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  • brianguy Level 1 (30 points)
    I have used an original MacBook Pro (non-glossy), an original MacBook (glossy), and now the last MacBook Pro (non-glossy) under the old design. After having gone from non-glossy to glossy to non-glossy, I will never go back to glossy.

    I got used to the glossy screen on the original MacBook, but it was never ideal. Now that I am back to a non-glossy screen on my new (old design) MacBook Pro, I don't know how I survived with the glossy screen. The non-glossy on the MBP is so much better and easier on the eyes.

    I am so happy I got one of the last MacBook Pros before the new design came out!
  • araboston Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks for your help. I think you may be right: it may be a calibration issue with my external monitor. The problem is, the calibration utility that came from Samsung does not work anymore, possibly because of compatibility with Leopard (I had used it with 10.4 previously but never with Leopard). They did not release an update for this utility yet, and I am trying to contact them to seek an alternative solution.

    Regarding the laptop screen, I'm using it in in primarily mid-light conditions indoors. My room isn't too bright, and the curtains are always down, and these conditions worked well with my previous machine. I think I'll take your advice and take my Macbook to the store and compare it with a display one.

    Thanks again for your help.
  • explorz Level 1 (50 points)
    I'm at the apple store right now swapping my MacBook for a pro model. The screen on the pro does not suffer the viewing angle problems that plague the MacBook. The difference is huge!!
  • lenn5 Level 4 (2,530 points)
    According to the new MB Al uses the same LCD as the previous MB. They also say that the MBP and MBA screens are better quality.

  • Hachre Level 1 (85 points)
    How can opinions be that far apart on this topic?

    Is the new MacBook screen compareable to the MacBook Pro 4,1 screen? (Apart from the glossy)
    Is the new MacBook screen any different to the old MacBook screen?
    Is it better? Is it worse?

    Have you blueish-hue ppl checked that your ColorSync is still on? System Prefs -> Displays -> Color?

    I don't understand how an video editor can say that this display rocks and so many other ppl keep saying that it's awful?!
  • lenn5 Level 4 (2,530 points)
    That's why you shouldn't take other people's word on it and go see it for yourself and make your own judgement.

    This happens every time Apple releases a brand new machine. Happened when the iMac Al came out.

  • kjk Level 4 (1,305 points)
    I have a first gen MacBook 1.83 Core Duo (bought the first day it came out) and a new Aluminum MacBook 2.0 (I waited til the weekend for this one )

    The screen viewing angle, colors, and sharpness are much nicer on the new MacBook. Part of this could be that the old MacBook is, well, getting old. But the new MacBook has a gorgeous display-blacks are black, and the colors are quite vivid.

    I was surprised to see a comparison on one of the blogs showing terrible viewing angles/contrast on the new MacBook they had-I'm guessing there must be a bad batch of LCDs out there. I have seen LCDs that get that weird "negative photo" effect when you look at them at certain angles-the new MacBook does not have that issue, at least from a side to side rotation angle (the vertical rotation is not that great on my old MacBook and the new one)

    Sorry to hear others have issues-it was one thing I checked out at the Apple Store before buying-the ones I checked all had pretty decent viewing angles (although, of course, they can't match the incredible Studio Display viewing angles, or even the MBP displays)
  • kjk Level 4 (1,305 points)
    Not to mention when the iPhone, then the iPhone 3G came out.
  • Ade Fowler Level 2 (370 points)
    The various differing opinions are because I believe Apple use 3 suppliers, LG being the best.
  • drpdrp Level 1 (0 points)
    I can confirm that after using a Spyder Pro colorimeter to calibrate the new macbook 13" screen, it still ***** compared to (1) the macbook air and (2) the previous generation macbook pro. What bugs me more than anything is, why wouldn't apple use the same display as the macbook air in the new macbook 13"??? The macbook air display is really nice. Very good contrast, deep blacks, very sharp. Better than the previous generation macbook pro in my opinion.

    The contrast on the new macbook 13" aluminum display is just not up to par. Even after calibrating the screen things look washed out.

    Just in case apple is thinking that this only matters to graphic designers who wouldn't buy the 13" in any case ... in my opinion the lower contrast negatively affects viewing text as well.

    I would even pay an extra $100 for an option on the macbook for the "good" display (i.e. the one from the macbook air).

    These opinions based on lining up the following 3 machines side by side after calibrating with a spyder 2 pro colorimeter

    macbook air 1st gen
    macbook pro glossy screen prev generation
    macbook 13 brand new aluminum model
  • Glorfindeal Level 6 (9,330 points)
    The MBA is a more expensive laptop than the macbook, so apple is probably using higher quality panels for it.

  • Simon Kirby Level 1 (5 points)
    It would be really useful if everyone on this thread reported their LCD panel numbers, then we could see if what's going on is that there are some displays that are great and others that are awful. It certainly seems that way from everyone's comments!

    To check, look at System Prefs -> Displays -> Color -> Open Profile, then click on item 13 and look at the Model Number.

    I'd report mine, but I haven't purchased the Macbook yet... still too nervous having seen these discussions!

  • jeffkempster Level 1 (5 points)
    Mine is an original Macbook Air 80Gb 1.6

    Manufacturer: 00000610
    Model: 00009C73
    Serial Number: 00000000
    Manufacture Date: C2486D00
  • Pancenter Level 6 (9,440 points)
    explorz wrote:
    Oh how I wish it was just calibration. The issue is primarily about such a narrow viewing angle. The slightest shift in screen angle and the blacks immediately wash out. My old powerbook handles contrast so much better. Do I have a messed up screen, or is this standard on these new Macbooks?

    All the calibration in the world can't fix a screen with extremely limited viewing angle. Or am I missing something here?

    Why does everyone think it's the screen (it may very well be), couldn't it also be the Nvidea graphics chip? On every machine I've had with an Nvidea graphics board, first thing I did was replace it with an ATI board. The whites were never white on the Nvidea. What does the Macbook Air use? Intel grapgics?

  • drpdrp Level 1 (0 points)
    new macbook 13" aluminum

    Manufacturer: 00000610
    Model: 00009C89
    Serial Number: 00000000
    Manufacture Date: C3B1A800
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