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    Yes, same problem here. Bad one Apple, this one should have been tested...
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    To the people sayings "should've been tested" - guys its been tested by official developers for a couple months now or so. Devs don't know when a release is going to be made so because something broke is not necessarily Apple's fault. It could be simply that they fixed some bugs and now that BBC player has to be fixed. Also its probably something the BBC people know about and plan to update as soon as 2.2 was released.

    Don't just assume a third party app breaking is the OS's fault. It may very well be the third party app's fault.
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    Ditto for me on touch version 1 with 2.2
    Tempted to go back but will wait to see if apple listens and reacts to it's customer complaints (even if that means them working with the bbc to sort their software )
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    I could kick myself. I too have the same problem.
    Any other way of sorting it out:(

    Just a thought has anyone mailed apple or BBC?

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    Thanks for that I was looking everywhere for other posts.

    I emailed apple and bbc anyways so if i find anything i'll post it.

    Not read these links yet so dont know if theres an answer there.

    thanks again

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    BBC iPlayer buggered for me also on my iPod Touch 1st Gen., feedback sent.

    Don't want to go through (shouldn't have to go through?) the palaver of downgrading to the previous firmware, don't want to anyway as it seems to have fixed an issue with my other email accounts I'd been having.

    I would have thought that this should have been picked up before the update was released; there's a substantial number posting here and on the BBC forums about the problem less than 24 hours after its release, and it's not like it's a small obscure website/service.

    That's two strikes from two updates in a row for me an my Touch (not even going near the battery issues I had with the last one).


    Running operating system 10.5.5 on my Mac; this option not available from pop-up menu...
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    AKAC wrote:
    To the people sayings "should've been tested" - guys its been tested by official developers for a couple months now or so.

    As the BBC iPlayer content is only available for UK access, am I right in assuming that none of these official developers are actually UK based? This would explain a lot about why this problem didn't get picked up until after the 2.2 release.
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    I had this problem with 2.1.

    The discussion on the BBC forums, technical issues, suggested that I reset my network - something of a hassle to enter the password. It worked after that, at least for a while. Can't say more as I don't use iPlayer all that much. I haven't upgraded to 2.2 yet.
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    Add another to the list who gets the "Sorry, programmes can only be accessed over a wifi connection" error since I upgraded to the 2.2 ipod touch firmware. I've tried resetting the network connection and emptying cache and cookies - no difference.

    It's either a bug in the firmware or on BBC's side so I've put posts on both support forums.
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    What you wrote has SOME merit, as I wrote something roughly similar in another thread about apps now longer working with 2.2. But, overall, we HAVE been victims of woefully bad versions of iTUnes that wreaked havoc on some systems. Perhaps you hadn't had such experience, but I and many others have.
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    If Apple and/or the BBC fix this I hope the fix also works for those of us who had the problem while still on 2.1.
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    Me too!

    Every time a new firmware update comes out on either my mac or iPod I foolishly install it assuming it's going to enhance the user experience and without fail the last 3 or 4 have broke something!

    10.5.5 broke my WiFi and now it's up and down like a who............

    Getting really fed up with it, after all the stability and ease of use is why I switched in the first place and now I'm wondering if I should've bothered.
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    Woke up to watch some Merlin and found out I couldn't. Can't remember any issues with firmware 2.1.
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    Add my name to the list. The iPlayer worked without a problem until I downloaded 2.2. Logic says that this must be an Apple created problem. Perhaps news of the BBC iPlayer has not yet reached Cupertino!