your work" and only a single hard disk continue
    the "sleep" file will probably prevent you from resizing the partition (max file size = 1 GB for this).
    in terminal:
    sudo find -x / -regex /dev\* -prune -o -regex /net\* -prune -o -size +1G
    this will find all files larger than 1GB (it takes several minutes to scan the drive).
    sudo rm /private/var/vm/sleepimage
    this will delete the "sleep image" off your hard disk. if you have more than 1GB of RAM, you will have to do this ask the image is the size of your RAM.
    next, you will boot from your osx install disk 1, resize your partition, and if you ran into the "front of the disk" issues i had, you'll have to make another partition later on the disk, do a disk image restore with the front partition as source and later partition as destination, format the first partion to MS DOS (FAT) format, then reattempt to install Windows.

    as i said in the beginning, its much easier to reformat with 2 partitions and just resize the way you want, then install both OS's to the blank disk. i tried to get cleaver and retain preferences by not erasing, forgot what i had learned in the Boot Camp beta app on my old macbook, and ended up erasing anyway. then came to the problem of repositioning (my 2nd forgotten lesson).

    more than likely, you've already gotten invested in the process to arive at this error on boot, but the above should set it straight. my recommendation is that if you can backup your files, do it and then start from scratch. its so much easier as 10.5 really fails on error messages that tell you anything. sorry for the walls of text, but i try be as complete as possible. i hate windows only apps for making me use bootcamp again...
  • kattesand Level 1 Level 1
    i solved my problem, thanks.
    what's really weird is that this occured to me the first time i bootet my girlfriends Macbook, after cloning her old disk with SuperDuper, to a new and shiny 250GB HDD. now, her old disk had a faulty XP installation on it, but SuperDuper only clones one partition by default so i reckoned the windows partition would be history on the new disk.. apparently not, since i got the "no bootable device"-error on startup, even though the windows-partition wasnt on that disk at all!
  • sebastian747 Level 1 Level 1
    Just to add a little pointer....many people spend ages attempting to reboot using the "APPLE OPTION" key...this to a new-bee imply's hold down the key with the 'apple' logo on it....WRONG the option key is actually the "alt" key and not the one with the apple logo on it...daft i know but many users spend ages holding down the apple key, with no result and given some of the posts here this could be the case. hope that aint teaching to suck eggs!
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    i had a really weird thing happen...i was installing it on my aluminum macbook, but in the installation process, it didn't recognize my partition. i quit out of it, and restarted computer..i then got the "no bootable disk, plz enter boot disk and press any key" i came to the forums, and restarted pressing option key. i got back to mac os, and remade the partition. ime gonnna try again, and post what happens. thanks a lot guys.
  • BigWaveSurfer Level 1 Level 1
    can somebody tell me if this really works what Sith1ord tells us to do when the "No bootable device" - Error shows up? I tried everything mentioned above- nothing helped.

    I want to know if this method surely works because I don't want to loose all of my files.
  • cooldudevarma Level 1 Level 1
    When I have pressed the alt key. I am getting option of booting from DVD Mac OS X Leopard. I dont have option of my Hard Drive OS detected. Can you please tell me what I need to do?

    My windows XP crashed and I got No Bootable device error , then I have insereted MAc OS DVD and now its only booting from that and I am also not able to remove that from the Computer.
  • antastic Level 1 Level 1
    Hey guys, I'm new to this thread and I'm having a related problem.
    Just got a shiny new Mac for Christmas, and I decided that since I've been an experienced Windows user all my life I'd run the Boot Camp utility to run both. I did using a copy of XP Home Edition. Now, I've got a strange sort of problem. I can't boot my Windows or my OS X because my Mac no longer recognizes any harddrive aside from my iPod during installation. I ran the diskutility by inserting my Mac OS X Disk and it acknowledges the internal drive's presence, but I'm unable to run a repair or format it or even erase anything currently on it. Anyone know how I can fix my problem? I'd essentially like to erase everything and start fresh, but I don't know how to do the drive partitioning and formatting on the mac.
  • alex242 Level 1 Level 1
    Hi guys

    I´m getting this messagge too, but since my internal drive dont work, I´ve been using an external one. I´d guess I got this problem for using en external drive, but lately, I discover that If I dont put any WXP disc on the drive, I still got the same message.
    To me, looks like the BOOTCAMP partition is missing some .INI files. that´s why I get the ¨No Bootable drive...¨msg

    Could this be my problem?
    Any idea?
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    I have a similar problem, except, when I hold down the option key, I get the screen where I would normally choose my start-up disk. However, nothing shows up, no HD, nothing. I'm starting to panic, hopefully someone can help me.
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    this same thing happened to me when i tried to install 64-bit vista ultimate in boot camp.

    i've long since deleted my boot camp partition, since vista is finicky and will only install on an NTFS partition, and boot camp gave me FAT32.

    but i just went into system prefs, as per the suggestion written in this thread, and i'll let you guys know what's up next time i reboot.

    EDIT: we're good to go! my macbook works like brand new now.

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