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    clemson you are a GENIUS thank you sooo much, this totally works
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    Hello i got the very same problem. Blank Screen.
    Worked on my Macbook Pro 2.4 Hgz (Mid2007) then put it to sleep. The next day i opened the lid the screen remained blank. Nothing changed since then. Tried PRAM Reset and all stuff. SMC Reset. At first it seemed to boot up internally. But now i am not even shure if it does that. It also lost the recognition for the mouse so i can not get off the CD in the slot and so on. The Sleeping LED is sometimes flashing sometimes dead - It is all kind of craziness. I can not connect an external monitor. My warrenty is off 90 days. I ve seen all the topics about nvidias dying Geforce 8600m GT chip which is by accident in my book too. So please everybody with this problem post in here so that apple is aware and eventually help out here.
    I talke to apple support right now and they are documenting the issue but are still collecting intel if there are enough cases to speak of a mass failure. So again post it here in this topic because apple is now watching this topic.
    Thanks and i am truly hoping for a reparation program as i honestly can not afford 800 EUR for the mainboard at the moment.
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    I got the same problem. When I open the lid of my Macbook Pro en press the powerbutton it starts up like it always does, but now with a blank screen. I can log in but noting to see, even my external monitor stays blank.
    Mine is just 13 months old en I didn't buy applecare.
    Apple if you read this extend our warranty and just get that money from nvidia.
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    This is a different issue to the original poster's problem. Any chance that this topic could be split or should i start a new thread?
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    I have the same issue. I tried the steps described in this topic and it did work, but only once. The issue return and now I can't get it work at all. I am going to ring apple support again, but my warranty has conveniently just run out. I bought this laptop because I am a photographer and mac's are suppose to be the best computers on the market. If this issue is to with poor components then I hope Apple step up and the issue sorted, warranty or no warranty, I think we all paid enough for these laptops.......

    Will post back anything.....
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    So I go into the apple store in downtown San Francisco today and explain my problem to the apple store (my macbook pro died a week out of warrantee, however I have been traveling between "major" cities the last few months for work (consulting QQ) that have no apple stores). The specialist tells me i am 2 months out of warrantee, i mention the thread to him and the nvidia press statement. He proceeds to actually laugh at me and tells me that "apple does not care about what people say on their forum". Apple may not care what is on their forums, however I do not appreciate my misfortune being laughed at in the store after having bought 2 macbook pro's 1 iphone and 3 ipods.

    I have the option of sending it in after the hurricane at their depot subsides, however they would not keep it in the store for me and send it out so I need to go back to the store again. It would cost $310 but given the re-failures that people are seeming I am somewhat worried about flushing $310 down the toilet. I wish I could extend my warrantee given the current nvidia situation .

    Debating switching to linux,
  • Ashley Aitken Level 1 (35 points)
    nolman wrote:

    i mention the thread to him and the nvidia press statement. He proceeds to actually laugh at me and tells me that "apple does not care about what people say on their forum".

    Ergo (therefore) Apple does not care about it's customers!

    That really annoys me. Apple is happy for other customers to do their job, providing on-line support and assistance (as countless people do on their forums) but discards the forums, which are the only way customers have a collective voice. Of course, Apple have better statistics on failures than us but they never share any details so we have to do the best we can, i.e. the forums.

    Apple may not care what is on their forums, however I do not appreciate my misfortune being laughed at in the store after having bought 2 macbook pro's 1 iphone and 3 ipods.

    I would have asked to see the Manager of the store straight away and get an apology from that staff member and the Manager. That behaviour is just not appropriate. Personally, I am writing a letter to Apple not about this particular incident but about the NVidia chips and MacBook Pro failures. I need something in writing from them.

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    Try giving Customer Relations a try and see if you can get a better response. You never know.


    Also, find out the name of that guy in the Apple Store and complain about him (in a separate phone call). Might not actually get him in trouble, but at least you'll feel a little better!
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    I had a conversation with the apple support in austria and the guy told me that he is adding the info of my statements and the forum entries to the concerning documentation. He told me that there is no decision until now if the problem concerns a small number of people or a larger failure in single components (nvidia chips so to say). He told me that he has a look at the apple discussions what is going on there. So i ve understood that they are watching us now. So i encourage everyone to write in his problems with such extreme anomalies in this topic as i told him about this very topic here.

    Write in - keep the topic on top and make pressure and publicity girls and guys.
    Hold on.
    My MacBook Pro is now lying beneath the desk as i can not afford to change the mainboard at the moment..
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    I have had my re-furbished (but quite new I think - serial no 3W7473FPYAD and 3M7473Fp02D via 'About this Mac' - odd they are different) MBP a week and am hitting this problem. I have only seen it when I have a second screen connected, but that may be coincidence. Typically there is no display on either screen, but sometimes main display is on secondary. When I disconnect the second screen I get a dim main display with cursor active and moveable and no front LED. With lid closed I get steady front LED. Other than that it is dead - no key or other response. Short press on power button also does nothing. I get the screen after a forced power down and restart.

    At least I still have 11 months and 23 days of 'limited' warranty left. Before I bought it a colleague said "Buy Applecare - it will go wrong" (8-)#
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    Replying in hopes that Apple is actually going to look.

    This is the second computer that I've had this issue with - I had a MacBook Pro pre-dual-core around october 2006 that gave me a great blank screen in the middle of doing recovery work for hurricane katrina in New Orleans. That one was sent in and the logic board replaced. There haven't been any further issue with that one.

