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    Hi guys. Ive been having headaches in the evenings. After I get home, I get on my MBP and im on it till bedtime. Im prone to migraines but it has become a nightly thing behind my left eye. Something made me google "how to set macbook pro screen to prevent headaches" and this was one of the search results. There are obv. a lot of pages in this thread and was wondering what the solution to this problem is? Thanks


    ETA: I have Late 2011 version.

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    It's great to see that someone else also has problems with the Dell U2412M. I have a double problem, because I got at the same time, new laptop and new monitor and now also the laptop is giving me severe eye strain. My eyes feel swollen each morning and they are red like I'd be hung over. This is starting to be a huge problem. I ordered another display to home, so that I can take the current to work. There is no chance I'll go to the IT department complaining, that my new test winner Dell laptop & display are causing me eye strain and I need to get a different ones. I'd use my old laptop, but it broke physically.


    I think we need to post this issue to the Dell forums as well, please join me. This issue needs attention, as otherwise manufacturers just keep manufacturing displays that give eye strain.

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    Simply take it back to your IT department, if they are any good they will take health & safety matters seriously. Most likely they'll simply give them to someone else, and find you something suitable.

    Your health and comfort aren't worth taking risks over.

    Also send them this article so they become more informed:

    Eventually Apple, Dell and all the others will start taking this seriously (probably once lawsuits start happening)

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    Yes, this is what you think one would do. But since we only have Dell equipment, there are  no alternatives. And surely, they are not going let people purchase other vendors producst, since it's not in the company policy. I honestly, I don't want to be the guy that got a samsung display because Dell made his eyes hurt. This problem is so rare still, that there is no understanding for this...

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    Dell makes some decent CCFL monitors which probably won't give you any eyestrain.  The U2410 and the U2711 are both CCFL (non-LED backlit) monitors.  The U2711 is quite pricy, but the U2410 isn't too bad.

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    This is a apple forum


    please talk Dell somewhere else

    do not waiste our time



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    Frankly, I wouldn't mind hearing about other products than Apple. The eye strain from my iPads is just unbearable, but I need a tablet for work.

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    This is a Apple forum, is it that difficult ???

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    The goal of this forum should be to help Apple users having trouble with the eye strain problem. That includes providing information on other comparable products that do not cause the same problem. The information here helped me avoid the new LED monitors, and I'm thinking of getting Dell U3011 instead...

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    Harley, you need to chill. We are all trying to ease our suffering a little, and frankly a good monitor is completely relevant to the discussion. Your attitude here is a little offputting.

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    I'd love to hear how it works out for you. In fact, I'd love to hear from anyone in here who WAS having eyestrain headaches and such, got a specific monitor, hooked up their Macbook and is now headache free. That would be very helpful for me in particular but for all of us in general.


    - Gurm

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    Using the macbook caused severe eyestrain and headache within 10 minutes

    when continuing for half an hour it was no longer possible to drive a car since vision got blurred

    after visiting apple direct several times, getting glasses and havoing my eyes examined from a eyedoctor in the hospital all with no results it was found that the complications were caused by the display of the macbook


    3 days ago I got my macbook back from apple withe a new display what no longer flickers and vibrates


    to test your display go to :


    when you see flickering of the grey background , and when you zoom in on the screen you see that the screen severely vibrates. Your screen should be replaced by apple as they did with mine this week


    The eyestrain and headache is caused since the eyes are severely constantly trying to focus and are trying to sync with the flickerrate.


    With the new display now, I have now no more problem as described, I can work for hours

    (apple had to change the display twice)


    Note: this was also new to apple and I had to show them several times


    al together took me a year to find out and get it resolved


    hope this helps

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    One concern though is that the monitor will be connected to a PC (not to a MBP) so it will not be a perfect test. If that is OK with you, I will post my experience with the monitor later. I experience the same severe eye strain when I look at iPads 2 and 3.



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    That's fine. It's not a perfect comparison, but it will be a good start. I will be using both systems (PC desktop and Retina MBP) on a pair of monitors, so whatever I get needs to work for both.


    - Gurm

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    I'm usually at my desk with on an old DVI monitor so I did not encounter this issue until I took my 2011 Air on the road. Wow, blinding headache after 20-40 mins! I have resorted to my old Dell laptop for travel, which is annoying because portability was one of my reasons for getting the Air.


    I use a number of laptops, tablets and phones on the road. Only this Air screen causes this bleary, fuzzing, blinding headache.


    I suppose now I'm stuck using the Air as an expensive Mac Mini -- I'll only use it at my desk connected to a 'safe' monitor.

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