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My Ipod is absolutely dead. I was wondering if there is any way I could get it working, here is the problem.

1. It does not work with Itunes, yes I have restored it, yes I have tried another computer, yes I charged it all the way, yes I drained it all the way, yes I have done almost everything in the world to it.

2. I cannot format it in Windows because " the disk is not able to be formatted ". I was going to format FAT32, then restore.

3. I was running diagnostics, and under Hard Drive -> HDSMARTData it said I have an error.

My ipod makes skipping noises once in a while, and I was wondering if this is physical damage or not.

System Config Results :




It is formatted for some point.

Also, when I tried restoring it, sometimes I can get A song to work, other times not. When I restore it, sometimes the menu is invisible, and sometimes it works fine. It is also sometimes not erasing my library, then other times it comes back, but i never resync.

Please Help Me.

Oh, and my warranty is expired, so I dont mind using this as a guinea pig.

Windows XP, Modified, Windows XP Home SP2
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    Bump, is there anybody out there that can help me out?
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    What figures do you have for the HDDSmartData? Here is a recent thread - - in similar vein. When you say you can't format have you tried removing all other USB components, then power cycling. This should remove potential driver clashes & give you a better chance of a reformat.

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    I have tried on numerous computers, without any additional usb than necessary.

    Although, I do not know what "power cycling" is. I am going to look that up, thank your for helping.

    I will look that up, and try in a few, I will edit this post if I try it again.

    ---I looked up power cycling, yes I have rebooted my computer + ipod in various situations and stages, ADDED NOTE: I got an error when I tried to restore, I had to reinstate my drivers, I am trying to restore again ---

    * Smart Data *

    [Device Opening...]

    ( wait 3 secs )

    [Device Opened]


    MENU to Close

    *HDD SPEC*

    SNO : 87M5WK6PW
    FW Revision: VQ110A
    LBAs : 0x950f8b0

    -Added Data-

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    OK, I see what you mean - so it just displays the message "Error" instead of giving you the HDDSmsrtData information like this:
    Retracts: 448
    Reallocs: 5
    Pending sectors: 0
    PowerOn Hours: 1415
    Start/Stops: 614
    Temp: Current 2C
    Temp: Min 10C
    Temp: Max 50C

    Not a promising situation. By "power cycling" I meant actualy turning the computer off, pausing, then turning on again. Sometimes a simple reboot preserves existing hardware configuration data when you want it reconfigured. When you try to format the drive exactly what error message do you recieve? Can you put the iPod in Disk Mode? If so connect it the PC, browse *My Computer* and right-click on the drive for the iPod, click Properties, then click Tools. Under Error-checking, click *Check Now*. Under Check disk options, select *Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors*. Once the scan/repair has completed you should be able to reformat & restore.


    BTW use \ \[ and \ \] for square brackets otherwise the forum thinks it's a URL.
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    I have done every form of reboot, reboot, rebooting then waiting a second, manual shutdown, of both Ipod and Computer.

    I have tried to use the disk recovery software on windows, and it did not work ( yes it was in disk mode ). All it did was blink for a second, like it ran the program at light speed. It does this for all configurations of checks and no checks.
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    Connect the iPod to the PC, click *Start... Run*. Type in CMD & press enter. In the command window type in *CHKDSK X: /R* where X is the drive letter for your iPod. What results do you get?

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    "The type of file system is RAW

    CHKDSK is not available for RAW"
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    OK - so Windows is seeing an unformatted drive. What happens if you open a command Window and type in *Format X: /FS:FAT32* where X is the drive letter of the iPod? If that can't cope because there is no partition info try *Start.. Run... DISKMGMT.MSC* and see if the disk managment system will let you partition & format the drive.

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    Ok, first it said to put a new disc in, then hit enter. I hit enter, then it said

    "type of system is RAW
    New file system is FAT32
    Verifying 72162M ( the size? )
    The volume is too big for FAT32"

    I am going to try the other thing now.

    ** On Disk Management it said I had a healthy disk with 100% free space, which I think is impossible do to the fact it has Apple Stuff on it. But may be it's set up weird? I can only format it to NTFS**

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    Well - we're getting somewhere... slowly. Apparently, in a bid to drive users to NTFS, Microsoft have limited the ability of their own tools to create FAT32 paritions larger than 32Gb even though FAT32 can support up to 2Tb.

    I've tracked down a 3rd party tool that could probably do the job here:

    Recalling the advice on Erase your iPod - The Super Fix for most iPod Problems however, it may be enough to simply wipe what is there & then get iTunes to the rest. If you format to NTFS I suspect iTunes can erase the partiton & create the large FAT32 partiton it needs under Windows if you restore. Alternatively find a friendly Mac owner and you can format the iPod in FAT32 on that as it doesn't have the Microsoft limits.

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    NOTE: My Computer also says I have an Iphone hooked up when I don't

    1, Format NFTS then Run Itunes Restore - Failed ( disk is not able to be formatted )
    2. - failed ( fat32format only supports ipods with 512 bytes per sector )

    I do not have access to a mac, easily, so do you think there is something I can run on a Linux Live Cd that could fix this?

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    What happens if you use disk manangment to delete the partition & then try using iTunes to restore? It's a long time since I played (briefly) with Linux, but it can probably format in FAT32 > 32gb. The iPod should be using a cluster size of 16kb.

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    There is no partition to delete, so that option is out of the question, should I attempt to use linux on it do you think?
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    Does disk management still report the drive as empty/raw? Will it create an emtpy unformatted basic partiton? Back in the day I would probably have tried FDISK /FIXMBR to tidy up the partition table which is probably corrupt, but FDISK is not supplied with XP.

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