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    make that another user whose ipod touch has been bricked by the latest update. This is the second time now a version 8 itunes update has done this. The last time the OS was seeing the ipod as a camera. After searching google an appropriate answer was found to correct the issue (updating the driver and specifying the correct location).

    This time the OS does not recognize the ipod as anything other than a USB DEVICE and the ipod is stuck in recovery mode. Happy Holidays indeed...

    Microsoft Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3 (Build 2600)
    Dell Inc XPS 630i
    QuickTime 7.5.5
    FairPlay 1.1.11
    CD Driver
    CD Driver DLL
    Apple Mobile Device
    Bonjour (118.5)


    Current user is an administrator.
    The current local date and time is 2008-11-27 03:35:26.
    iTunes is not running in safe mode.

    Video Display Information

    NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GT

    ** External Plug-ins Information **

    No external plug-ins installed.

    ** iPod/iPhone Connectivity Tests **

    iPodService is currently running.
    iTunesHelper is currently running.
    Apple Mobile Device service is currently running.

    Universal Serial Bus Controllers:

    Standard OpenHCD USB Host Controller. Device is working properly.
    Standard Enhanced PCI to USB Host Controller. Device is working properly.

    FireWire (IEEE 1394) Host Controllers:

    OHCI Compliant IEEE 1394 Host Controller. Device is working properly.

    Most Recent Device Not Currently Connected:

    iPod touch running firmware version 2.1

    ** iPhone/iPod Touch Sync Tests **

    No iPhone or iPod found.
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    Is anyone's ipod still under warranty? If so, you might want to try sending it in to apple to fix it.
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    It's not the iPod - it's got to be iTunes. I bought mine yesterday, and have already exchanged it once thinking it was the hardware. I'm stuck with the iTunes and USB connector icons. I haven't even been able to use it since I bought it because my iTunes won't recognize the device and because whenever it tries to restore the iPod (which apparently is in recovery can it be in recovery mode the first time I turn it on??) it gives me an error saying that the iPod cannot be restored (error 1604 I think). This is utterly ridiculous. And of course Apple is closed for Thanksgiving. ALL I WANT TO DO IS USE MY IPOD THAT I PAID A LOT OF MONEY FOR. If this doesn't get resolved quickly I will return this and will not be buying another one. This is my 4th Apple iPod and I would hate to start buying from another company because I love Apple products (until now).
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    I had this same issue, error (1604) which is a USB error code, I ended up putting it in recovery mode, hooking it to an old laptop which is USB 1.1. Downloaded the firmware and it installed. Then hooked it to my main computer and reinstalled all my music and apps.
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    I just sent mine in for service. I will let you know what happens
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    OK... I have some good news. After almost three hours on the phone with tech support I was able to get mine working again. I will try to document what I did to see if this helps. In the mean time, to determine if the problem is with the actual iPod or not I would recomend installing on a NEW computer if you have one available that has NEVER had iTunes or an iPod connected to it. This, for me at least, confirmed that my iPod was not actually bricked. Can anyone else reply if they did the iPod upgrade as well as an iTunes upgrade?

    It will take me a little time to put this together but I will post this as soon as I can.


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    What does bricked mean?
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    Brand new 2nd Gen iPod Touch. Same problem.

    I just wish Apple would post something in regards to this... at least an acknowledgment of a serious problem like this. It's pretty upsetting considering that I just got the thing, and for $250 no less.

    Somebody fix it!!!!
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    I just noticed... we're all Windows users... Wonder if that has something to do with the problem?
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    I AGREE!!!! This is my 2nd brand new iPod touch in two days, so yeah
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    dont worry, it has happened to my mac too. i emailed apple support, and the guy was useless. he just gave me a link to a support doc which i have read 50 times and DOES NOT fix the problem
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    I was able to do a restore of my 1G iTouch tonight. I held in the two buttons until it turned off, closed iTunes, plugged the iTouch into the USB cable. Then I opened iTunes and it prompted me to Restore the iTouch.

    Hope this helps...
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    Its got to be the update. Every time I try to update 2.2 it crash's and is stuck in restore. IE bricked and won't restore normally, getting multiple error messages. Same problem most have been having.

    Here's how I have been restoring it to 1.5 (or whichever version you want).

    Hold shift when you hit restore. It will bring up file selection.

    Go to c drive
    -Your profile
    -app data (hidden folder)
    -I have to select 'roaming' folder, each system may be different and each folder has the next folder but only one gets you to the destination.
    -Apple Computer
    -Itunes software update
    -Select your desired firmware version and it will restore to that.

    It seems that once you download 2.2 "restore" will automatically try to restore the latest version.

    On a side note I'm extremely disappointed in Tech support from MAC/Apple/Itunes or what ever you want to call this **** poor excuse for a company.
    This update has been out since what, the 21st? Almost a week later I can find nothing from Apple about this problem. Its got to be this update and its making bricks out our itouch's.

    Normally on a manufacturers forum Admim are actually tech support designed to be a cost effective way of solving problems. Apparently this company thinks their products are holier than the Flying Spaghetti Monster there for they don't need to act like a normal company.

    So if any Support techs DO monitor this forum, contact me via my profile so you can give me my 10 f'ing dollars back for this brick causing update.

    PS, this is obviously a Windows solution and the next mac boy I hear say its cause you have windows (non here so far) can suck it cause at least when I have a problem with windows its easy to fix.

    Rant finished.
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    I have a similar problem I can't get any of the updates for my apps and I can't purchcase any new apps or songs form iTunes after the 2.2 update
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    Mine was bricked after the 2.2 update as well -- tried the various button-pressing combinations to no avail, and iTunes wouldn't even recognize that it was plugged in.

    Went to the Apple Store the same day (the iPod was still under warranty) and the tech guy plugged it into a laptop and restored it in all of 5 minutes (and updated it to 2.2). My iPod was totally wiped, but of course I had everything backed up at home.

    The big test, of course, was when I plugged it into my desktop at home -- I didn't bother uninstalling and reinstalling ITunes, which in retrospect I should have -- but it synced all my playlists / music / apps etc. without a hitch.