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I had 4 - 4.5 gigs free. I had a few applications open. I started up Quickbooks. It said there was an update. But that it couldn't download because my disk was full. I immediately checked my finder and I thought I saw the "available space" number blink but wasn't sure - it said I had about two gigs free. I quit a bunch of apps thinking that memory was filling up my disk space. Then I noticed that my Desktop was blank.

I normally have a ton of junk on my Desktop. I pulled open a finder window. Desktop was gone from the sidebar. I went to my home directory and looked. Desktop was gone as a directory. Nothing in my Trash.

I logged out and logged back in. Desktop gone.

I restarted. Desktop gone. Now I have over 5.5 gigs free.

Any way to get this back at all? I have a backup but it's not recent enough to get everything back; desktop is kinda my dumping ground.

And why, why, why did this happen? It's highly unsettling. It could have been any other directory on my computer, most of which are much more valuable.

Macbook 2ghz, Mac OS X (10.4.10)
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