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  • gpaliot Level 1 (0 points)
    Same problem here. My Keyboard (Old white, US layout, SN KY707000EUBZA) worked fine, then suddenly lost connection and won't work, reconnect or pair since.
    I tried:
    - Removing it from the bluetooth preferences and adding it again: didn't pair but shows up as type "unkown" if I try "any device" instead of "keyboard"
    - Deleting /Library/Preferences/ and rebooting without any USB devices attached: mouse paired fine, keyboard didn't - same symptoms as above
    - Tried pairing a different keyboard (Old white, German layout, SN KY70200KCUC0A): This one paired fine and it works, I'm typing this on it.
    Since the other keyboard works fine, I think this is definitly a keyboard problem, not an OS problem.
    Someone mentioned pushing all keys at once helped him, so I'll go buttonmashing on my keyboard now
  • Sniff303 Level 1 (0 points)
    Same problem.
    Keyboard fails to pair on 10.4.9 & 10.5.2, so that's defenetly a keyboard problem.

    Keyboard SN: KY64003BXUFSA
  • Philscbx Level 1 (145 points)
    Hello ProfT,
    If we put an ad on national TV for those to report this current problem that never came here, I think the server would lock up from input world wide.
    We're only seeing those who really want to try and not give up like I did and went out and purchased a new one. The new smaller aluminum vs the white one.

    But that only made my matters worse. I gave up on the white keyboard a month ago.
    Fresh out of the box, the new aluminum could not make one letter appear.
    I can only get mine to move cursor with left and right arrow keys, and delete a line of text that was previously there.
    The hot keys worked, volume, etc.

    Now when hitting a letter key, letter M at the time, has now lost all mouse click control. The mouse can still move the cursor, by that's all.

    You can no longer select an application, type, hot corner, nothing. You can hit the mouse all you want to try to wake the application, but no chance.
    Shut the keyboard off, pull batteries, makes no difference. You still have no control till a restart is made.

    I'm starting to think a al Qaeda virus is embedded in the keyboard to force a new purchase.

    Your forced to use control/eject to bring up & tab select shut down, and then enter key to confirm. This isn't noted anywhere as an option, but it works.
    This tactic went on for hours to get this proficient at it.

    As logical as possible, and noted from others as well, I kill all other wireless gadgets from cell phone with bluetooth and wifi, to mouse, and no gain in results. Possible interference? Of course not. Even pulled batteries from white keyboard to make sure.

    Next logical step, research for possible update.
    Even though the note that came with makes it clear you don't need to with current 10.4.11, etc. I still downloaded the 52Mb 1.2v load, and still I have the same results as if sticking body part in 220 outlet was actual gain in intelligence.

    Now we have USB interference issues out there. This is why I do not use USB drives, or USB card readers. USB is a shared bus across the board, and is possibly used for power for Wireless Broadcast. Like sticking a 20 port cigarette lighter adaptor in your dash for everything.

    I use fire wire for everything, which is hard to find devices for some ******** reason. It's a dedicated power source.
    Apple store is going to get a visit regardless, as they aren't going to show face in here.
    They owe us happy hour for several hours.
  • keithaaa Level 1 (0 points)
    Same problem. White keyboard, lost its pairing today and now refuses to pair with either mini or MacBook (both running 10.5.2).

    Bluetooth setup assistant does not see they keyboard but when looking for 'Any Device' it sees device 'Apple Wireless Keyboard', type=Unknown. However this device cannot be paired.

    I expect there will be a software fix to this at some stage, but this is a pain as now I have to go to the shop & buy a usb keyboard for my mini as the apple wireless keyboard was the only one I had.
  • J Browne Level 1 (90 points)
    Same problem here. Aluminum keyboard has worked without issue on my MacBook Pro - but when I tried to connect with my new MacBook Air, took many tries to even be visible to the Bluetooth Set-up Assistant - and never got as far as a passkey being generated. Now having the same issue on the MacBook Pro!
  • J Browne Level 1 (90 points)
    And an update - tried one of the old white wireless keyboards - worked no problem - so the issue must be with the aluminum version, as others have noted. So I wonder how, if it doesn't connect to any machine, will we be able to update firmware....
  • Clinton Forbes Level 1 (0 points)
    My wireless keyboard batteries died a couple of weeks ago and I was having trouble repairing my keyboard as well. Here is what I did:

    Disconnected my USB keyboard
    Restarted my Mac with my wireless keyboard off
    Bluetooth wizard started automatically. Turned on my wireless keyboard when instructed.
    Typed in passkey and hit Enter.

