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    true, sorry...
  • Romeo Bartlett Level 1 (30 points)
    Boy, am I glad I didn't have any of the problems listed here. Are you all Windows users? I upgraded my 3G with my MacBook Pro and my wife's first gen iPhone with G5 tower. No problems at all with either.

    I also had no trouble updating my Apple TV, my Wii, my PS3, or my Xbox 360. Oddly, all had new updates within the same week to week and a half time period. Weird, real weird.

    Not to mention iTunes, QuickTime, and Safari updates for the MacBook Pro and the G5.

    I have been an upgrading fool with, luckily, not a problem.
  • J.K. ROFLing Level 4 (1,220 points)
    ice, I know it has been said before, but as a cannot base an evaluation of the quality of a product from the numbers of posts in a troubleshooting forum (or in a repair shop) without also considering the numbers of the product in use. IIRC, the number of iPhones sold is in the 10 million range and I don't think there are anywhere near that number of posts. I understand you are frustrated, but remember people don't come here to say "I installed the 2.2 update and am having no problems." Although I have installed every on since the first and have had no problems at all.
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    On windows vista there isn't any solution yet right ?

    The way mikee teaches is only for windows xp right ?

    very frustrated with this phone...
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    I attempted to update to the 2.2 software. It downloaded the expected Kb file size and the progress bar went to end but after a couple of hours still did not receive ok to unplug message. Restore has failed and removing SIM has done nothing. When purchased and up until recently, my iphone was synced on my sons iTunes account. Since then, I created an account of my own. I am going to retry on my son's account and will repost if successful or not. My advice - don't update to new version on the weekend because your phone will not work AT ALL. At least during the week, you could get some assistance. Wish me luck.
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    bought an ipone this weekend and ran into the same problem......during the intial sync I got the message asking if I wanted to upgrade to the lastest version firmware....after selecting yes, the download and activity bar progress was showing on the activity bar...after 15 minutes, decided the show was over. The iphone was frozen.

    I asked my son, who has been in the iphone game since day one if he ever saw this before and he provided the fix. Hold down the botton on the top right edge and hold down the round menu for 40 seconds. It was a long 40 seconds, but finally the thing rebooted.

    it rebotted into recovery mode which only required a connection to the Mac to continue the firmware restore and upgrade. Same thing happended...did the same rest process.

    once again, it rebooted into restore and recovery, but this time, upon connecting to the Mac, I got a succesful firmware upgrade.

    I guess, since I bought the extended service plan at the Apple store, I could have just taken the thing to the apple store, but this time of the year, not a prospect I would look forward to.

    seems to be running fine now.
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