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Even the Genius Bar guy couldn't fix this:
- Everything used to work fine with my 5G iPod and Lenovo T61 laptop w/XP
-Suddenly, iPod won't sync with computer anymore
- Did all the "5R" stuff, so now I have an iPod with nothing on it, but iTunes still won't see it.
- I know the COMPUTER and OS are seeing it, since the iPod shows up in the Device Manager, and all the Windows stuff shows the iPod is attached
- Sometimes I get the "Restore" pop-up, but no more.
- Deleted and re-installed a fresh copy of iTunes
- If I connect the iPod to another computer it syncs, but NOT "it's own" laptop.

HELP! This thing is useless and I am out of options that, again, even the Genuis Bar couldn't help.

ANY suggestions, anyone?

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Lenovo T61, Windows XP Pro, 2BG RAM, 80GB HDD, etc.
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