    All of this seemed to FAIL when I had the USB keyboard connected so I think that was the problem.
  • KevinMarshall Level 1 (0 points)
    Still not working for me. Glad I have 2 wireless keyboards that no longer connect wirelessly.
  • Anthony massey Level 1 (95 points)
    same problem here but sorted now
    i went into system preferences/bluetooth/then highlighted all devices and removed them.
    after a restart pairing worked first time
    give this a go and good luck.
  • UnbrknCh8n Level 1 (0 points)
    Same problem. Wireless mouse went out, so I thought it was batteries. Changed the batteries, then neither the mouse nor the bluetooth keyboard worked. A USB mouse worked OK, but the keyboard wouldn't (so I couldn't enter my password to log in and thereby access my bluetooth controls; is there a way to do this or get around it without a keyboard?). Of course, changed the batteries in my (older white) keyboard, with no change.

    But I have (fortunately) gotten it to work by unplugging my USB devices (Time Machine drive, printer, and hub) then restarting the computer. After doing this, it paired up automatically with both the mouse and the keyboard. Thanks for the advice... you saved me a trip to my office to get my USB keyboard. Now I just hope that it keeps working!
  • pedcar Level 1 (0 points)
    Had exactly same problem. Found my original prehistoric bluetooth dongle. Plugged it directly into computer port (rather than powered USB hub) and miracle - everything is working as it used to.
  • Elzine Level 1 (0 points)
    Add me. Lost my white wireless keyboard today and can't get it to pair. I'll try disconnecting my USB printer . . . but I'm not hopeful, based on what I've read here today. My computer finds the keyboard, I type the pairing numbers and press the "Return" key, and nothing happens until the computer tells me that the pairing failed.

    Any idea when Apple will help us out with this????
  • Mike Dyall-Smith Level 1 (0 points)
    My brand new aluminium wireless keyboard doesn't even power up. At least I can't see any LED light where the diagram says one should be. Of course, it doesn't pair either, but I think I have a more fundamental problem. Turned on and off, took out and replaced batteries, making sure the cap is twisted on completely. Yes, I changed the batteries in the package to brand new ones. Nothing. Where does the LED show? (I have the small keyboard).
    Any ideas? (apart from a visit back to the store tomorrow)
  • Philscbx Level 1 (145 points)
    An Update:
    Obviously the new Aluminum wireless does not function properly, and locked me out of having any control what so ever.
    So I packed up both the new and the old, and headed to Apple Store Roseville Mn.
    Some what bad timing, as the store is packed.

    With 2 geeks getting the low down of the issue, they seemed unknowing as usual, and requested I make an appointment.
    No, I said, we are going to par this guy to what ever machine is available.
    Like you would think this is the least possible gesture to do while I'm there.

    Sure enough, it works just fine. Damit.
    So, basically an untested update on my PowerBook G4 w/10.4.11. isn't good enough.
    I didn't notice disclaimer that the new keyboard is limited only to Leopard OS.

    What logical fact could differ?
    This is really embarrassing. It's just a BlueTooth Device for crying out-loud.
    I wasn't trying to launch a weather satellite into a fixed orbit.
    It's difficult now to impress other diehard PC users of a once flawless machine. All I get is slack.
    Bringing laptop to group events for the weekend, I limit it to iTunes.

    Same with trying to impress the crowd after shooting all weekend. I can't process the images that load into Aperture in a timely manner. It takes for ever to deal with one image, then convert to file.
    The mission was to get others copies to take home.
    There are some here with 10 Grand towers and have the same issues.

    You can't get a straight answer at any cost.
    Spending 4 grand for the Mac Pro might be a pain after all, forcing it with on tour.

    They spend too much time on iPod, the joke that it is with no FM, unlike Zune that I just test drove.
  • Marakas Level 1 (0 points)
    More details ...... when i try to pair the keyboard an have the bluetooth preferences panel open, i saw that the Keyboard paired during a few seconds after enter the pairing key in the bluetooth configuration asistent ..... finalli can ocurr 2 things:

    1) I let go the asistent and then it sow the piring error
    2)I close the asistent and i have an unfuntional Keyboard paired

    (Excuse me for mi poor English)