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    Stopped again
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    One thing to look for when fetch seems to be working for a while is if you wifi locked on (as in it doesn't switch back to Edge or 3G after you switch the screen off). I had this happen to me and my battery drained really quick but it fetched like it should. Also, I hadn't seen it mentioned in here yet but if you are playing music with the iPod function it will keep the iPhone awake enough to fetch on regular intervals.
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    If I leave my phone on all night, it fetches at exactly 7:30 a.m. every morning. Then, it is completely un reliable. It *****, as we have a family member who is critically ill and I need to get my email at night when I am sleeping in case of emergency. It won't fetch, so now I have to try to wake up every hour to check it. Thanks Apple.
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    I was distracted by the new laptops, but only momentarily.
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    I was saving for a Macbook Air but I just went out and purchased a Lenovo laptop. This iphone issue needs to be fixed before Apple gets any more of my money.

    Every once in a while, an email will make it through while my iphone is asleep. I've learned not to get too excited, because it never lasts.
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    Seems like the activity of the thread is now slowing down - probably attributed to people 'waiting to see' if the problem is fixed with release of a new firmware soon. That engadget thread concluded with the observation that most people suffered from the problem.

    With the last firmware update (and problem) lasting over 4 weeks now, this surely has to be fixed soon. It looks like it's more likely at this point to be fixed with a 2.2 release rather than a 2.1.1.

    The time between the first 2.1 beta and the 2.1 release date was just over a month (July 29th to September 12th ish).

    Does anyone have an update to the problem?
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    let me add myself to the list of people with problems here... simply does not check for email when the phone is NOT plugged in and NOT awake, except randomly and inexplicably - with no pattern i can figure out. It's flaky and unreliable and i have to keep checking manually. APPLE - please fix. And, yes, I have restored the phone from scratch and still not difference.
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    It's really interesting how consequently ignorant Apple is of this thread, only scrapping some posts which may not be politically correct.

    This is the most active thread with more than 500 posts and almost 30,000 views; plus there quite a few other topics which all revolve around similar issues with their email. Still, Apple is just being mute!?

    Come on Apple, actually we DO like your products. Why can't you just tells us when we can expect a fix for this and make everyone feel better!
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    Just got my 3rd IPhone since I bought it 6 weeks ago.

    Same results. Plugged in, fetches every 15 minutes like clockwork. Unplugged in sleep, nothing.

    Either the people that arent having problems havent upgraded to 2.1 or they just dont notice.

    The genius at the Apple store told me that his does the same thing. He didnt know what to do to solve it.

    He told me that it could be my comcast email settings. Guess what? I totally removed comcast and left my company email set to pull for every 15 minutes and only works when plugged in.

    I just cannot believe that after 4 weeks since the update to 2.1 Apple has still not addressed this with a patch of some sort.

    BTW, the reason I replaced it for a 3rd time was that the phone would ring but nothing would display on my screen. I had to wait for the phone call to end to actually push buttons to see the screen. That is a whole other problem.

    I can honestly say that Apple has tried to help me with great service.

    Unfortunately I think that they just dont have a grasp on the problem at hand.

    They did say that they were waiting for my first phone to conduct testing on.

    I have tried, EDGE, 3G, WiFi with no success. Restored about 7 times as new phone, synced nothing and manually added 1 email account with same results.

    Being a Network Administrator with expertise in Windows Mobile I dont know what else I can possibly try.

    Answer: Hope for them to fix this issue in 2.2
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    So do the lemon laws apply to cellphones? Over a month and no fixes, no updates, nothing.. This is crazy. Apple said they would call me back in a couple of days when I first reported this issue.. They have NEVER called me back.. No follow up at all.. NOTHING. This is pathetic.

    I know that Apple has already lost at least six sales because of this.. Not that they would care about only six sales, but they should start to worry about negative word of mouth. Those six where friends asking me if they should get an iPhone.. I told them no, if email is important to them.. Guess what, it was.. All six got blackberries.

    Apple have you ever heard of a HOTFIX??? If the delay is because you don't want to deploy to the whole user base just yet.. Then at LEAST give people who needed this fixed weeks ago a way to patch.
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    I agree. This is pathetic. I have lost a aweful of a lot of faith in Apple in the last few weeks because of their sheer reluctance to even acknowledge this problem.

    Maybe someone should try emailing Steve Jobs personally, as just about every other course of action has been exhausted. As you stated, even the second tier "tech's" don't seem too enthusiastic about helping with the problem.

    Not happy.

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    I reported my problem electronically. Not a word of response.
    And I checked more than my iPhone for their response email!
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    Add me to the apparently long list of people with 2.1 fetch problems. Mine only seems to fetch while it's connected to a power source and if it happens to be awake at the hour interval. Otherwise, nothing.

    Off to send feedback...
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    This is THE most fundamental use of a mobile, email-enabled device: to alert you when you have email. It's why the blackberry was so fabulously successful. How can you possible disable/break this key feature?

    It is USELESS to me if I constantly have to wake it up to check email (and I HAVE to put it to have it auto-sleep because the battery is lousy unless you do so). If I can't have this email feature this is no better than any crappy phone I can receive for free under any normal phone plan.

    Given that there have been 29,000 views on this topic under this category with the next most active at 3,000 it is clear that it is of MAJOR concern to every user.

    Apple - if you truly wish to try and capture the "business" market (much less continue to grow the consumer market) you MUST address this is RAPID fashion. This is ABSURD! YOU BROKE FUNCTIONALITY. Try testing it!
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    I too, am experiencing the same issue as the rest of you. OVER TWO WEEKS AGO I finally reached an Apple iPhone "EXPERT", and he supposedly escalated this to engineering. But engineering still has not proposed a fix.

    I tried a variety of scenarios on my phone and reported back to the agent each time. I have gmail, .mac and 2 pop mail accounts, and have tried every combination possible of the accounts above. Gmail and .mac works fine. One of my pop accounts is problematic half of the time, and the other pop account ALWAYS freezes up when making the transition from one network to another, ie WiFi to 3G. The way I have been able to function is by forwarding all my pop mail to my .mac account and deactivate the pop account. That way, at least I get all my mail in a timely fashion without having to do a hard reset on the mail application each time it freezes up. When I need to send an email from my pop account (because I don't want to use the .mac address since it is personal and my pop account is for business), I reactivate the pop account, send my mail, and then deactivate it again. It is a royal pain, no doubt. But it is the only way to get your email with any sort of regularity.

    It is absolutely ridiculous that Apple is non-responsive to the most critical problem with this device. I have been to the genius bar twice. One time, they exchanged my device because the genius thought that is it was a hardware issue. I've spoken with a half dozen useless phone representatives, and after spending countless hours being transferred around, disconnected and having to pronounce my name five times to these off-shore representatives, finally reached a tech in this country, who promised he would find a resolution to this issue. Guess what---over two weeks later, he has dropped the ball. He has not provided me with any information that I did not figure out on my own. Engineering never did get back to him. Apple, if you are out there reading these posts, then PLEASE do something!