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I've done some searching around here and haven't come up with anything that seems familiar to my issue. So I thought I'd throw a new topic out there.

I have my Macbook set to ask for a password when it wakes from sleep. Three-quarters of the time when I type in the password and hit enter, I see the desktop for half a second and then am immediately sent back to the password dialogue box to put my password in again. It always lets me in after the second password entry.

Notes about the Leopard installation: I did an archive and install with the Leopard update dvd, which I got for $10 because it was released so soon after buying. Could the need for a second password have something to do with some sort of remnant of Panther? Probably not but I thought I'd ask.

It's not a huge issue but I think about it every time I have to type it in twice.

Thanks, in advance, for any thoughts or advice.

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