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My Ipod is absolutely dead. I was wondering if there is any way I could get it working, here is the problem.

1. It does not work with Itunes, yes I have restored it, yes I have tried another computer, yes I charged it all the way, yes I drained it all the way, yes I have done almost everything in the world to it.

2. I cannot format it in Windows because " the disk is not able to be formatted ". I was going to format FAT32, then restore.

3. I was running diagnostics, and under Hard Drive -> HDSMARTData it said I have an error.

My ipod makes skipping noises once in a while, and I was wondering if this is physical damage or not.

System Config Results :




It is formatted for some point.

Also, when I tried restoring it, sometimes I can get A song to work, other times not. When I restore it, sometimes the menu is invisible, and sometimes it works fine. It is also sometimes not erasing my library, then other times it comes back, but i never resync.

Please Help Me.

Oh, and my warranty is expired, so I dont mind using this as a guinea pig.

Windows XP, Modified, Windows XP Home SP2
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