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BJCB Level 1 (0 points)
Some one know how to turn off 3G Network on the new iphone, just want to use wi-fi, and phone, network.
It's important because the prices on Portugal for 3G Networks are only for "Dubai people=oil"... not for us!
It's amazing, selling a 3G phone for people who can't have it, just because of price.
I will buy one next week (iphone 3G 16GB 609€), but first i must know how to, turn, 3G off.
Any ideas?


Note: NEW Iphone... HALF the price!!!! Were can i buy this one?
just asking because i only see 509€ and 609€.

C2D E8600 3,0GHz - 4GB Ram - NVD GF8600 GT 256MB, Windows Vista
  • Zipidy Level 1 (25 points)
    Settings >
    General >
    Network >
    Enable 3G (OFF)
  • michaelab Level 1 (15 points)
    BJCB, I'm not sure what your issue is. If you switch off 3G (which is easy, as posted above) any time the phone needs to use data it will just use GPRS instead (in Portugal there is no EDGE coverage AFAIK). The only difference is that it's much slower, the data is still charged at the same rate.

    I bought my iPhone 3G for 609€ from Vodafone Portugal and am on the iPhone Best 100 plan (for 14,90€ a month) which gives me 250Mb per month. OK, it's not great but I don't see myself exceeding it even with the relatively heavy use I make of my iPhone.
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    Hi, again

    My problem is touching for mistake, on safari, or mail, and then 3€ gone!!!! I want to use net only with wi-fi, nothing else. I want to disable 3G data and GPRS. Is it possible?
    I have free wi-fi in places i go.

    No money for thieves!!! if you know what i mine.

  • Steve Hodson Level 3 (785 points)
    Go into Settings:

    Put the phone in Airplane Mode and then turn WiFi back on will do exactly what you need.
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    Thanks in advance for replying my doubt.

    Let me see, if i understand...
    Using airplane Mode, and then, turn wifi on, will allow me, to use all the features on the iphone (phone calls, sms, etc), without risk of acess 2g or 3g, right? even if, i, touch safari or mail, etc, for mistake in the street?
    All features on the iphone that need a internet connection, will only be possible through wifi, acording to your instructions? Right?

  • HyperNova Software Level 6 (8,655 points)
    Airplane mode disables all radio transmissions from the iPhone. You can't use Wi-Fi in Airplane mode.
  • Aegis Prime Level 1 (5 points)
    Turn off 3G and 'Data Roaming' and your iPhone will only use WiFi for data.
  • Brad Jordan2 Level 2 (255 points)

    That actually changed with 2.0. You can turn airplane mode on and then separately turn on only Wi-Fi. This fills the need of folks on airlines with onboard WiFi. It will turn off the cell radio and bluetooth radio and allow WiFi reception/transmission.

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    Aegis Prime wrote:
    Turn off 3G and 'Data Roaming' and your iPhone will only use WiFi for data.

    No, switching off 'Data Roaming', as the name suggests, only stops data access when you're roaming (ie outside of your home network/carrier).

    Using Airplane Mode is not an option since it will also stop you being able to make voice calls and receive/send SMS.

    BJCB, there is no easy way to do what you want. If you had access to the APN settings you could input an invalid APN and the phone wouldn't be able to make any data connections at all, but as far as I know it's not possible to alter the APN settings on a carrier locked iPhone.

    BJCB wrote:
    My problem is touching for mistake, on safari, or mail, and then 3€ gone!!!!
    No money for thieves!!!

    Vodafone only charge you those 3€ if you don't have a plan that includes data, and it's charged once per day (if you use data that day) and gives you access to 20Mb for that day only. It's pretty pointless and only for people who very, very rarely want to use data. Vodafone are not 'thieves', they have plenty of reasonably priced data plans available, starting at 14,90€ per month for their Best iPhone 100 plan that gives you 250Mb per month. If you've got a different plan you can opt for the 'Aditivo iPhone' for 9,90€ a month that also gives you 250Mb per month. There are also two pre-pay options for iPhone (Vita Total iPhone and Vita 91 SMS iPhone) which also give you 250Mb per month and require a minimum top-up of 20€ each month.

    Honestly, I don't understand you. You're prepared to spend 609€ on an iPhone and then don't want to pay 14,90€ a month for data?? The whole point of the iPhone is data! If you only want to use wireless data you'd be better off with an iPod Touch and a cheap Nokia for making calls.