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Just upgraded to iMovie 08 as I was told my Sony DCR-SR200 was supported at the Apple Store. Also see it listed as a supported camcorder on Apple's support site. Perhaps I'm doing something wrong?

The HDD of the camera comes up on the desktop as a disk drive but iMovie says a it does not detect a connected camcorder. I can even try to manually import the files and again, iMovie see the HDD as a mounted disk but the MPEG-2 file are grayed out and can't be imported -- even though the dialog box states that it supports MPEG-2 files. I've tried various combinations of when I connect the camera -- before I start iMovie, after, etc but nothing seems to work.

I'm running a dual 2GHz PowerPC G5 with Mac OS 10.4.11. Using USB to connect the camcorder.

- Connectless in Seattle

G5, Mac OS X (10.4.11)
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    Try to use the iLink cable, it should be in the box.

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    iLink is for Firewire. HDD camcorders must be connected with a USB cable. Its stated on the first page you linked in your message.
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    I had heaps of trouble with a Sony DCR-SR42 - Could not get it to connect to iMovie 08 - tried all the tricks, read all the posts, then ran software update and noticed there was a new iMovie update. Installed it and now my Sony connects....
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    Just want to add that I am using the latest iMovie update v7.1.1 and my Sony DCR-SR200 camcorder still isn't recognized by iMovie '08.

    Any other ideas?
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    If you keep open your camcorder's LCD screen while you connect, does it give you any messages?
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    The camcorder has a computer mode which is activated via the touch LCD screen or disc burn mode. In both cases the HDD appears on the desktop and I can copy over the MPEG-2 files onto the Mac. I can't do anything with the files since they are MPEG-2. I believe I could purchase the MPEG-2 add-on for QuickTime for $20 and be able to play the files back but it still doesn't address the real issue of being able to edit as iMovie '08 doesn't recognize the camcorder - even though its listed as supported.
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    Importing from a Camcorder
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    I have the exact same problem. Same camera. Upgraded to iMovie '08 after reading that would solve the problem. It has not. I still cannot get video from my Sony DCR-SR200. iMovie does not recognize the camera or the files on the camera's hard-drive.
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    Is it possible the time format is not the same on the camera as it in on your Mac?
    Can you set the time format on the camera your mac uses?

    Apple menu>System preferences>Time and date
    Set it like the timeserver broadcasts it, on your camera and check the Mac's correct settings.

    Wait until a level 4 lady or gentlemen confirms this can be useful, I'm not sure about the right settings.
    It could be the HHD drive is not formatted correct.
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    I have same problem Sony DCR-SR200...Just received iMovie 08....followed the whole process and iMovie does not recognize the camcorder. Furthermore - in iMove Help - section "If iMovie does not recognize your camcorder" click on that and nothing comes up. Says you searched wrong and gives you search tips. This is insane! I have a cheap PC laptop that I use for some office work. Has vista Home Premium. Recognizes Camera, can create a movie and then move the movie over to Vista DVD creator. I am not happy. No plug and play that I can see. However...any tips on getting this horrible software to work would be appreciated. I am not anxious to buy or obtain 3rd party software to convert from my camera so iMovie will work.
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    I have to do this with my Sony DCR-SR200. It produces the Sony proprietal MPEG-2 files, which aren't recognized by iMovie, even the latest version.

    If you wanted to put it onto a computer hard drive in lieu of importing with iMovie, I just drag and drop then use MPEG Streamclip (<>) to convert to a format you could import into iMovie or something else. It is the slickest free-ware application I have ever used. With MPEG Streamclip from MPEG-2 you can convert into a ton of different formats, including a QuickTime export.
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    Exactly. That's what we had to do before we were promised iMovie '08 would solve the problem! It was the only reason we got iMovie '08 in the first place.
    Could it have to do with the type of processor the machine is using? Maybe you need a machine using the latest intel processor, which also can run bootcamp. I've seen someone say it works with the dcr-sr300, which is the same camera, only with a bigger harddrive.!reply.jspa?messageID=6664949

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    Exactly. That's what we had to do before we were promised iMovie '08 would solve the problem! I've seen someone say it works with the dcr-sr300, which is the same camera, only with a bigger harddrive.!reply.jspa?messageID=6664949

    A very strange thing just happened. While I was writing the first post, I was downloading and installing mpeg-streamclip, and I let it start to convert my movies. Simultaneously, in the background, iMovie suddenly recognized my camera(?), with all the thumbnails appearing in the lower window. mpeg-streamclip was not even done converting the movies, but in iMovie, it looked as though all the movies were ready to be imported. Also, before mpeg-streamclip started the conversion, it asked for the Quicktime plugin, which I have backed up somewhere, but did not bother to install. I proceeded to convert anyway, although it alerted me that it needed to fix timecode breaks. I guessed it would be fine to say OK to that.
    Could it be that I simply did not give iMovie enough TIME to recognize the camera.
    Since I don't know what helped, I suggest doing exactly what I did. Try downloading mpeg-streamclip from the squared5 website mentioned above, have iMovie running and click on the first "computer" button on the camera's screen to connect to the computer. I had to wait about 5 minutes. I will try this again.
    Well, you seem to need to give a 2004 2.5 GHz G5 about 5 minutes to recognize your camera. Everything comes to him who waits. I'm still not sure whether this happened simply because I had mpeg-streamclip installed, or if I never waited long enough before to let iMovie recognize my camera.
    It'd be nice if someone knowledgeable solved the mystery.
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    I figured this out. It works every time for me now.

    The key is NOT to select the transfer icon on the Sony DCR-SR200's touch screen. Instead, select the computer icon. After the Sony's hard drive shows up on your desktop, open iMovie '08 and wait. Be patient. It can take a while. Eventually you will see thumbs of all the clips on your Sony. You can select all or just the ones you want. You can them import them, and the import is really fast. I do a lot of 90 seconds clips, and the Sony DCR-SR200 and iMovie '08 combination is saving me a lot of time. But it is crazy that you use the hard drive icon rather than the transfer icon on the Sony's touch screen.
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