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    Well I can't be 100% certain. But I found this on a website a while back:


    if you open terminal and run this command:

    ioreg -lw0 | grep "EDID" | sed "/[^<]*</s///" | xxd -p -r | strings -6


    It should report back the screen ID. You need to download some Apple software to be able to access this, which will be prompted automatically if I recall. Mine returned LTH116AT01A04, which corresponds to Samsung.


    I'm not saying that Samsung displays will work for everyone and that LG displays cause eye strain; only that in my situation I have been able to use Samsung displays in a large number of Apple products, and can't use the LG displays due to eye strain. But this could all be coincidence as I have not tried the MacBook Air with an LG panel, only the MacBook Pro Retinal with the LD display, which I still can't use for more than 15 minutes.




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    I'm very concerned with the eye strain issue because 2-3 yrs ago I purchased a MacBook Pro and had the severe eye strain so many have talked about. I need a new computer and I am now not sure if I should purchase an iMac or MacBook Air to try and prevent the eye strain from occurring again. Any thoughts?

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    Unfortunately since none of us have been able to determine what the source of the eye strain is, I can't make any strong recommendations other than trying a product to see if it works with your eyes. Apple has a two week return policy, but so do other manufacturers. Another option is to look on Ebay or other sites for older CCFL monitors. I bough a low price CCFL from 2009 that still works and I can use that with my Mac (using DVI out only, HDMI causes eye strain/nausea for some reason). I used to think this problem was related to LEDs in general, but I'm now thinking it may be more related to drivers. Some people have had success using Windows in BootCamp on the MacBook Pro. You could consider trying that on your Macbook.

  • Zini316 Level 1 (0 points)

    does using an iphone 5 and an ipad 3 give any insight if the MacBook Air or imac will be better or worse?

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    This is a mystery that is particularly frustrating for me and I am writing, I'm sorry to say, just to add confusing data.  I have been operating a mid-model 2009 for about 5 years with an external Samsung SyncMaster E1930 with no problems at all.  Friday, I had Mavericks installed, replacing 10.6.8 which is no longer supported and I worried about security updates.  Plus, I'll admit I was three OS back and my machine was running a little slowly and some software was not available to me on the old OS.  I figured, "same hardware, what could go wrong," but as we have learned with iPhone updates, it makes a difference.  Now, with this upgrade to Mavericks, using this same screen makes my eyes red and itchy.  I fear I will have to spend another day at the Apple Store returning my computer to the previous configuration.  Perhaps my eyes will adjust as mysteriously described by someone else, but right now I am in ****.  Clearly, this problem we have involves the software from Apple also.

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    I received my new benq xl2420z yesterday, unfortunately it also don't work.

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    Thanks for the update. It is helpful when people post monitors that have worked. I'm curious what has happened to all the other previous posters in this thread. Presumably they have found some solution or a monitor/laptop that works for them.

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    Unfortunately there is no way to know for sure without testing out the displays yourself.

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    I have had a very severe version of this condition since 2008. It has never fully resolved but I've learned to cope with it. I really empathize with a lot of you guys on here; this ruined my entire life for 3 years as a graduate student under intense fluorescent lighting every day for hours, on top of using a 2009 MBP with horrible flicker and having no clue what was wrong with me. Several seizure-like episodes, extreme mental sluggishness basically all day, nausea, headaches, irritability, red eyes, dry eyes, etc.


    Thankfully, for some reason the 2013 MBP 13' Retina display with F.lux gives me hardly any trouble (there was an adjustment period of a week or two, that was about a year and a half ago). No clue what I would do without this screen.


    I recently purchased a new 27' iMac, unboxed it, installed F.lux and was messing around in Logic Pro for 15 minutes and immediately boxed the thing back up and am shipping it back asap. I'd forgotten how horrific that feeling was but this particular screen is among the very worst offenders I've encountered, which completely ***** because I love how sleek it looks and how cool the screen is otherwise. Wish there was SOMETHING we could adjust but I tried everything I could think of and no dice.


    Now I have to buy a Mac Mini and find a suitable monitor (a very discouraging process as it generally involves returning monitor after monitor). I'm looking at the Dell U2414, the Dell P2414, and the HP ZR2740w v2. Anyone had success with these monitors?


    Hopefully Apple will come through with a retina-style monitor that doesn't torture our eyes, but until then we'll have to make due.


    Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this thread. Wish I had found it 5 years ago.

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    There is at least one website that sell e-ink monitors, do a google search for (sol computer). Maybe someone can try this monitor and give us the feedback. I live in europe and the shipping charges with customs are very expensive. I think the solution for many of us are in e-ink technology.

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    I had the U2414H. I didn't have nausea with it (so the flicker free claims are true), but I did get severe eye burning/pain. To make it bearable, I had to turn brightness to 0 and Flux at 3400K. In comparison, I'm running my old (CCFL) monitor at much higher brightness and at a normal 6500K temperature and the eye discomfort is barely there.

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    What about transflective monitors? Something as the Pixel QiPQ3QI-01. Someone should try one. Im searching for a good transflective monitor but its very hard to know what to buy. Many transflective monitors are expensive and sold from small companies.

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    Today i tried one of the best extensions for my eye strain, Hacker Vision for chrome. Unfortunatly i found no similar extension for safari.

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    Hi all, is anybody tried new macbook pro mid 2014? Is problem is present with it?