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    Any of the last few dozen posts anything to do with Mac Book Pro??  Sony, Windows, Android......

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    peter_watt, this thread is more about eye sight then apple products in general. People are desperate. They tried Mac products and failed. They just want something to work it...

  • peter_watt Level 3 Level 3 (905 points)

    tfouto wrote:


    peter_watt, this thread is more about eye sight .....

    My point exactly.

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    after more than a week playing with the sony vaio pro 13 , i can infact say that the soreness is not there. everything ok and eyesight is totally normal. my next buy will be a 15 inch multi flip with same screen and intel hd graphics. as the screen is 15 inch, i think it will be even better.


    it is the first touchscreen were my eyes are totally ok! I'm a happy man and hope that i can help other people suffering from eyesight issue yith most led screens. i think intel graphics are the way to go for us. next step is to filter out the changes in settings frequency or steering of the display.


    i mean, having a pc or apple with intel graphics is not enough.... new findings will be posted during the crusade to find the root cause

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    Hi wimpytron,


    Could you specify if that pleasant feeling is on batteries or when plugged?


    I went yesterday to a shop looking for this unit to test it. I couldn't find it but instead there was in there one of the flip laptop/tablets that also sports a Trilumiun display. I played with it for 10 min and got bad sympthoms almost inmediatly, although I must say that the unit was plugged and I couldn't try it in battery mode only 


    So, your 13 pro happiness comes when you are on batteries?


    thanks, luis

  • wimpytron Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    it was all the time ON BATTERIES and all settings set for best battery life.


    This weekend i wil start the same tests with the power cord plugged in. TBC !

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    do you use it on batteries? With the brightness on minimum?


    Can you try and use the on batteries ON, but brightness not on minimum, for instance medium, just to try?



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    did you took a multi flip model with intel graphics or the one with NVIDIA... cause there are two options : models with intel or models with nvidia: you have to try the one with intel graphicsdriver.



    tfouto :


    i put the brightness at about 30%, but even if i put it higher it is still ok for my eyes, but then the brightness bothers me ;-)

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    the one I tried was Vaio Fit 13A and it did have intel graphics HD4400 with Triluminos display. It looked really great and useful with its hybrid tablet/laptop functionality and the screen quality was superb. However I got bad sympthoms after 10min of usage but it was on the power supply.


    I believe the specs of this unit are similar (if not the same) as your Pro 13. You will tell us soon about your experience with the Pro while connected. I'm afraid (and also hope not for you) that you will feel something odd when doing the same test connected.


    As for myself, if I can be convinced (will try it more) that this laptop is confortable for the eyes on batteries but not with power... because I am a bit desperate I might go an purchase it. Still I'd hate the feeling of spending a lot of money on something that is not 100% satisfactory and health impacting but given the circunstances this is the first case in 4 years that I hear of a possible good screen for the eyes.


    anyway, I look forward to hear from you and your "with power" tests. I suppose your unit has a touch screen display, right?  If you buy it online I noticed an option to add a bright filter to the screen for 20$.


    best regards, luis

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    indeed it is with a touchscreen. the first touchscreen EVER where my eyes don't grow sore... a relief! I must say, allthough, that a lot of laptops with a non-touchscreen are good for my eyes too... but it really limits our choice, because you can find superb machines and than have to sell it or return it due to eye soreness. I'm considering to buy the SAmsung ue55f8000 led tv as a replacement of my sony nx800 (good for the eyes) but I'm a bit afraid to experience soreness also.... as it cost 2.500 euros..... "staring" at it at the shop for 15-20 minutes gave me a comfortable feeling, so i hope it stays that way. my ipad retina is SOLD already for the simple reason that my eyes hurt like ****, even with a sleepshield filter on it. Did you know i had to buy 4 different telephones lately to conclude that htc one was the only one were my eyes did not hurt? I really hope that new techniques are softer on the eyes, as before ten years, I never expierenced this issue, and i was working all day on laptops (but back then it was ccfl and max 14-15 inch). it all began with the first acer with a 17 inch screen.

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    HTC one x, right?

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    htc one X - the model just before the htc one came out. did not try that.


    very weird, that even reading sms (text mesages) on certain telephones hurts our eyes..... has the world come to an end ;-)  ?

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    5 seconds and i feel my eyes hurt...


    It truly puzzles me...

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    after "somehours on power playing the sony vaio pro i must admit that it is all ok. maybe a slight difference due to the stronger brightness but this causes not the weirdness i feel with a bad screen....and, one can lower the brightness easily. i cannot wait to get the hybrid multi flip 15 sony vaio.... i hope, with this info, i can help some people who suffer from eyesoreness...go and buy a sony. (only select models with intel video and triluminus display)... as apple does not have any good screens for us sufferers

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    I've just ordered the Sony Vaio Pro 13 and it is breaking me financially! Will send back if it is no good obviously.


    I decided not to go for the multi-flip because I think it only has a battery life of 'up to 6 hours', which isn't very much if you are using it solely on batteries, especially once the battery starts to degrade. Vaio Pro on the other hand has an upgrade to allow 16 hours.


    I realised I never reported back on my trip to the opticians. I had an extra coating applied to my glasses but unfortunately it hasn't really made a difference. The optician was insistent that it would do the same job as Crizal Prevencia but I guess not.


    And she dismissed my request for a strabismus test out of hand - I guess maybe I could have been stronger but she seemed pretty certain and I didn't have the energy to fight. I'm afraid I can't really get my head around the self-test...