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  • Rodrigo L Level 1 Level 1
    I totally agree, its just a phone with some games, but nice and even expensive apps, are simply worthless with no wifi. So here is my list.
    NY TImes
  • JBruno8 Level 1 Level 1
    That leaves us with Units, NYTimes, Facebook, and Remote. Does anybody else who is having problems have any of these apps?
  • sandraqu Level 1 Level 1
    I have these apps in common with the folks above

    :: Facebook
    :: Pandora
    :: Scribble

    I was able to connect to networks ONCE (Scribble was installed at the time - so that app is not it). After that one time (where I connected to two different networks I have since gotten an 'unable to join network error), and I too am suspicious of an application.

  • JBruno8 Level 1 Level 1
    I certainly hope the problem doesn't revolve around the facebook app, 'cause that's the only thing that keeps me awake during class.
  • I love my macbook!!!! Level 4 Level 4
    I can't wait for the day whereby Steve Jobs says, "So, in the new iPhone software update, we have some bug fixes, specifically wireless connectivity..." That would be awesome. Of course I don't know if this problem is a bug, but as long as there's a fix for it. I have no problem using Facebook, it shouldn't be Facebook for the rest of you. AS an extra precaution you guys might want to reinstall Facebook.

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  • Shane Otis2 Level 1 Level 1
    bugs bugs and more bugs... will there EVER be an answer to this???

    the wifi on my phone has been ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE. I get the exact same problems with the first gen iphone. This certainly gives me no reason whatsoever to "upgrade" to the 3G version. I've tried updates, restoring, many suggestions on this forum. NOTHING helps it. I'm really tired of how lame this phone can be. I'm also really tired of spending valuable time trying to make it do something it should already. I've spent many many HOURS troubleshooting this phone. Lately, it has also not been ringing when I receive a call and then several hours later I get a message or will see that there were missed calls even though I know it did not ring. This has been happening for texts lately too. I'm really not happy with this phone.
  • Level 6 Level 6

    been an apple fanboi since the 80's but this broken wifi on both edge and 3g iphones is 2 generations of broken with no fix in sight...
  • Level 6 Level 6
    Hello? Apple? Care to spend some of your record profits on making your sh** work?
  • MG2PRO Level 1 Level 1
    hello all, my iphone WIFI was working just fine, but 1 week ago my iphone WIFI can't find any network any more, only if u put da iphone 20 cm far from da router and if u go 10 cm more , it loses its connection.. so plz anyone can help
    . thx
  • Level 6 Level 6
    So - I finally spent the many hours it took to reset restore and reconfigure my routers and iphone in order to determine where the problem was and indeed - it turns out to be a hardware issue with my iphone (G1).

    In all fairness to Apple, the folks at the Apple Store (Oakbrook IL) confirmed my restored phone wouldn't hold a wifi signal and replaced it no questions asked despite being out of warranty for several weeks.

    Lesson learned. To all others having problems - restore your phone to "virgin" state and if still having wifi issues - take it to the Apple Store.
  • llamaboy Level 1 Level 1
    Same problem here. Started a few days ago. I am at network administrator and I travel to about 10-15 different sites, all of which have wireless networks that I could connect using my iphone. Not anymore. The iPhone can't find a single one of them. As I type this I am approx 4 feet from my wireless router, and my iPhone sees nothing. I have done a total factory reset and no success. THis is very annoying.
  • I love my macbook!!!! Level 4 Level 4
    Wow, my iPhone returned to normal after me not doing anything to it. I just used it normally and then one fine day, it found my home network with ease.
  • tDog1868 Level 1 Level 1
    I have a post somewhere in the middle of this thread and I did make it to a Genius bar and received HORRIBLE service. I have never been treated so bad at an Apple store. I definitely didn't receive the "Apple" experience. They were busy, but i was fine waiting to talk to someone, but the girl who checked me in, just took my phone and brought it someone at the genius bar working on 2 other computers at the same time, he gave her a quick answer and she came back to me. I relayed more information and she came back saying since it is out of warranty you can pay $200 for a refurbished phone. They didn't even care to look at it or try to figure out problem. I agree with other posts it has to be a software issue because if you find similar posts on the internet to this issue they all happened in the last 3-4 months. I also thought maybe an app did something, but i have all the same apps (including facebook) on my 3G iPhone and no issues there at all. I even brought it to a 3rd party Mac store and they took it apart and couldn't figure out anything wrong with it. All the hardware including antenna seemed good to them. They thought last resort could be logic board, but that would be $200 and at that point I mine as well go buy another phone or iPod Touch. I hoping some sort of software update will fix this. Has anyone found out anything else?
  • sixzerotwofive Level 1 Level 1
    This is very frustrating. I reset everything a few times and still my iphone wifi is not working. Just passed my warranty date by a few months.
  • logicflaw Level 1 Level 1
    I'm having this same problem with my 1st gen iPod Touch. No settings changed on my Belkin router (F5D8233-4) but 2 days ago my Touch stopped finding my home network or any other wifi networks. All my hardware is running the latest firmware.
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