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thaugster Level 1 Level 1
I try to turn on or reset my ipod and the apple logo appears and nothing happens. The ipod is not being recognized by itunes either? Any suggestions appreciated.



MacPro 2.66 2Gig RAM, Mac OS X (10.4.7)
  • Alvin Koh Level 1 Level 1
    that just happened to me today. the apple logo has been staring at me for quite a while now. prior to that happening my apps would not launch so i connected the ipod touch to itunes to restore it. itunes wouldn't recognized the ipod touch and now the ipod touch is hung.
  • kaz_peta Level 1 Level 1
    hi im having the same problem.... HOW DO YOU SOLVE IT??? im getting reall freaked out about it.. pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease email me the answer at
    thanks a ton in advance
  • kaz_peta Level 1 Level 1
    hi im having the same problem.... HOW DO YOU SOLVE IT??? im getting reall freaked out about it.. pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease email me the answer at
    thanks a ton in advance
  • Michael Standing Level 1 Level 1

    I had the same problem. Sounds like you may need to put your Touch into `recovery` mode. Turn your Touch off then while holding JUST the Home button on the Touch, plug it into your computer. Keep holding the Home button (on the iPod) until the iTunes icon and a USB cable image appear on your iPods screen. After this, iTunes should recognise your iPod and offer to do a full restore for you.

    Hope this helps.
  • Pete Cooke Level 1 Level 1
    I've had exactly the same problem in the past week and recovery mode doesn't work. It's just locked. I'm now on my 2nd iPod Touch waiting for a third after seeing a "Genius" at the apple store. I honestly think it's something to do with the firmware update to version 2. It was fine for a while but froze when trying to sinc with version 2.

    I've deleted the original firmware download and am hoping that when a new copy is downloaded and I sync the new iPod it will work. The store are ordering in 2 though just in case. I'm not paying over £300 for a brick.
  • bertosuarez Level 1 Level 1
    My iPod Touch was stuck at the apple logo. I turned it completely off my holding the SLEEP/AWAKE button. Once completely off I held the HOME button while plugging my iPod into my computer. I kept holding down the HOME button until the icon that tells you to plug the iPod into your computer pops up. Once there my iTunes recognized my iPod right away. I am in the middle of restoring my iPod as I write this. I know there is already a post describing how to do this, i just wanted to repost it and to tell you that it actually works. Thanks for the tip, hope it works for everyone else. Laters
  • xl1ken Level 1 Level 1
    I have now had this freeze problem on two iPhone 3G's and now my iPod Touch 32 GB.

    Here is what you have to do.

    Plug your Touch into your computer via the USB cable
    Now press both the top switch (sleep/wake) button and the home button at the same time. Hold these two buttons down until the iPod Touch powers down and then continue holding both down until the Apple logo reappears (reboot). As soon as the Apple logo reappears let go of the top button and continue holding the home button down for about 10-15 seconds. You will then get a screen that shows a USB cable to be connected to the iPod Touch (it's already connected). Now the iPOd Touch will mount and via iTunes you will get a message to restore.

    Restore takes a while so be patient.

    This is a huge headache and the worst of it is that if you have an iPhone you lose the use of the phone itself. If you are out and about you cannot restore so you are without a phone!

    Hope this works for those of you having problems. Post here if you still have problems.

  • itaihay Level 1 Level 1
    no! don't.

    iv'e had that too.

    keep the ipod open for 15 min and it shuld un freez (worked for me).

    try that.
  • xl1ken Level 1 Level 1
    Well, I have had about 6 feezes on 2 different iPhone 3G's andmy iPod Touch and this worked every time. Unfortunately it takes a few hours typically to restore.
    I have not had any success in just letting it rest. I have let it rest for hours and no luck.

  • Thomus Level 1 Level 1
    The problem isn't restoring.

    It's anytime I install or update an application, I'll inevitably get stuck at the Apple Logo screen. I have also waited for hours, and it did not work.

    This problem is very random. I've tried removing all free apps to bring the number of apps count down. I've tried updating while connected and not. Whatever the case may be, if you buy or update an App, you WILL end up restoring.

    I'm on my 11th restore in 2 days now btw, and ready to toss it at a brick wall.
  • ArchUrban Level 4 Level 4
    try this. it is very basic everybody knows. just connect with itunes for a while. wait until it recognizes your ipod touch. it takes little bit longer. I had the same problem few times. but I solved it by doing this way. sometimes, iphone, ipod touch overload itself. then it is mess up. that's why it has no responsible action.
  • xl1ken Level 1 Level 1
    Perhaps you have a different problem than some of us. Once the iPOd Touch freezes it will NOT MOUNT, period. The only way I know how to get it to mount is the procedure I outlined above.

  • Dunkbugin Level 1 Level 1
    Hi All

    I have had the same problem many many times now, it is very infuriating.
    The other problem I have is that my wake/sleep button will not work, therefore I cannot turn my Ipod off in order to reset it!
    My only option is to wait for the battery to run flat and start charging again. This does take a very long time particularly as the battery was full yesterday just before it froze!

    I’ll be taking mine to the apple shop next week as I’m truly fed up with it randomly packing up! Hopfully they will be able to sort it out for good!
  • HarinderSingh Level 1 Level 1
    1. Verify you have iTunes 7.5 or later. Apple recommends using the latest version of iTunes.
    2. Disconnect the USB cable from the iPhone or iPod touch.
    3. Power off the device (Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button for a few seconds until the red slider appears,
    then slide the slider. Wait for the the iPhone or iPod touch to turn off.
    4. Press and hold the Home button while reconnecting USB cable. When you reconnect USB, the device should
    then power on.
    Note: If you see the message "Charging... Please Wait" or you see the screen pictured below, let the device
    charge for at least 10 minutes to ensure the battery has some charge and then start with step 2 again.
    5. Continue holding the Home button while iPhone starts up. While starting up, you will see the Apple logo.
    6. When you see "Connect to iTunes" on the screen, you can release the Home button and iTunes will display the recovery mode message:
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