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  • tfouto Level 1 (0 points)

    It was not right after. This take a few days to buid in and accumulate. It's possible, but i find highly unprobable.


    I made an experience, i reverted from Android 4.3 to 4.2.2, but was unable to revert to old firmware i think. I dont know if can again revert everything, i might try just to check.

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    hi wimpytron


    could you ellaborate a bit more on the Sony Vaio Pro 13?  Your comments, along with somebody else on this thread are like a ray of light in the horizon. I'd expect that if this one is the only known laptop that causes no eye strain for us (even if it is only on the batteries) Sony will sell a lot of units!!


    I went yesterday to a computer shop and spent 10 min with the Vaio Pro 13. It seemed all right to the eyes and also a beautiful and capable machine. However I had that in the past too... try the unit for a few minutes in the shop and looks all right and when I buy it and spend extended time with it at home then the problem appears. Over the last 2 years I've bought/returned no less than 7 laptops, always the same story   :/


    I'm happy to give it a go to this one but will love if you guys could tell us a bit more about your experience. I've noticed that Sony even offers the possibility to downgrade it to W7 if wanted.


    Appologies for talking about another brand in this apple forum BUT I think it is in the general interest to find hardware that we could use. By seeing that some brands listen to us and fix the problem maybe will cause competitors to take this matter seriously. There is nothing that will please me more that having a Mac that my eyes could tolerate.


    Thanks and looking forward to hear from you

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    Could turn out very helpful if you tried reverting back to the exact old firmware. Either it would confirm it is the display or confirm it is the firmware. These things are very subjective and it's easy to make wrong conclusions without having tested it extensively.

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    Stefan, if the Sony ultrabook you purchased is connected to DC, is it worse for your eyes?


    Also, are you using it with Win 8.1 mostly?



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    @Exandas, yes Win 8.1 and if connected it gives me eye strain (also when not connected if I disable DPST, which makes sense since DPST gets disabled automatically when DC connected)

    @tfouto, a driver can behave differently with different displays. The fact that a new display gave you eye strain is not a proof that the problem is not in the driver.


    I was thinking whether a MacBook with Intel Graphics could be OK  if under Windows and with Intel DPST enabled. Could maybe some of you which happen to have a MacBook with Win dual boot maybe try it?



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    Have you noticed that between begining of December and now the views of this thread increased from around 280tsd to over 360tsd? Maybe many people buying gadgets over the holidays

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    yes, it's not a proof. To mine common sense, the display being the culprit it's much more obvious... Altough i can be wrong.  But also it's different displays for the same phone. It's not like being a dell for a desktop pc and then changing for a samsung...

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    Hi Stefan,


    so, would you recommend to buy this vaio Pro unit?  say that I am desperate for a new laptop as I still work with my old 2007 XP machine and after 7 failing attempts I am stuck with this old HW.  If you tell me that on batteries is, to certain degree tolerable, for the eyes then I'll go for it. In your opinion, chosing for windows 7 instead of 8.1 will change things?


    No preasure mate, I'm happy to make my 8th mistake buying the wrong thing again. Just wanted to know what would you do. If memory serves me well you said that you kept it, right?


    many thanks in advance,



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    Have you ever tried to install windows XP on one of those new computers?

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    i did not yet install windows 7 on the sony vaio pro 13. what i did before this was installing windows 8 on my i7 desktop with windows 7 and an old crt attached (perfect for my eyes).... and guess what... my eyes became sore also! so i am already longer convinced that it has something to do with the driver/engine of the screen maybe combined with the type of screen.


    because there are already a lot of screens where i do not have the problem... (samsung led 7 en 8 series) but for the touchscreen, not one, except then the vaio pro 13 but i need to test this somewhat longer to be 100% sure, because when brighhtness full on i seem to have some light burning

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    Hi Folks, I had an intense look on a new working machine and discovered this one:


    Toshiba Portege Z30-A-12(N/T/U).


    I am pretty darn sure this will give no eye strain at all. It has a 13 inch oldfashioned TN-Panel with only HD resolution (1366x768). Windows 7 pre installed.


    The machine is brand new, 1,2kg lightweight, comes with latest Haswell CPU, 4 or 8 or 16GB of RAM and large SSD storage. I will be getting my unit approx next week. For sure I'll keep you updated.

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    I still have the Vaio and I can only speak for myself, but yes on batteries and with reduced backlight intensity (reasonable level, I don't feel the need for more) it is very comfortable to use.

    But as also wimpytron believes (and some others here) I'm also convinced that for me it is a graphic card/driver issue, so you never know when the happy times are over.


    As I previously explained here, on my desktop computer where I use an old CCFL monitor on the VGA output, if I update the nvidia driver to any version past 314 it gives me eye strain in less than 15 minutes (on the DVI I get eye strain with any driver version, so if somebody from nvidia reads this, please let us know what you changed on the VGA output after 314 )


    As for the Toshiba, some of my colleagues have Toshiba ultrabooks (could be same model) and I found it as well quite comfortable, although not used it for long time. Maybe again due to Intel GPU and DPST?


    Oh, and about the Vaio what could be a bit bothering is that sometimes the fan can be loud, but when browsing or coding is usually quiet.



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    I must, though, admit that i am not yet 100% convinced that the sony VP 13 is 100% ok. it is way better, but still there is a slight weird feeling, especcially when background is white.... I mean, my led sony tv (nx800) is also good for my eyes and there i have no slight weird feeling... just like the samsung led 7 and 8 series TVS. no problem whatsoever.....I'm now typing this on an old compaq crt monitor, and no weird feelings, everything ok...


    it is really a strange situation and even eye doctors do not have a clue (they advise to lower contrast, brightness, change resolution...) but these things have nothing to do with it. there must be some radiation or flickering that our eyes are allergic to. but, i also bought a benq flickerfree monitor , but still the same soreness. at the office, i have a dell LCD-TN panel : Dell UltraSharp 1908FP 19" LCD Monitor. these gives me no problem at all and i can look a whole day at it without any eye strain.


    this issue has cost me alot of dollars and wasted times, but i NEED and WILL find a solution somehow, somewhere ;-)

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    Sony nx 800:


    • Motionflow 240Hz technology for smoother motion detail and clarity


    It's not the first time i saw that 120hz+ has a positive effects on the eyes... If the cause is dithering related, high frequency, in theory, should help.





    Do you recall the exact version of NVidia drivers? 314.xx? Have send an email to NVIDIA and ask specifics? I can do that, just say the xx  numbers, please...



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    I have reverted the firmware and Android Version.


    It's exactly the same result. No difference at all. So i would say 100% sure on screen. Not driver related in my case. I am not sure everyone case here has the same cause.


    Besides i think that drivers/software can minimize/maximize the effects, but the main veicule of pain is displays. What drivers/software might do is alleviate or reduce brightness, and apply techniques that make the pain, caused by LED monitors very small or null at all.


    I dont know what to do with such an expensive phone that is utterly a piece of garbage to me...