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I encounter a problem and a friend or mine told me yesterday he got the same problem so i'm asking the generous knowledgeable people here

When making a video editing in FCP I then export via quicktime and keep my video in the format it has been created (eg.DV) then in DVD studio pro I import the files and create my DVD. I try it and it works fine but when I give it to the person who asked me the job he/she can't read the bloody DVD!!! the menu appears but nothing respond.

so before I go further did I miss something?!

I tried many different things like getting into those ticks in the window for options, changing the menu and nothing!

this help would make me a big favour as this is for paid work..


Imac DVSE G3 400Mhz , Powerbook 150, Wallstreet powerbook 233Mhz, G4 Dual 450Mhz, Mac OS 9.1.x, OS7.1,OS9.2.2,OS10.1,10.3.9 - Airport snowDual base station & Airport card
  • Silal Level 5 (6,460 points)

    Read this * DVD Authoring/burning tips thread *. I think it cover all the basic tips.

    If you need some specific further help, come back !

    Hope that helps !

  • OS 9.1 is the best!!! Level 2 (195 points)
    hello thank u for your help although it doesn't completly answer my question it does help. I need to read many things.

    I already know people are having problems with burnt dvds depending on what they use to watch them but it doesn't mean we have to buy specific dvds nor they will work better!

    verbatim aren't better than any cos the problems keeps going with some people. I always use DVDR- although many people don't have a device that can read them!!!!

    so it's a trun around problem and I don't read any real solution for now on.

    I think with new technology we 're still not sure to make a good work and and have a good and fast work flow!!!

    when someone pays u for a job and then u spend more time making lots of DVDS to see which one this person will be able to watch I'd say technology doesn't help us and Apple should stop ugrading software and make something that works for long!!!!
    Or creat special DVDs that work in every machines!!!!

  • Eric Pautsch1 Level 4 (2,825 points)
    I can assure you its not Apple's or DVDSPs fault your discs don't play correctly
    You never explained your workflow. Your first mistake is letting DVDSP does the encoding - use Compressor - bitrate is a huge component. What bitrates did you use? Did you use AC3 audio? Do you understand the relationship between video and audio bitrates and how those might affect playback.

    Not sure what you mean by "turn around problem"? Where are your PB issues? Set tops or computer software players? What does not playing back mean? Does the disc skip? Does it flat out not play? We need more info.

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  • OS 9.1 is the best!!! Level 2 (195 points)
    ok Eric,

    where to start for u...

    the disc shows the menu but you can't go further. This is happening to many people I made the DVDs to. I use compressor when I just make a simple video without menu then I burnt it into Toast and the result is always good; But when I use DVDSP I use the burnt option on the software!!! but someone here told me not to. I don't know anything about bitrate nor ac3... I just use the software and burn from there.

    some people I know use IDVD and a friend told me he sends mpg's to DVDSP and it works..

    so they are many people doing different things to get working DVDS that's why I'd like to use the actual software properly as it has been made for easy use!

  • Silal Level 5 (6,460 points)
    I don't know anything about bitrate nor ac3... I just use the software and burn from there.

    Then probably DVDSP is not what you need. Use iDVD, that's a "drag&drop" program.

    Hope that helps !

  • David S. Level 7 (20,630 points)
    I have to agree with Alberto here.

    If you know nothing about bit rate or Dolby2 audio, then either you learn it by going through the manual and tutorial or use Toast or iDVD instead
  • Eric Pautsch1 Level 4 (2,825 points)
    *the disc shows the menu but you can't go further. This is happening to many people I made the DVDs to*

    So when you press a button to play a track nothing happens? Did you set the buttons target?

  • OS 9.1 is the best!!! Level 2 (195 points)
    yes I make all the targets n else and check the simulation and all works fine.

    I tried many different things by ticking boxes the result is always the same once the DVD is burnt!

    On another post someone says he makes an image rather than using the simulation utility but again this is not normal.

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    ehy is it working on your computer once you create your dvd?
    did you try this?
  • Eric Pautsch1 Level 4 (2,825 points)
    Ticking boxes? What boxes are you ticking? Maybe you can upload your project file somewhere so we can see.

  • touchesclouds Level 1 (0 points)
    Hi..I notice that no answers have come up, I am having the same problems with PlayBack with years of trying to fix this problem, I am thinking of ditching DVDSP and relying on Toast!
    *I get menus with no backgrounds, incorrect "first play" positions and basic non starters, I have read the manual extensivly and am losing my faith in Apples.
  • OS 9.1 is the best!!! Level 2 (195 points)
    well I'm surprised how many people asking me questions and none give me answers or explanation.
    Normally a good tech here has an answer but if we are many who can't use DVDSP for making dvds why apple have made it for?! everyone seems to use IDVD and don't try to understand this big software. I want to make my own dvds not the stupid Apple ones u see everywhere with the same menus cos this is totally insane! they are professionals somewhere who have the solution?!
    I'll try on my computer with the external lacie burner maybe it's just an issue with burners n/or DVDR?!!!
    unbelievable since osX nothing seems to work properly or apple tech have left this place..
  • David Harbsmeier Level 7 (29,930 points)
    In all the years I've been authoring DVDs with DVD-SP (and that would be thousands of finished discs), I've only had two playback complaints. I verified one as a defective disc and the other I never could indentify the issue. I burned a DVD+R for that client and she was happy.

    Since I and many others that I know personally haven't had the issues you're reporting, I cannot place fault with the software. There's got to be something amiss in your workflow.

    FWIW, using AIFF audio on DVD can cause playback issues due to the high data rate demands of that format. AC3 is a much better and a more compatible audio format for DVD. That said, I don't suspect that to be your initial problem. It seems to lie in your authoring process.

  • OS 9.1 is the best!!! Level 2 (195 points)
    Hello David,

    thanks for your answer, I have found today I got a copy of the last DVD the woman can't find on the desktop and using DVD player opening video ts its working perfectly.

    the reason of my post was to find someone telling me I might have forgot or did something wrong. I still have to find out why people can't watch them.

    I have made dvd+ n - but it seems some people don't have the right software or maybe just knowledge I don't know.

    I'll check that again shortly and tell u if I have this problem on the computers at work.

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