    Earlier this week my newer dual-core MBP gave into the issue. I went through the Clemson7?? suggestions dealing with safesleep, which worked for one boot, then didn't work anymore. I've tried all the normal reset pram, etc. Removed kingston ram, etc to no avail. I just plugged it in firewire, again, to boot from on my iMac and set the vnc server and to allow ssh access when the screen just worked. Needless to say, I am doing what I can before rebooting - unfortunately I just moved my iPhone from the iMac to the MBP because I travel with the MBP so I can get podcast updates to the phone - so I'm syncing that and installing 2.1.

    Just to give background, I've had this happen to two computers so far, but am it manager for a medium architectural firm and a small non-profit. We've been moving towards replacing all the pcs with macs slowly and use MBs, MBPs, MBairs, iMacs, xserve raid storage servers, Mac Pros, iPhones, time capsules, airports, appleTV, and Mac Minis currently. Running also OSX, OSXserver, RedHat Linux, WinXP, WinServer2003 operating systems. It is entirely my choice to move people over to Mac in this mixed environment even though the completely necessary AutoCAD doesn't run on Mac without Parallels/BootCamp (which is really an inconvenient solution). I've used mac since the apple2. I refuse to call Mac support because any tech that I've even spoken to, or people and the "Genius Bar", has no clue. Typically our machines from Mac have few issues, but I have been constantly disappointed by apple support and annoyed by people who swear that apple support is any good.

    IBM support, on the other hand, is a life saver. Their techs are knowledgeable and helpful (so is cisco support by the way) and they will send out parts next day air or come to my office to fix something (even replacing a server fan) within four hours of calling them. Once I had a meltdown of a first gen Xserve Raid and Apple made me take it to an apple store (I had to carry the * thing into the store - not light at all). And the guy at the genius bar says "wow, I've never seen one of these before"!!!

    As apple is pushing into the enterprise more and more, I hope they learn that their support needs to step it up.
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    So, you thing you are so special and this happens to you and no body else? No, indeed there are worst things!

    People, lets push a lot of issues in the CNET website, in the users review comments, so this starts growing up from OUR side. If Apple wont hear us, a lot of user will,! ?tag=mncol;lst

    and give the worst rating!
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    Yes. I am upset like you. There is nothing more hurtful than to know that your mac has failed you. You bought it because... it doesn't fail. You'll want to puke when your display doesn't come on. You'll go to sleep and wake up waiting on it to work. Cross your fingers. But let me tell you this...

    Mac's Customer Support is PURE HORSE-****. They think they can get away with it, but I guarantee you they won't. Keep posting. Post on YouTube, post on C-NET. Don't just post in a contained area like Mac Forums - because only MAC users look here. Post in other websites, blogs, and review sites like CNET - where it will affect NEW customers. They can ignore this thread because they already have your money.

    Second. THE SOLUTION that worked for me is as follows.

    1)READ CLEMSONS's Thread & Read it very carefully. (make certain and verify that you actually deleted the sleep image and mktext files)
    2) If this didn't work for you, then move to step 3. If it did - continue with Clemson's thread.
    3) If it doesn't work, don't panic. Discouragement and depression will cause you to make more mistakes or miss steps.
    4) After you've verified that you deleted the sleep image file, POWER DOWN your macbook.
    5) Press the Power Button and then quickly press CmdOpt+PR (reset PRAM)
    6) Your Display should come back on right away (SUDDENLY)

    ....(if that doesn't work try powering down and hitting CmdOpt+NV on your reboot) in step 5, then power down. THEN press CMDOPT+PR and when you do that - it should snap back on.)

    Your screen should come right back on

    Now if it's not working for you be sure about these things:
    1) Be sure that your sleep image and mktext file is actually deleted
    2) Be certain that you are pressing the buttons in the correct sequence. I'm not sure if you're supposed to press them and hold them down before you press the power button, or if you're supposed to try to press them AFTER you press the power button.

    Those are two things that seemed to make a world of difference. Sometimes I would hit the command, but it would do nothing. Probably because I hit cmd, then opt, then p, then r. But I think you have to either have them already held down, or do them very quickly and hold. Not sure (but this is what worked for me).

    TWO THREADS you need to read are CLEMSONs and RIVE CADEO.

    This isn't the end for me. I will definitely be fighting about this.

    And whether you get it to work or not, don't let apple dick you around and not say anything or do anything about it. POST in the correct places. Post. Post Screenshots, post video. Because afterall, you will have to buy a mac book next year or the year after - and by then; they should get the message that they need to at least hire 2 people off-shore to at least read these threads and answer inquiries. That would cost what maybe $5 grand a month?

    Come on. Don't let them get away with this.
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    Oh - I also want to say... everything you feel in your stomach is not justifiable. Apple knows better. But at the end of the day, you need to remember that 9.9/10 - your mac has not failed you - even if it seems like it and even if you can't understand what's wrong.

    It's kind of a catch 22. I felt like this is something I would expect from windows, but with the right knowledge of Mac - you should be able to conquer almost anything. But that's besides the point. The bottom line is something in their code is screwed up and it never should have happened in the first place.
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    Okay, so, I tried everything here, and now I'll tell you what I did to get it to work. Like a lot of people, my monitor was stuck in sleep mode. After trying everything, I shut down my computer, pulled out the trusty firewire cable, and connected it to another MacBook Pro, also shut down. I booted mine into Target mode (by holding down T and pressing the power button), and waited about 20 seconds. Then, holding down the Option key on the non-broken MBP, I pushed the power button.

    I was then able to select which drive to boot from, including the broken MBP drive. Double-clicking the icon, everything started up as normal and I was able to access my computer. From there, I ran software update, and installed the 1.5.1 firmware update, and it shut down the working MBP, at which point I shut down the broken one, and then held down the power button until a tone sounded, and then, my screen was back to normal.

    Needless to say, I disabled the sleep function on my computer. Anyway, hope that helped.
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