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    I'm the same! I got my iphone 3g 8 months ago, it seemed to work fine until last week when wifi stopped working.
    My wifi network at home can be found by my macbook and ipod touch no problem - in fact they can pick up the neighbours eifi too!
    When wifi is switched on my iphone the 'choose a network...' menu has a constant circle spinning, when i go into other and specifically look for my home network I get the error message 'cannot search for wireless network'.
    I have tried to fix this by:
    1. Switching iphone on and off
    2. Switching wifi on and off
    3. Switching airport mode on and off
    4. Resetting the network
    5. Updating to the newest iphone software available

    STILL NOTHING!!! rage
    I have an appointment at the genius bar tomorrow in Glasgow so hopefully they can help...only problem is I can't work out whether I'll be covered. I've had the iphone 8 months, so it's outwith 6 months warranty however i have been looking into it and apple have a one year limited hardware warranty..any ideas?

    I've always bought apple: macbooks, ipods etc. and they've been great but if this isn't fixed tomorrow (without great cost to me) i can see myself moving over to blackberry.
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    If your phone is still in warranty I'd say just get a replacement, seems like it may be a hardware problem.
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    I took my iphone to the genius bar in Buchanan Street, Glasgow.
    The genius told me i'd tried all the right things and thought it could be a loose wire so he took it away to check - not a loose wire.
    Lastly he restored my phone to factory settings and still no luck so he gave me a new iphone.
    He was so patient with me and sorted it in about half an hour....well done Buchanan St, you've restored my faith in apple - Thank you!
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    Having a very similar issue. Only my signal strength seems to have dropped considerably after the last update. I don't get any signal on the second floor of my home anymore. The first floor is weak.
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    Yeah, I have the exact same problem. I took it to the Genius bar and the guy put it a freezer they had especially for this problem. He gave it back to me after 5 min saying there should be no more problems...
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    OK, now seriously:

    I have a 2G iPhone which is unlocked. It's almost 2 years old. Here's my experience:

    The phone would lose WiFi connection. I would go into the WiFi menu trying to put the Network info in manually but it would not store it. I was getting error messages like Cannot connect. After a while it simply would not detect any networks anymore. After another while the f_cker would just report No WiFi in Settings. That wasn't too bad until...

    The iPhone is not a phone anymore: it does not receive calls while in Sleep mode. It would lie right next to me, no ringing and when I wake it up it reports missed calls. You can tell if you have this problem if the time is wrong on it (if you have it update with the network).

    Right now the battery is all unpredictable. Sometimes it lasts 5 days, sometimes less than one.

    I think this is a hardware problem. If you had the WiFi problem you may end up with no phone as well. Just an iPod. I am curious to how many ppl this happened or will happen...

    I read all the posts in this thread and when you look at the solutions, I'm like, ***? The mods are well aware of this thread but they care more about censoring people than posting a response. I am extremely disappointed with Apple washing their hands over this. After all they make you buy into a 2 years contract but they only warrant the phone for 1 year. Mine crapped after 18 months. In the meantime you cannot get another discounted phone because you are not up for a renewal. Nokias go for 3 years or longer.

    They may reckon that ppl buy another phone just because the old one died. Wrong. I am up for a renewal but I am looking around for a real phone, not an iPhone. I am afraid this will happen again and that would make the iPhone really expensive. I really like the iPhone but I feel disrespected by Apple. I am not another fish on the hook Mr. Jobs. Open your eyes before you lose all your customers.
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    I had the EXACT same problems as you. Sleep mode (or sometimes referred as Stand-by mode) would not ring, vibrate, etc for SMS or phone calls. This is due in partly because of the battery. It's (battery) weak as you said (unpredictable).

    Once I switch out the battery (not recommended for a novice because of soldering, etc) the ring problems stopped (along with longer battery life, etc). You can also (TRY) change your settings NOT to vibrate for either a ring, sms (it does both in normal operation starting in 2.x firmware). You will need to have it "ring" only for calls. I suspect the vibrate setting is to blame (in combination of a weak battery).

    These batteries have a lifetime of 2-3 years TOPs. This is not an Apple problem (other than them making it non-serviceable). Their laptops are the same way. They think by that time you are likely to just buy a new phone etc when that time comes or whatever theory you want to give to that justification of non-serviceable batteries.

    The WIFI issue is caused by lead free solder. I reflowed the Wifi chip (google: reflow iphone) and all is well. I used the heat gun method and it's working great.

    This issue Apple can DO something (use lead based solder) and it would fix these issues (along with their iPods, etc). Apple does know this but their "green" obsession (in their marketing items) dictates to their China production company that they use lead free solder.
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    A great read on the problems of lead free solder and how even airplanes might be at risk from the EU (since US based planes have to follow the RoHS directives).

    Apple is not alone in HAVING to use lead free solder (because they sell their phones in the EU).

    This document argues FOR lead free solder but as you see in your real world experiences that they do show problems with lead free solder.

    And a real world document showing that lead free is indeed a problem and how to detect it for other uses (like airplanes).

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    Well, it seems that my first generation iPhone has joined the many with the WiFi issue. I've been unsuccessful with every suggestion here. The AirplaneModeWiFiReboot approach appeared to work, but only for a few hours and never again.

    With all options exhausted, all I have left is the sledgehammer method, which I can't imagine is what Apple hopes for. With so many people frustrated by this, you would think Apple would help its devoted fans.

    I really thought my phone was tough and built like a tank, until this. I'm disappointed and suspicious of the Apple upgrade that caused it (v3.1.3 - 04.05.04_G).
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    my 3gs,has lost wifi after upgrade to 4.2.1,cannot find any wifi spots or ssid`s,this has got to be ios4 related,tried reset but no luck,hopefully a speedy fix by apple would be great
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    Same exact problem. Wifi stopped working out of nowhere. I was just told that since I'm out of warranty it will cost 199 to fix it!!!!!!!! *** Apple!!!
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    I've got a very similar issue.

    Since I upgraded my 3G to 4.2.1 it seems to be really low on WiFi signal. I have to be, literally, sat on top of my router at home to get any signal, and if I move about 10ft away the signal drops.

    This must be an OS issue as there seem to be too many experiencing this issue for it to be a coincidence.

    Come on Apple, don't just fob us off with a £200 bill to get this fixed just because our phones are out of warranty!!!
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    tried standing right next to wifi router,it then finds wifi ssid,so must be really low power to iphone wifi,or something causing a really weak signal,walked about 10 feet away and signal and connection is lost.
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