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  • dgalvan123 Level 1 (50 points)
    Those Qualcomm chips on the Blackjack also combine the 3G and EDGE capabilities on a single chip, so that's not fundamental difference from the Infineon solution Apple went with.

    So, unless Infineon just makes an inferior product compared to Qualcomm, it seems we're back where we started in terms of not knowing what the problem is.
  • lagreca Level 1 (0 points)
    I think the answer is that AT&T's 3g network is quite young, and just not very good. I don't think there is anything wrong with the iPhone 3g.

    Unfortunately I dont think this is something we will see fixed anytime soon. But complaints should probably be diverted from apple to AT&T for this issue.
  • dgalvan123 Level 1 (50 points)
    scroll up, iagreca. It turns out there are many reports of people comparing the iPhone 3G coverage to the 3G coverage available to another 3G phone (like a nokia or samsung) on the same network, at the same location. Many people are reporting the other 3G phones are getting full bars, while the iPhone 3G is getting 1 or 2. I have not performed this test myself, but many others say they have. Also, similar complaints are coming in from many other countries, where AT&T doesn't exist.

    This would indicate it is an Apple problem, not AT&T.
  • Dedo Level 2 (205 points)
    I agree dgalvan. The posts and complaints here have been nationwide and worldwide. BUT... if it's the phone, I haven't noticed any posts from new iPhone users in Japan, land of 3G and no 2G. How is it working there? Are they having any problems with coverage/signal strength? I'd like to hear how the 3G reception is over there with the new iPhone.

    Anyone know anyone ...... who knows anyone ...... in Japan with a new 3G?
  • dgalvan123 Level 1 (50 points)
    search the page for "Japan". The user known as "phoenix.stu " is in Japan, and posted about a third of the way down this now very long thread. Same problem: his wife has a non-iPhone 3G and gets full coverage in his apt, while he gets 1 bar.
  • seabreeze1982 Level 1 (20 points)
    I am not very technical, some of you posting on this thread seem to be quite knowledgeable....My question .... with all the sites that have dismantled the i-phone, isn't there a way of telling what antenna they used and if it's placed correctly? I know some of you are going to say, that Apple must have tested the phones before releasing them worldwide!!! I just want to know if it's a hardware problem or a software issue? Someone out there has to be able to tell us what's causing this issue. If Apple and At&t wont respond, what choice do people have but to try and find out through other sites if it's a hardware problem?
  • phoenix.stu Level 1 (0 points)
    Thanks dgalvan123
    Yeah. I am still having problems in Japan.
    One thing I would like to say to some of the posters here. Please stop blaming AT&T. While AT&T is not the greatest and may have botchy signals. This is definitely a problem with the iPhone. Here in Japan, we do not have AT&T here and also we do not have an option for 2G. We have to be on 3G for ALL data and calls. Other countries having the same problem do not have AT&T either.

    On a side note, I took it to the Apple store yesterday and basically they have NO CLUE of what is going on. They too blamed it on the carrier. I shot him down when I laid my wifes 3G Nokia right next to mine and asked him "how could this be the carrier?" " We are on the same carrier even same contract" No possible way this is the carrier. He was just baffled.

    One thing I did find interesting, They had a row of 5 iPhones side by side for people to view when they come into the store. Each phone less than 12" away from each other. Here is the order that I saw.
    Phone# 1 - 1 bar
    Phone# 2 - 3 bars
    Phone# 3 - 1 bar
    Phone# 4 - 1 bar
    Phone# 5 - 3 bars
    Please tell me what is wrong with this situation???
  • phoenix.stu Level 1 (0 points)
    Let me also add that this is not just my problem here in Japan. While not everyone is speaking up. There are still quite a few people that are having the same problems. My wife was searching some japanese sites and found a few blogs stating the same problem. One thing about some of the Japanese and I am not speaking for all however, most are not as familiar with the iPhone as some of us others may be. They just immediately write it off as a carrier issue. Softbank(Japanese carrier) make a repeater(home antenna) that they can install in their home. This is what alot of people are already doing. Including myself. Luckily it is free in my case.
  • dgalvan123 Level 1 (50 points)
    Yeah, someone else posted the info about the antenna a while back on this thread. It's from infineon:

