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I wanted to try something special. For a few pages, and ideally the inside covers of the book, I would like to print a thumbnail of a logo on a white background as a backdrop for some of the pages. I see where to make a photo into the background for a page. But when I try to make the logo as the background, the logo FILLS the page.
Is there a way to make the logo smaller so it will be a just a small thumbnail on the page instead?

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.5.5), iPhoto 7.1.5
  • LarryHN Level 9 (77,020 points)
    Make an 11 x 8.5 page that looks like the background you want in pages, word, PhotoShop or some other program and print it choosing send to iPhoto then use that image as the background photo
  • Momvet Level 1 (0 points)
    Thanks so much for responding. I have made the background page, as you suggested, using Word. I can save as a .docx or .pdf
    But either way, I don't know how to import (or "print") as you said to iphoto.
    Are you printing and scanning?
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    But either way, I don't know how to import (or "print") as you said to iphoto.

    Go to File>Print. When the Print window comes up, click on "PDF". This should produce a drop-down menu; select "PDF to iPhoto".

    I hope this helps.
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    i am looking at your instructions which say to make an 8.5 x 11 page with the image i want as a background...but don't know how to do this...can you help? thanks
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    Make an 11 x 8.5 page that looks like the background you want in pages, word, PhotoShop or some other program and print it choosing send to iPhoto then use that image as the background photo

    pick a program you know how to use and prepare what you want - then print to PDF using the send PDF to iPhoto option when you print

    For detailed instructions with photo see Old Toad's tutorial # 19 -

  • Old Toad Level 10 (135,423 points)
    Welcome to the Apple Discussions. Read Old Toad's Tutorial #19 on how to create custom pages for iPhoto books using the themes background (or one of your choosing). Examples of a custom page and cover are :

    Click to view full size

    TIP: For insurance against the iPhoto database corruption that many users have experienced I recommend making a backup copy of the Library6.iPhoto (iPhoto.Library for iPhoto 5 and earlier) database file and keep it current. If problems crop up where iPhoto suddenly can't see any photos or thinks there are no photos in the library, replacing the working Library6.iPhoto file with the backup will often get the library back. By keeping it current I mean backup after each import and/or any serious editing or work on books, slideshows, calendars, cards, etc. That insures that if a problem pops up and you do need to replace the database file, you'll retain all those efforts. It doesn't take long to make the backup and it's good insurance.

    I've created an Automator workflow application (requires Tiger or later), iPhoto dB File Backup, that will copy the selected Library6.iPhoto file from your iPhoto Library folder to the Pictures folder, replacing any previous version of it. It's compatible with iPhoto 6 and 7 libraries and Tiger and Leopard. Just put the application in the Dock and click on it whenever you want to backup the dB file. iPhoto does not have to be closed to run the application, just idle. You can download it at Toad's Cellar. Be sure to read the Read Me pdf file.

    Note: There's now an Automator backup application for iPhoto 5 that will work with Tiger or Leopard.
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    Nice photos, but really funny toad joke!
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    Try this:

    1 - download the demo of OmniGraffle standard version.

    2 - open OG, select New under the File menu.

    3 - set the page to landscape under the File->Page Setup menu.

    4 - locate your logo file and drag it into the open OG window.

    5 - grab the corner of the logo image and resize it to the size you want and place in the location you want.

    6 - when you have it the way you want go to the File->Export menu.

    7 - in the next window select:

    Format: jpeg bitmap image
    Export Area: Current Canvas
    Scale: 100%
    Bitmap resolution: 300 dots per inch.
    Compression: Better Quality

    8 - drag the resulting file into iPhoto and add to the book.

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    OT - me again!
    I tried to do "Creating Custom Text Page for an iPhoto Book" per your tutorial. When I save the first blank page (Page 2 - 2 like you said) as PDF to iPhoto, I do not know where that page goes to. Your next instruction is to drag the page to the desktop, but I cannot find it! It is not in the Latest Import folder or anywhere else, I think. After I clicked on the PDF button and opened the pull-down menu, I noticed that you clicked on "Save PDF to iPhoto 300ppi. I don't have that option - only "Save PDF to iPhoto". It seems to do something as the screen "flashes" a little - like something is happening.
    I might have more problems with this neat idea, but I cannot go any further right now! I think this would work nicely to put a text page in my photo gallery.
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    It should be in the Last Import section. During the process there's a window that comes up asking you to select the album to put the file in. Sometimes that window doesn't come to the front and nothing will happen till you find it and make the album selection. A red circle appears in the top toolbar as the process goes on.

    Click to view full size

    So make sure you get that window, make the selection and hit Continue.

  • Geraldine Dwyer1 Level 1 (60 points)
    I could not find that pop-up to select the album. Does that page that I am trying to save have a name so that I could do a search? I tried looking for "untitled book" to no avail. Then I tried convert to PDF and just putting it on the desktop, but of course, iPhoto could not import that file. I closed everything down except iPhoto, even tried using Expose, and still no sign of that pop-up. Should that pop-up be showing up when I export other photos to iPhoto? Don't think I ever did that. I never remember seeing it. I looked at the preferences, but could not see anything that might help.
    Any more clues? How about what I said about PDF to Iphoto 300 ppi - what is that - I do not have that choice.
    In the preferences>Advanced>Importing>Copy items to the iPhoto Library - this is ticked - would that have anything to do with my problem?
  • Geraldine Dwyer1 Level 1 (60 points)
    I think I found something. I went to iPhoto Help and opened "Mac OS X: About the Send PDF to iPhone feature:. Then I opened "Setting up workflows for creating PDF files" and "Running a workflow on a PDF in the Print Dialog" I found the workflow in Library/PDFServices. When I double clicked that "Save PDF to iPhoto.workflow" it opened up that pop-up page you were talking about or something very similar - red dot etc. I guess I have to save a plug-in, so I think I did that now. I think I'm getting in over my head here, and all I wanted to do was to add text to my Gallery!
    Can I send you a page photo of that workflow, or do you know about what I am talking. Where can I send a page shot?
    I tried going back to iPhoto and saving the blank page, but I still cannot see where it is hiding!

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  • Geraldine Dwyer1 Level 1 (60 points)
    In that first line, I meant: Mac OS X: About the Send PDF to iPhoto feature" - not iPhone! Sorry
  • Old Toad Level 10 (135,423 points)
    Something has changed evidently. I just ran several tests of saving PDFs to iPhoto and that window does not come up. The jpg files are immediately imported into iPhoto. Therefore they should be in the last event by date and also in the Last Import folder in the left hand pane. Do you see this in your toolbar after you start the process:

    If you don't then Automator is not working.
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