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    It seems like I have found I solution to my problem, somewhat. I tried many different color calibrations that did not work for me, but a few days ago I did another advanced color calibration and made the white point as yellow as it can get. Making the white point yellowish did nothing for me and I still had major issues, but now that I made it as yellow as it can get, no more problems. Interesting, eh? It's almost like the irritating blue backlight is still on to some degree when you make the white point more yellow, but when you turn it all the way yellow, there's no more blue. I don't know, I'll leave it to you in-the-know people to figure it out if you want to.


    The display still isn't as comfortable as my iPad 2 or iPhone 4S, but it's now usable. I know this isn't the solution to everyone's problem, and many of you have probably tried it already, but if you haven't tried it yet... do it! It might seem unbearably ugly at first - that's what I thought - but you do get used to it. I don't know about you, but I'll take a yellowish Mac over a perfectly white Windows computer any day.

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    I have nver had a problem spending hours on the computer until recently. Now I cannot spend more than 30 minutes on EITHER my 2010 mid Macbook pro OR my new iPad.


    I cannot explain this.


    How could I suddenly becoem so sensitive that I cannot look at a computer that I have been using for 2 years without an issue?


    I swear I feel as if there has been some sort of change in the intensity or the output of the internet signal. I am grasping at straws here.


    It would be comporable to the breakfast that I have eaten for 15 years to suddenly start causing me sever illness. Either the ingredients changed or I sudenly developed an intense reaciton literlaly overnight.


    All I know is that I am having pain behind my eyes now and once the pain sets in, I cannot look at lights, the computer, or anythign bright.



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    Your mid 2010 Macbook Pro probably came with Snow Leopard. Did you upgrade it to Lion or Mountain Lion recently?

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    Yes. I upgraded twice. I am currently running Mountain Lion on both. I have been running the Mountain Lion since its release and these headaches and pain that is located on my eye has just begun. Today will be the third day in a row that I've had a headache.


    Do you think the upgraded software could have something to do with this?

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    If you were running Mountain Lion for a while without any issues, it's probably not the culprit in your case. The reason I asked is I tried upgrading my Early 2011 Macbook Pro to Lion and Mountain Lion but they were causing me dizziness and headaches so I had to downgrade to Snow Leopard. Did you make any changes in configuration 3 days ago? Did you install any updates, change text smoothing options or enable bluetooth?

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    There have been no changes to my settings or computer use. If anything, I have use the computers less because I am on a 2 week college break.


    I am going to scrap all MacBook Pro use today and see if I can narrow it down to either my Ipad, iPhone, or MacBook. The only new addition now that I think of it is the iPhone 5 which I just got a week ago.


    I will update this thread tonight to see of only using this device is the issue.

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    applenewbie, you are clearly a delusional, considering the links you posted. We don't need stuff like that here. We are looking for rational causes only.


    If you cannot look at bright lights than you have developed photophobia. Go see a doctor.

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    Great analysis.


    You determined I am delusional based upon the fact that I am stating I am getting headaches and pain behind my eyes after purchasing a new iPhone 5 and using a MacBook Pro that I have had for 2 years.


    Right... I am assuming you have a degree in psychology.


    Anyway, I have intentionally alternated my computer use and spent 1 day only using the iPad 1, 1 day using the new Ipad, 1 day on the MacBook Pro (which is running mountain lion), and 1 day using the iPhone 5.


    The only days I had eye strain were when I used the MacBook Pro and the New iPad.


    So perhaps I am only delusional on those days.


    You may want to take some time and do some research on frequency impulses and changes in biological reactions. There is plenty of scientific and empirical data that draws a clear and definitive association between the 2.


    But of course it is much easier to simply say someone is crazy and remain ignorant.

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    I wasn't saying you were making up stuff about your experiences with Apple hardware, just asking you not to derail genuine research we're attempting to make here with conspiracy theories.

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    While I appreciate your desire to keep the conversation to fact based information, you may want to refrain from

    Immediately attacking someone. The conversation usually does not go well when you state that someone is delusional.


    Getting back to the matter at hand, do you have any feedback or thoughts as to why I may be experiencing headaches and eye strain when only using certain Apple



    I currently own and use:


    iPad original (Not getting headaches from this device)

    New IPad (Not getting headaches from this device)

    MacBook Pro with recent upgrade to Mountain Lion (Getting headaches from this device)

    iPhone 5 (Getting headaches from this device)

    iMac mid 2011 (Not getting headaches from this device)

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    Applenewbie: I regret that you got tangled up with those replies from CoreLinker.  I hope you will get some useful feedback from others.  The attack on you was completely unwarranted.  The links you sent were interesting, and I did not read any conspiracy theories into them.  Hope you will remain on the list and offer information about your experiences and any insights you have.  I had an interesting experience recently after having my harddrive replaced at the Apple Store.  When my mid-2009 MacBook (LCD backlit) computer was rebooted, the welcome screen was so intense that I thought they had accidentally brought out the wrong machine.  The screen image lasted only a few seconds and I have no idea how to get it to repeat, but I was fascinated that my comfortable machine could transmit an image that intense and bright.  Thankfully, once that image was gone the other images were what I was used to and caused no problem.  I am not highly technical, but read the replies in hopes of finding some solution before my MacBook needs replacing.  Welcome to the list; enjoy your MacBook, good luck with finding an answer, and thank you for sharing.

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    Applenewbie2010, which version of mac os x do you run on your iMac. Did you upgrade it to the latest release?

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    Hi, I am running Version 10.8.2.


    I upgraded to this version when it came out.


    This is why it is not making sense to me. There has bee no changes to my system as of late. I used the computer for a while with the new OS and I did not experience any issues. I would literally spend 5-7 hours a day on the computer because I am a full time college student who is taking online courses.


    I NEVER had a headache during that time. Now, I am hesitant to use the laptop at all. It is guaranteed that my head will start pounding with as little as 20 minutes of use. This is going to be a huge problem for me because I REALLY need to use my MacBook because it is more practical for my studies.


    I have NEVER suffered migraines in my life. I am assuming that this is what I am now experiencing. The pain feels like it is behind my eye socket and once it begins, I cannot look at the tv, the iPad, or even the lights in my house.


    Any thoughts?

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    Hey guys,

    I wanted to share some stuff that has really worked for me (I get severe eyestrain off 2011/2012 Macbook Pros + Cinema Displays + iPhone 4S/5).


    1) I bought a Dell UltraSharp U2711: =sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1357761844&sr=8-1&keywords=dell+u2711


    A bit more expensive, but its a top-notch monitor with no LED backlight. You can get a Like New one for $662.


    2) =sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1357761635&sr=8-1&keywords=gunnar+glasses


    I was skeptical of these, but they definitely have helped me with eyestrain at home. I pretty much leave a pair near my home computer equipment. Two things to note: the lens doesnt actually look yellow once you put it on your face. Secondly, you can get a pair from Best Buy and just try them out for a few weeks and return them within 30days if there is no effect. It's definitely worth a try.


    3) Bought a 13" Macbook Pro Retina Display - I can't handle the retina display on the iPhone 5, but for some reason the retina on the new macbook pro actually works for me (as in I can stare at it for longer periods of time without eyestrain).


    I'm still debating what phone to get since I can't get the 4S/5, but I've heard people complain about eyestrain with the Galaxy S3 (and the Note is too big for me). I might have to get an HTC (I'm on Sprint), but I'll keep everyone updated.

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