    This site reveals that the 3G/EDGE/WCDMA RF functions are all handled by Infineon chips:
    and here

    So, there you go, that's what antenna they used. That's as far as I can go though. I've googled around a bit and there haven't been any reports I've found about subpar performance for that specific transceiver. shrugs

    Also, it seems some people have this problem and other don't. I don't have a non-iPhone AT&T 3G phone to compare to, but the coverage I've been getting around L.A. has been more than adequate for my needs. Most of the time I am getting 4 or 5 bars of 3G. So it's possible only some of the iPhone's are "bad".
  • KRBOH Level 1 (0 points)
    Not sure if this will help but I have been googling reception problems to see if other forums are picking up on this topic. I guess the more the problem is spread around, hopefully the quicker something will be said about it.

    I think I have decided to hang onto mine for a little while longer to see if a fix shows up. Got some time on the 30 days. But sure would make the decision easier if at least I could use it as a reliable phone on 2g.
  • Emccus01 Level 1 (0 points)
    Leeron , I have the exact same problem with my phone switching from 3g to edge. I get pretty good 3g coverage and strength but when I cross over to a non 3g area it has trouble switching on the fly to EDGE. EDGE coverage is very good overall. Any word yet on this from Apple? My model # is MB702LL.

  • janerikwold Level 1 (0 points)
    This is definitly an iPhone issue with either antenna, chipset or generally that the iphone OSX has some problem handling the data throughput.

    I've been testing datatransfer rates on mye iPhone 3g, and I do not get any good transfer rates, and the signal indikator is juming all around...

    On Telenor HSDPA 3,6Mbit network I manage to get 200-600Kbit and that is not good. At the same location i compare it to the HSDPA datacards and these are managing 700-1800Kbit in the same location in the same time interval (not at the same time). Best test at this location is 2-2,6Mbit. So the network is excellent.

    I have never been able to get high data rates using 3G/HSDPA.
    Since the chipset on the iPhone supports 7,2Mbit, and then automatically 3,6Mbit transfer rates, this should be lightning fast!

    As Telenor has the best 3G/HSDPA network in Norway, and this test is performed close to the base station is has to be the iPhone that are not able to perform.

    Seems like the antenna signal strength indicator is changing rappidly, and if this reflects the actuall signal quality on the chipset, then there is some issues with either the chipset or the antenna integration.

    Anyone know if this is an issue that can be fixed by new software upgrade or if this is a hardware issue and bad design....

    Hope that Apple responds to this issue and rumors say that there is a fix coming v2.01 but if this is hardware related it will not help.

    I would love to get 1-2Mbit transfer on my iPhone. (on 3,6Mbit network)

    Sad to see that it is not performing since it's a great phone, changing everyones oppinion that mobile phones are only usefull for handling email and voice calls.

    Jan Erik
  • Trancestar Level 1 (0 points)

    Same bad reception here in Sweden near Stockholm its definatly the iphone thats something wrong with. We have very nice 3g reception here on most places
    I have three Sony Ericsson 3g phones that always and I do mean always show full bars. The iphone bars are all over the place 0-5 in the same spot.
    Im getting really ****** of the silence from Apple and my carrier Telia regarding the issue, ive mailed Telia but they wont answer it seems...Their customer support usually answers quickly but apparently not on iphone issues
    maybe apple forbid them to answer...
    Gonna return the phone next week if I havent heard anything about a fix.

  • macbookair Level 1 (30 points)
    12,590 views and 388 reply so looks like it's a worldwide problem.Personally the 3G whether it's hardware/software or o2 is poor and something needs fixing.
  • Brian928 Level 1 (5 points)
    I agree with you there. I'll give it until the fourth week of my 30 days. If Apple (or AT&T) doesn't fess up to something by then, I am going to have to return the phone and cancel the contract. It's just too expensive of a recurring monthly cost for something that I can't utilize. And turning off 3G is not a viable solution. Hopefully, I'll be able to buy back in when a more reliable phone is released.

    I opened my case with AT&T's Engineering team on Tuesday about the extremely spotty reception in between Metro West and Boston, MA, and I still haven't heard anything from them. I'll post here if I ever do hear from them.
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